Written by Green_Fox_71

22 Nov 2012

This is the story of how I met Rachel a red haired beauty from Scotland with an insatiable appetite for cock. It's basically a true story though a few details have been altered....but not many !!

It was a Sunday evening at the end of September and I was in a pub with a glass of beer on the table in front of me when we first spoke. I had seen her before but she had not really registered; just another set of magnificent legs in a sharp tailored suit. We had been at a weekend work conference in a nice central London hotel. The conference was laid on by a drug company for dentists and people who work in ancillary professions. I am not a dentist but I work for a company that supplies digital x-ray plates and digital x-ray camera equipment. We had a the conference; Rachel was one of the 200 or so “delegates” attending the training.

I had notice Rachel during the conference weekend, smiled at her a couple of times but there were so many other people to talk to - many of them not at all unattractive - that I had enjoyed the view as she walked past but really gave her little more thought.

The conference broke up after a buffet lunch and final address on the Sunday and I packed up my gear and said good bye to my colleagues and headed for the train station. I was planning to get the 16.30 service from Euston to Manchester and then onto Glasgow but when I arrived at Euston Station I discovered that my train had been cancelled.

“Will there be another train to Manchester tonight? ” I asked an harassed looking man in uniform.

“Can’t tell you mate” he said “some arse has dug up the main signal cable between here and Birmingham it’s fucking chaos…. There may be a train later on but I just don’t know as yet. “

When in doubt .. get a beer. I got hold of a rail timetable from a dispenser and then pushed my way to the station bar got an ice cold pint of some gassy fizzy gut twisting fart making crappy German larger and sat down to study the trains and consider my options.

Anyone who has been to a conference will know that the sponsors give out goodies in specially printed goody bags…. This conference had been sponsored by Glaxo and they had given the delegates black cordura satchels with “Glaxo” embroidered on them in which to carry away their sales literature, conference notes, complimentary (free) pencils and post it labels. As I poured over the timetable it was one of these black branded satchels that swung across at table height and deposited my beer into my lap in one easy fluid motion.

I leapt up like a startled cat only to be confronted by her face big green eyes and a red red full lipped mouth. Rachel was apologetic. She had been talking on her mobile and had not noticed where her bag had been swinging. Could she buy me another beer; she’d have my suit dry cleaned; would I send her the bill; what a day she’d had- her train had been cancelled and she was stranded and worried about getting home and it was all her fault and she should have paid more attention to who was sitting drinking …and so it went on machine gun style

By the time she paused for breath I was disarmed and my initial anger and shock had disappiated and I was able to see the funny side of it … this was just about the last straw .. first the train and now the beer…what else could go wrong?

As Rachel bought me a drink I looked at her standing at the bar and admired the shape of her bottom beneath her tight office skirt, I looked at her legs encased in sheer nylons (would they be tights or stockings I mused) admired her small delicate ankles held inches above the floor in elegant navy blue court shoes.. the blue skirt was topped off with a matching blue suit jacket; she looked every inch the executive (or the executive’s PA …..and which of us hasn’t had a fantasy or ten about the bosses “untouchable” personal assistant?).

We sat and chatted. Rachel was also heading home to Scotland and should have been on the same cancelled train. When she destroyed my first drink she had been on the phone to her husband who, far from being sympathetic to his wife’s plight, had been angry that he was going to have to get the kids up for school on Monday morning in her absence.

As she told me about her husband’s unreasonable attitude I looked at her face closely; she would be in her mid forties possibly a bit older but like so many women who take a pride in their appearance she was fit and toned and if she had told me she was 35 I’d have been happy to believe her. She had that confidence about her that women get when they have got thru the physically hard years of bringing up small children and had now discovered that life .. and men .. still held great excitement for them. There was no doubt about it she was a very attractive woman and the more I watched her talk the more captivated I became and the more urgently I wanted her body.

First round of drinks finished she needed to “powder her nose” so off she went to the ladies. I took the opportunity to go the toilet to see if I could tidy myself up and stop the spilled drink from staining my suit jacket. I went to the disabled toilets; there’s always much more space there and was just dabbing my jacket with a paper towel when Rachel stuck her head around the door.

My cotton shirt had got soaked and I was aware that it was slightly transparent and sticking to my chest. I looked up and in an instant Rachel had joined me in the cubicle and was helping me wipe down my jacket and then trying to clean up the stain on my shirt and then from nowhere we were kissing.

Rachel leaned back against the door and her body held it closed as we tore ate each other like dogs fighting over a bone …. (Well I suppose we might have been LOL). Rachel turned and locked the door and I lifted her skirt high over the buttocks .. .. thank you G*d stockings !! Straps taut over her smooth white arse I fumbled with my belt and my trousers fell to the floor around my ankles.

I pushed Rachel against the door and she reached down with one hand and reached my cock… anyone who has ever fucked standing up will know that it’s not like it is in the movies… it’s a great idea and sexy prospect and raunchy as anything … but comfortable or practical …. No Way !! I imagine if you are hung like a donkey with a 12 inch dick it might be easier … but until I have said monster cock it’s not an easy way to fuck a woman !! But at that time in that situation it was the only way!

This was not love making this was not even screwing this was animalistic desperate urgent and raw Rachel’s hand guided my hard cock into her tight pussy and I held her hips and fucked like a man possessed! I pulled her hips back onto my hard cock and twisted her suspender straps around my fingers; I tried to reach her swollen clit but it was too awkward and broke the frantic rhythm and besides ..this was not about me pleasuring Rachel or Rachel pleasuring me … this was purely selfish fucking … I didn’t need to rub her clit I did not need to satisfy her or give her pleasure… it was everyman for himself and I was on the hunt for my own climax … fuck Rachel and fuck anyone else !

I’d like to tell you we fucked like wild dogs for 15 minutes.. in the pornos it would have taken that long but on that Sunday afternoon in real life it was near to 5 mins (and truth be told may well have been even less but I did not think to put a clock on it and you’ve got to allow me a little bit of selfish pride!)

I fucked the like my life depended on it; like I wanted to hurt her and she fucked me back the same way though I suspect it was her husband who she really wanted to hurt with her fucking. It was not subtle or delicate or tender or pretty but for those minutes we screwed each other as hard and as fast as we could until my breath started to get ragged and I warned her I was about to come

“don’t you dare pull out you bastard” she told me in gasps “I want you to come deep inside me… do it now you fucker ..put it all deep in my cunt now now now!”

And who was I to deny the lady? With a grunt and a groan and a spasm and a twitch I shot my load deep inside her hot wet cunt and I held her tight on my cock as she spasamed and twitched herself all the while calling me a “mean bastard” and a “fucking cunt”

Seconds later I withdrew breathless and spent I pulled my trousers up and fastened my belt as Rachel stood upright and stretched out her back. Her skirt fell back into place and she smiled at me…what a smile.. like the cat that had got the cream.

“wait for me outside” she said “I ‘ve got to adjust my make up ; please.. wait for me”

I returned to where we had been sitting and waited for what seemed like an age befor she came out looking fresh and elegant and back in control.

“I can’t think we are going to get a train home tonight can you?” she said. “If we are going to be stranded here I think we should stick together don’t you? “

Who was I to argue?

“Okay let’s find somewhere to stay and then we better grab a bite to eat” I suggested… “I think we may need to refuel… “

To be continued…………….