Written by Sarah

14 May 2014

Paul and I had been seeing each other for about 3 months and to be honest I have never had such hot intense sex than I did with him everytime we met I just wanted his thick cock inside me and Paul was very obliging.

Just before Christmas he surprised me by saying he had booked us into a hotel in Scotland for a 3 day New Year break, i was thrilled 3 days in a hotel bedroom with paul made me shiver at the thought. We travelled up on the 31st and had a really great night lots of eating drinking dancing and of course we were not that drunk we did not have a good shag. Next morning we woke to a small fall of snow the hotel and grounds and the surrounding hills were beautiful. We went for a walk to clear away the nights excesses and as we walked Paul asked me to move in with him. He said we could just stay at his or we could get a bigger flat together. I was a little taken aback but very pleased, Paul very rarely talked about his past but at 34 I thought he might have had some relationships. Even I had had 2 at my age of 22, but apart from when I asked 1 long term girl but it petered out that was all he said.

When we got back to the room we talked, me oh yes would love to move in him a little hesitant, I thought it was because he was a rep and at certain times of the year he was away sometimes for a week at a time at trade fairs over the country or abroad and may be I would not want to be on my own so much. But know it was because he loved pussy and if it was offered he took it where when and with who ever was offering it and could I be able to cope while he was away knowing that if it was offered to him he would fuck that person. He said that is why his relationships never lasted so now he wanted to be with me but I had better know what he was like. I was quiet for a little while but I had this image of Paul with his nice thick cock shagging all these different women and guess what I started to get that quivery feeling in my cunt.

Of course Paul I want to know all the details if you have other women, as I started to strip of and lay back on the bed legs wide he grinned i think we will be okay. His head sank between my thighs his tongue searching for my hole I pressed the back of his head pushing him even further into my hot wet cunt. My body shuddered with orgasms as his tongue did its work and my head was filled with images of him doing this with other women. Then he brought his hard thick cock up to my entrance pushing slowly it was so tight, he gasped a little, oh you are so tight but slippery your cunt was made for my cock and he started to fuck me hard every thrust pushing me up the bed. I grabbed his shoulders my fingernails digging in fuck me hard Paul, and with a push he was in as far as he could, I pushed my body down, my fingernails leaving little scratch marks on his shoulders and chest, his mouth came down sucking on my throat, his hands squeezing at my tits, he was very rough but it was glorious with a roar and a last thrust his spunk spewed into my cunt. He rolled of me we were both gasping for breath at the intensity of it. We lay for a little then he sat up and looked at me a little worried Sarah you are bruised I am sorry, I laughed and you have a lot of scratches but oh that fuck was good.

I went into the bathroom I had massive love bites all over my throat and my tits were bruised where he had squeezed them. I ran my hands over them they were tender, I flicked at my nipples pinching them till they hardened, I ran my hand down my belly fingering my spunk filled cunt and clit. Pauls arms encircled my waist you horny bitch you want more, I put my hand behind till I found his cock squeezing and wanking him and I wasn`t gentle but he was hard again. He rubbed himself against me hardening all the time his mouth clamped to the side of my neck, the words horny bitch were repeated a lot. His hand travelled down my back over my arse till his finger found my back hole and he pushed it in, you want it rough well I will give it to you. He bent me over a little his cock sliding between my legs till it found my hole and soon he was ball deep in me his finger thrusting at my back hole. My legs were shaking I thought they would give way his other arm circled my waist keeping me upright and he fucked me hard again, as he grunted over me he said next time we will see if your tight arse will take my cock my orgasms were becoming very vocal I was howling like a banshee and with a shudder I again felt his punk fill my cunt.

We did not leave the room till we checked out next day, our bodies were bruised and scratched but I have never felt so sexually satisfied. On the drive home every time we looked at each other we jusr grinned my next part will be about Paul taking me to a trade fair another avenue of my sexuality explored.