Written by susanne

17 Oct 2015

Emma phoned me to say that she is in the process of getting divorced and they had both been to see the boys at their school to explain to them and that she had put he house for sale and he had got himself an apartment.I told her she was welcome to stay with me if she wished and i would help her to relocate near me and help her to get work with my many business contacts.

i had been back at work for 4 weeks since returning from Magaluf and my P.A. had commented in private that I appeared to be more relaxed and easy going. I said I am happier than for a long time and before she asked no there is no man in my life. i had also changed my clothes style becoming less the dowdy woman to hopefully the modern young woman I now felt. I put this down to Abigail who has transformed my wardrobe. I still have 2 business suits if I need them but I now wear shorter skirts button through dresses and all my large underwear has been binned and now I wear shorts mini briefs and thongs in every colour going. and no tights now either hold ups or stockings and suspenders. in fact Rachel my P.A. commented on the fact she could see the shape of suspender strap last week when I wore my white pencil skirt. I now wear bras that are very thin and very thin straps and I have been to work a few times bra less. the only thing missing is I have not yet had sex since returning from Magaluf as I have been to busy to go out.

Abigail arrived home on Friday afternoon and we went into Manchester for a meal. She said she had invited a few friends over on Saturday for a pool party if I didn't mind. I said it was ok and we could do some shopping at Selfridge's and marks in the trafford centre on the way home.

er arrived home and unloaded the wine and beer and the food and I said I will check the pool area is clean and have a dip before having a shower. After moving any dirty towels from the towel bin I got undressed and dove in and had a nice relaxing swim in the nice warm water. After about 15 mins Abigail appeared in her Bathrobe and lay on one of the loungers sipping one of the 2 drinks she had brought in. I asked her if she was joining me and she stood up and took her robe off and when I looked up I could see her clitoral hood piercing and her nipple piercings. she joined me in the pool and we swam around and threw a beach ball around for about 40 mins. as I got out she said '' Wow mum you have had a holly wood wax and I like your tribal band tattoo on your thigh''

''Yes the Tattoo came from Magaluf and the wax I had done on Monday.''

'' Will you be joining us tomorrow mum as you know most of them just a couple of older blokes who are doing their Masters are coming as well''

I will see what I am doing I thought of going to see Emma but I won't why you have come over''

I asked Abi what time they are coming tomorrow and she said she told them to be here for 2.00 pm.

I got up about 10.15 put my washing in the machine along with a load of underwear that Abi had left on the floor in front of the machine. As I loaded it I was shocked to see that almost every pair of knickers appeared to be stained with semen. I then had a shower and breakfast and sat in the pool room in my robe having a coffee and reading the paper. I rang up and made an appointment for my nails and hair to be tidied up at 1.00pm so I would be ready when Abigail's friends arrived. As I went to go upstairs the door bell rang and I answered it and was only in my robe their was a young man stood there and he introduced himself as Warren and was one of Abigails friends arrived early '' I am sorry I am so early but i have flown up from Bournemouth and the next flight would have been too late i hope you don't mind'' I invited him in and Abigail came down welcomed him and took him into the kitchen. I heard her shout through. '' Thanks for washing my undies mum I will out them all on the airer.

I got dressed in a pair of white leggings and white blouse with matching pink underwear. I went down just as the bell went again and another gent called Aiden arrived and I took him into the kitchen to Abi and Warren who was just putting one of my suspender belts over the airer I blushed but left them to carry on. As I put my coat on Abigail came out and asked did i think Dion would be able to give Warren a quick cut while you are there so I gave her a quick ring and she agreed as it was for me. I picked my keys up and shouted through and Warren came and joined me and we went to the car as we were driving he suddenly said '' I know now where Abi gets her looks from'' I said '' I have heard all those lines before and you are my daughters age not mine.'' '' No I am nearer to you aa i am 30 and have returned to uni to do my masters degree and you are beautiful''

i blushed and could feel myself going all funny and my nipples were rock hard and could be seen protruding through my bra and blouse.

After i had my nails and hair done Warren was at waiting for me and told me I looked a million dollars I blushed and told him to be quiet. He invited me for a coffee and as we chatted he told me he was studying for a masters in accountancy and was hoping to obtain a job in Manchester as he really liked the area. He asked what I did as Abigail did not tell anybody so I just said I had my own business and employed a few people.

We arrived back at the house and had lunch that Abigail had prepared as every body appeared to be arriving. I left them to and went upstairs into my office to go through all my emails and deal with any outstanding business. I looked at my watch and it was 7.00pm so i went down to the kitchen and a magnicient buffet had been prepared so I helped my self and went into the pool there were about 12 people there about an even mix and no sign of Warren or Aiden then Aiden and a girl appeared and dove into the pool after 20 mins or so Warren came into the pool area with a plate of food. Abi came and whispered that they were going to all get nude in the next 5 mins . So I excused myself and went to the lounge to watch the tv. I could hear them having a good time but must have dozed off as I looked at my watch and it was 10.00pm I thought time for bed so I walked through to the pool and as I entered warren was walking past the door and I caught sight of his very impressive manhood and he saw me looking and stopped and asked'' Do you like waht you see cos I like what I can see'' L blushed and walked over to see that Abigail was being well and truly fucked by Aiden as she sat astride him she saw went to jump up but I motioned for her to carry on as i was going to bed.

I left them to it and went upstairs as I came out of the shower I was just picking up a silk nightie when I heard '' Very very nice ''and turned to see Warren stood at the door I froze and said '' you shouldn't be here'' he moved forward and started kissing me and his tongue probed my lips before going into my mouth I don't know why but I was soon holding his prick and starting to masterbate him before falling to my knees and taking him in my mouth till he reached my throat I could taste a salty residue and he admitted he had had sex about 30 mins previously so I stood up and he slowly worked his fingers into me and i was soon screaming as an orgasm erupted he laid me onto my bed and licked my vagina and clit ans soon had me starting another orgasm He moved between my legs and softly started to enter his large penis into me and i was suprised at ho easily i took the full length we soon started a matching rhythm and I was soon screaming with pleasure as I had a massive orgasm and could feel my vaginal muscles squeezing his penis for all its worth and he tensed up and I felt wave after wave of hot cum go deep inside me covering my cervix.

As we both came down from our orgasms he slipped out of me and I went down and sucked his cum and my juices of his prick and we lay with each other cuddling and exploring each others bodies. This went on for about an hour and he started to get hard again and we soon were both coming again. as we lay there after he said '' that was fantastic you certainly grab my prick with your muscles and drag every last drop of cum out of me''

We fell asleep in each others arms but awoke in the night and he fucked me silly again and in the morning I woke him up with a blow job as e

he emptied what he had left down my throat. I had just sat up when there was a knock on the door and Abigail brought a tray in with coffee and toast for us both. I said '' How did you know he was here '' and she said we could here you both screaming with pleasure in the night I think I counted four times '' I blushed as she left the room . Warren said '' don't worry she is used to it she was screaming just before you came in the pool area last night.'' ''Yes i saw Aiden fucking her but didn't hear her.''

'' No it was me making her scream as i was fucking her before you came in and i realised I wanted to fuck mother and daughter and I must say you are better but if you want to enjoy it even more get your clit pierced like Abigail as it sends her wild.''

'' As we finished breakfast I went for a shower and Warren was soon behind me and was fucking me in the shower and he took my anal virginity as well and filled my arse with his cum I thanked him for a wonderful night and he got dressed a s he had a taxi ordered to take him to the airport.

As I walked into the kitchen only four of the girls were left as they were staying for a second night. As I sat down with a coffee Abigail said'' well mum did warren satisfy you'' and I blushed till till alll the girls said he did us and ui found out that the only girl he had not fucked out of their group was Jessica and every body was well satisfied. I said ''i didn't know this went on at uni ''and they laughed and said '' It doesn't normally but we have 12 sex starved girls in one house so we enjoy it. The house next door to us have 12 girls and 8 of them were virgins but now only 6 as Warren is trying to break all of them in but he is struggling''

So how many did Warren fuck last night then '' Only Abigail for the first time and you. Abigail had always managed to resist him till last night''

Abi butted in '' You do realise Mum that you will be infamous around uni as warren was able to fuck Abigail and her mum in the same night'

'' Sorry Abi can you forgive me'' '' Of course i can but I don't want to know who he enjoyed most'' '' He did tell me to get my clitoral hood pierced so I can enjoy as much as you thoigh so I will be talking about that later''

Part 4 to follow soon