Written by Janet not real name?

2 Feb 2016

Jack lowered me gently to the bed as we hungrily kissed each other. I could feel his steadily rising penis against my body, feeling extremely large, making me wonder if it would be larger than I could take but also wanting for him to penetrate me with it. His hands slowly unbuttoned my blouse, then worked one of his hands behind my back to work the clip on my bra so he could remove it allowing my breasts to be exposed to him . With a sigh he delicately cup one of them & as he lowered his mouth to the nipple of the other he told me how beautiful they were & how wonderfully sexy I was. His penis was rampantly hard & throbbing against me now, making me starting to get wet in my pubic area. Continuing to kiss my breasts his hands moved down to my skirt, gradually expertly unzipping it. Raising my backside off the bed to allow him to slip it off me. Now all I had on we're my panties which he started to work down my legs. As he did this I undid his belt & the zipper on his trousers. I was eager to see his penis exposed & see how large it was. His body moved not giving me a chance to remove his underpants. His head started to work down my body kissing & licking me, pausing every now & then to gently kiss me & give me little bites. I was in shear heaven, my whole body completely aroused now allowing myself to abandon any inhibitions that I may have had or second thoughts about allowing another man to have sex with me.

Jack tongue was licking my clitoris & labia arousing unbelievable feelings course throughout my body. One of his hands found it's way to my vagina , allowing his fingers to work with his tongue sending me into raptures unlike my body had ever felt. Jack my husband had never worked on my vagina like Jack my lover was, he was always jamming his fingers into me. Trying to work them up me as far as he could. Jack my lover was delicate with workings of my vagina & in no time had me going into an extremely loud orgasm which I have nos doubt other people in adjacent rooms or the hallway must have heard. It never concerned me I was in my own sexual world like never before & as yet Jack had not entered his penis I to my body.

I have never used what I would call filthy words but Jack had me in such a sexual high that I suddenly blurted out to him to fuck me. He removed his underpants, allowing his massive erection to be exposed to me.There was no hesitation on my part. I pulled him to me, opening my legs wide so he could have access to my vagina & enter his penis into me. There was no need fo the surgelub that I had brought with me, I was soaking wet with me own juices that he had caused to rise in my body. He came down on me & I tried to watch as best 8I could as he took hold of his penis, slowly plying it up & down my vaginafor a minute or so before I started to feel him gradually very slowly entering it into me. I never thought it was going to stop moving into me. I didn't really care how far it went into me, it was making me have feelings like I had never been given by my husband. My body went into multiple orgasms, which had never happened to me before. My lover was truly wonderful making me become the woman that I guess I had waited for since I had married my husband.

Jack sexual stamina was unbelievable, he made love to me for about four hours, controlling his ejaculations to allow me to have orgasms before loosening himself deep into me, giving me even more pleasure as I felt this throbbing penis as he pumped his sperm into me.

Jack made love to me in positions that I had seen on the computer. He took me in the doozie fashion, allowed me to be on top of him, he had my legs over his shoulders while he pounded himself into me. The afternoon was simp.y the most wonderful sex I had ever had having had to wait until I was 57 to become the sexual woman that I now am.

I might add that we meet each other on a fairly regular basis to enjoy each other. Jack has taught me how to blow his penis & I always allow him to ejaculate into my mouth & I proud to tell you that I enjoy allowing myself to swallow it

Now I have written this using what I would call proper sexual words. However I now use fuck all the time. My vagina is now my cunt or pussy, his penis is now his cock, prick or dick. I now give him blowjobs & he comes in my mouth. My breasts are my tits. I am no longer the woman I was, I consider myself a sexually liberated woman & so happy that Jack my lover liberated me.