Written by Niceguyme2009

13 Mar 2013

After such a fabulously erotic day I didn't think things could get better but they did. We looked through the pictures with my cock stuck up her bum and some close up pussy shots I took after and talked about the three "firsts" we had done earlier ( exhibitionism, anal sex and cheeky pictures )and started discussing fantasies.

We had both had quite a bit to drink and she said that when she was about 19 her and a friend had had a drunken feel of each others boobs and she would like to try it again. This stunned and pleased me as like most other men my fantasy was to watch ( or be involved ) with two women. This turned us on so much ghat we had sex again straight away and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke in the morning and had another look ago the pictures from last night to remind myself how sexy it had been and we discussed our fantasies again and decided to try recruit someone. At this point in time we had no idea that websites such as SH existed bug found a forum frequented mainly by women and it had a thread on it from women who were curious.

We spent several weeks reading and emailing several women and even exchanged clothed pictures and eventually a relatively local 25 year old said she would like to meet my partner for a drink and see how it went. Next episode is about that meeting and our first adventure in the world of swinging.