Written by BrazilSylvia

6 Oct 2011

About 6 years ago when I was a naive Brazilian girl of 20 I met a lovely English guy and he brought me back to England to marry me. I spoke not a word of english and was scared and very shy!

About a month after I moved here my boyfriend arranged for a plumber to come and sort out our bath which wouldn't empty. BF went out to work and left me to sort things out! The plumber arrived and got to work having already been briefed on the work.

An hour later he came down smiling and came over to chat to me. Of course I understood NOTHING and just smiled shyly. Ok so with hindsight I can guess what sort of things he was saying....

Plumber: "It's all fixed but it's going to be expensive, I'm happy to do it for free though haha."

I guessed at the time: "It's all fixed." So I smile warmly

Plumber: Looking towards the stairs "I'm serious, do you want to go upstairs and have some fun, you won't have to pay a penny for the work?"

I heard: Do you want to come upstairs and see what I have done. I nod, smile warmly again and head for the stairs with the big plumber following

I go straight into the bathroom but my plumber didn't follow. He had gone into the bedroom, probably thinking that I needed the bathroom to make myself er presentable! I waited a couple of minutes with a confused look on my face, then went into the bedroom to see where he had got to. Well!!! He was standing by the bed, naked and playing with himself! Oh my God I froze! I like pretty, slight guys but he was the opposite. Big, rugged, hairy, huuuge! I stil had no idea what was going on! He took control though, walking over to me he kissed my neck and roughly pawed my slender body. As I stood there frozen he almost ripped off my blouse and skirt, biting my nipples then lapping between my legs with my panties still on. My head was spinning! What was going on? i didn't want this and didn't encourage him at all but I did nothing to stop it.

He picked me up like a little doll and placed me on the bed. I curled up but his hands easily pulled my panties off and pulled legs apart. He once again started roughly licking at my now naked pussy. I was scared and so tense but my heart was racing. Oh no, I was enjoying it! I shook my head and moaned, I don't want to be enjoying this! It's wrong. It didn't work, my body relaxed and my back arched. I pushed my pussy forwards towards his tongue, gripping his head. I came loudly and started to cry. this made him even more horny and he climbed on top of me thrusting inside. He was huge! He thrusted for no more than 20 seconds before picking me up and turning me over. I felt like his little sex doll as he pulled me into the positions he wanted me in. Another orgasm ripped through my body as he pounded into me from behind. I went limp and felt dizzy but came to my senses just in time as I felt his orgasm approaching. I tried to pull away and cried out in portuguese that I didn't want him to cum inside me. he took that as me saying that I wanted him to cum in my mouth so he pulled out, turned me around and thrust his huge cock inside my little mouth. A few seconds later and he was cumming. There was loads! I had the pressence of mind to make sure none got on the lovely new duvet, even licking it from my chin as it dribbled from my mouth.

He left and my head was spinning. I hated myself for loving it!

I said nothing to my boyfriend for 4 years. We married, I learnt English and gained in confidence. I look like a typical Brazilian girl, pretty, slim, dark and I get lots of attention from guys. My husband likes this and it was when we were talking about it a couple of years ago that I confessed all...

Now I'm not sure if he always knew that he liked the idea of another man with his wife or if that incident started things off for him in his head; but 2 years down the line and we have both joined a swingers site and here I am, still a bit nervous but excited all the same!