Written by Janet (all names in story changed )

1 Feb 2016

A little about me to start. I'm 57, married to Jack since I was 22. Our son is married, living overseas. Jack has been my only lover taking my virginity on our wedding night. Our sex life has basically been Jack laying on top of me & ejaculating into me after about 3 or 4 minutes, with a Saturday night routine & on the odd occasion perhaps a couple of times when we have been on holiday. I never knew anything different. Jack has always been a steady hard working husband & a good provider, so I have had nothing to complain about.

My story basically began about 9 months ago, we had been watching a movie where a black man was involved with a white girl which intrigued me & for some unknown reason excited me, never having seen anything like it before, I couldn't get it out of my mind, so much so that eventually I got on to our computer & searched for interracial relationships. To. my surprise It came up with an interracial sex forum where black men where making love to white women. Immediately I closed out the computer as I had never seen anything like it before & considered it wrong, although to my surprise I never thought of it as disgusting. It played upon my mind & curiosity got the better of me, so much so that it consumed my thought continuously. As you have no doubt guessed by now I went back on to that site & start to watch a video of a white girl being made love to by a very handsome Blackman. To my surprise they made love in various positions, which I had never envisioned before & as I watched the pair of them enjoying themselves I started to find my self feeling very wet between my legs, so much so that I found myself removing my skirt & panties so that I could play with myself & in no time giving myself an orgasm, which Jack had hardly ever given me.

I became addicted to watching all kinds of pornography, always culminating with an orgasm, which were always more intense when I watched interracial videos. My curiosity eventually took a step further, eventually leading me to a dating site, where I took the bull by the horns advertising myself as looking to meet a black man, thinking nothing would come about. I was hardly finished writing it when there was several replies, some with picture of erect penises. I couldn't hide my excitement at finding out men wanted to meet me even though I had given my age & posted a picture of myself ( with my head blocked off of coarse ). The next day when I went on to my computer there where several more replies. Studying them carefully one really appealed to me. He was in his middle 40s, professional, married with children but his family still lived in the Wet Indies. I shall cal him Jack also.

Jack & I e-mailed each other practically every day for a couple of weeks, until he eventually asked if we could meet each other. A meeting with him had been foremost on my mind from almost the first time we corresponded. We arranged to meet for coffee the next day. I could hardly contain my excitement about meeting him in the flesh.

I was first to arrive & sat waiting nervously wondering if he would show up. My heart beat faster as I saw him enter the door & walked straight up to me, offered his hand, telling me he was pleased to meet me & he thought that I looked lovely & was all he imagined me to be. We sat & talked about our respective families for an hour or so, eventually departing to go our own ways but not before arranging to meet again the next day. We met practically every day for a couple of weeks & as we became closer he would kiss me gently on the cheek as we parted. Finally the peck became bolder & he took me by surprise when he took me in his arms passionately kissing me as I had never been kissed before, his tongue gently found it's way into my mouth, exploring it making me become excited beyond belief, this was so new to me. Nothing like my husband ever kissed me.

After several more meetings he eventually told me he would like to take things a step further. Knowing exactly what he meant there was no hesitation on,y part, I had now got to the point where I wanted to explore his body & have him explore mine & make love to me in the most urgent way.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed in the motel room that I had booked wondering whether he was going to turn up or not. Things had moved along so very rapidly & here I was in a motel going to give myself to another man, only the second man to make love to me. I could hardly believe it. I was both nervous & excited at the same time.

I almost fell off the bed with surprise when the knock came at the door. Opening it to allow him in, he gently closed it then took me in his arms & immediately our mouths found each other's with our tongues exploring each other's mouth. I felt his penis becoming erect as he pushed against me holding me tightly. Gently pulling back from him I asked him if I should undress. He to.d me no as he wanted to do it gradually & slowly so that he could savor me.I complied as he gently lowered me to the bed.

Part 2 later.