Written by Helen

18 Nov 2013

I've just started screwing a friend and he's persuaded me to write a account of what happened when he and his wife stayed over and how that changed my life. I have a darling husband called John, who I love dearly, but sadly doesn't satisfy me as he used to do. My name is Helen, I'm 51, blond, size 12, with 34d boobs and now have a shaved pussy, which I never used to have.

We were having a party and there must have been 30 people there all together. I hadn't really taken much notice of Andy and his wife apart from the initial hello at the door. I did notice that his wife got drunk and was out of it after a couple of hours. Discussion amongst the guests were always around sex and after a while I was not only feeling quite tipsy, but was as horny as hell. The numbers were reducing and the only single male left was Andy. Somehow I must have sent him a text asking him if he fancied screwing a blond, to which he agreed. I then sent him a text telling him to meet me in my bedroom where I would be waiting for him naked. Now the only thing I can think is that everyone had gone and John had fallen asleep. I vaguely remember have a good screw, but that was it.

When I woke up in the morning, John was asleep next to me and it wasn't until I picked up my mobile to check the messages that I saw the exchange I had with Andy the night before. I was filled with mixed emotions, as I could still feel the effects of the night before on my pussy, which was throbbing. I read and reread the text and eventually accepted that I had screwed Andy and that I wanted to screw him again. I lay back and wondered what it would be like and where we could go for our next fuck.

We made breakfast and our guests joined up. He obviously knew from the text messages that I was keen on another meeting, so before they went I sent him a text telling him we needed to meet again. Off they went.

I knew that John needed to get a brochure from Andy's work, for one of his customers. So I suggested to John that we should pop in that evening. We could go for a meal first and then see Andy. Little did he know why I wanted to see Andy. I texted Andy and asked him to make sure he would be in and alone. We went for a meal and as John was driving I had a bottle of wine. John had made a call on his mobile and when he went to the toilet, I popped it in my handbag.

When we arrived at Andy's warehouse, I asked John if he'd phoned one of his customers, who'd phoned earlier. He then realised that he didn't have his phone and panic set in. He said he'd have to go back to the restaurant to get it, at the quickest a 20 minute drive both ways. Because it was in the opposite direction to the house, he asked if I'd be OK with Andy until he got back. Not a problem I said, just be quick. With that off he went. I looked outside to make sure he was away and locked the door. I turned round from the door and there was Andy. I fell straight into his arms and we started kissing. I was prepared for this meeting as Andy found out a few minutes later. He took my hand and led me upstairs to the office where there was a huge couch. He opened a bottle of wine and knocked it back. I was now feeling quite tipsy and could only imaqine that this was the way I felt the night before when Andy and I shagged for the very first time. I stood up, unlaced the tie on my dress and let it fall off my shoulders. I only had on a pair of high leels and hold ups. Andy's face was a picture. I walked over to where he was sitting and thrust my pussy into his face and demanded that he start to lick me. He obeyed, but made a comment that he preffered bald pussies not hairy ones. That was rectified for our next meeting. I was now really turned on and Andy stood up, removed his clothes very quickly, spun me round and bent me over. Within a second that lovely bif cock of his was poundiong into me. It was so intense at one point it slipped out and pushed against the entrance of my anus and I thoguht to myself, 'what would it be like with a cock up there?' I was soon to find out a week later. We had a fantastic session and I was dressed sitting nicely waitin for John when he arrived. The only telltale was some of Andy's spunk running down my leg, which I sorted very quickly.

This was my second joining with Andy, but wasn;t to be my last.