Written by lucky old git

30 Jul 2014

After J had left, we dropped off to sleep, I was awoken around 10.30 by dawn, she was just coming out of the shower, i immediately noticed love bites on her boobs and inside her thigh. ( i hadnt noticed them last night)

I asked her about them, she said J and G had given them to her at the bar after everyone had left. I asked her to explain.

this is what she told me.

thy had taken turns to keep her company till they managed to get the last punters out of the bar, making suggestive remarks and trying to cop a feel of her tits.

no sooner had the last punter been shown out, than both J and G descended on dawn both standing either side of her each cupping a tit and groping her arse, both taking turns to kiss her. she managed to break free from their clutches long enough to say that only J was allowed to fuck her and then only with me being present and that she didnt feel she could handle 2 on her first outing!! she hpw ever promise then both a blow job and a good feel.

at this point they had both gotten hold of dawn again and were busy removing her dress,

they carried her over the the bar top and laid her across it, fingers and tounges going everywhere.

she said at this point J was taking pics on his phone and texting me. apparently the cock she was sucking at the time was G's

J had given her a large love bite on the inside of her thigh to which dawn was not very impressed about (she has never liked love bites) as this now meant she would not be wearing her bikini on the beach for a few days till it had gone.

they both then gave her more love bites on her tits, kind of jokingly saying well if you cant go beach now, you had better stay in doors and come play with the boys again.

she went on to say she had let G fuck her whilst J took another set of pics (which i never got)

she then sucked of J before they headed back to ours leaving G to finish cleaning the bar.

we sat for a while and discussed the events of the previous night. whilst i found it extremely horny and very satisfying sharing my wife for the first time i was also confused as i thought how could i let the woman i love do this, as too did dawn. but after plenty of chatting doing the pros and cons, we both agreed that what we do with each other is different to what we do when we invite somebody else to join in.

heads now sorted out, we avioded the bar for a cpl of days, till we both felt 100% right with it all.

we returned to j's bar on our 4th night, much to the delight of both j and g. we drank to the small hours, stayed behind as the last of the punters left. doors were locked and shutters pulled down by the time the last shutter was down, dawn had already been stripped naked and was busy sucking on J's cock. as soon as g returned from closing the shutters he too stripped and was busy licking and fingering dawns pussy.

after what seemed like ages J pulled his cock out of dawns mouth and laid on his back on the floor tellng dawn to get on top and ride his cock, which she dutifully did, G went around to her head and offered his cock to her mouth, again not to be left out i ushed dawn as far forward as she would go and again fucked her arse while she was getting fucked by J and giving G a blow job (her first air tight fuck) she loved it and couldnt stop coming.

i was the first to come quickly followed by g in her mouth and finally by J in her pussy.

G fetched drinks from the bars and we sat for a few mins catching our breaths and chatting. when dawn just said " i bet you 2 were they same in the army"

G looked confused and said he had never been in the army nor had J.

Dawn span round so fast i thought she would break her neck, "what does he mean they were never in the army?"

cover story blown i had to tell her the truth about J and all the organizing i had done over the last 6 - 9 months and argued that had she know i had set it all uo then she would not have gone through with it, and this way it felt more natural and no pressure and that she could have backed out at any point.

after she had calmed down a little she said thats the last time you ever have my arse Mr !!!

I said ok but then nobody else does either!!

having now found her new sexual freedom (with my blessing) when we returned home she asked to see the website (here) and we made arrangements to meet cpls and single fellas every so often.

I would even send her out alone to a single fella that lived not far from us. he would pick her up from ours, either take her back to his of downtown and the back to his eventually bringing her back very used, tired and sometime sore.