Written by essuncee

4 Jan 2012

So we started to think about who would join us..

We discussed it at length.

Who, how, when, but before I tell you what happened, I must tell you this...

We had set up home together, C didn't have a job, and as the cottage we bought was a mess, she stayed at home, decorating etc.

This was early eighties. We had bought a country cottage, one of a pair.

The neighbours were proper country people.

Woodcutters, their son of about 25 was a big lad, always looking moon eyes at C

She was late 20s, perfect size 14, who loved the sun. Never missed the opportunity to flaunt herself in the garden.Always wore short skirts, skimpy tops.

I got home from work, she flung the door open. It was dusk, and the light behind her highlighted the fact that what she was wearing was completely see through.

The door opened straight into the living room.

She was dressed in White lace French knickers, White suspenders, White lace bra, White lace stockings, and very high black stilettos.

Fuck me I said...that's just what I am going to do, she replied, and dragging me indoors pushed me back onto the settee, with the door still open, she pulled my rapidly hardening cock out. Without further ado, she pulled her French knickers to one side, and slid down onto my very hard erect cock....

Fuck me ...she did, and she was so wet...it was wonderful.

Wow, I said, what bought that on..

My prick was still in her, and her cunt muscles were clasping and releasing my cock.Spunk was easing from her cunt,trickling round my balls, the fresh air from the open door,cooling my bollocks.

It's your fault, she purred. You coming back after you left this morning, and spunking up me, has had me horny all day, and I have got some exciting stuff to tell you.

I didn't come back this morning.. I stated.

She laughed, yes you did, you thought I wouldn't know, cos you came in the back door. ( it was off it's hinges, being painted, just had a curtain over it) but I was hardly going to not notice you fucking me, was I ?

I didn't come back..

Don't lie, I felt you get into bed, you started rubbing your cock round my arse and legs, I said be gentle, and you was, it was nice, even though it didn't take you long to cum...

I promise you, I did not come back to bed....

Well who was it then...she blushed....

I bet it was that horny boy next door, you knew you tart,...

No I didn't, I thought it was you.

My prick was hardening and she was riding me again...It was you want it....NO IT WANT.

She then said..it doesn't stop there !

Go on then, I said.

Well i was so randy with all that hot spunk in me, and you hadn't made me cum, that after I had done my work, I laid in the garden, in the corner, it was so warm and sunny, that eventually I stripped off. I was feeling so horny, thinking about how I would repay the fucking you gave me....

IT WASN'T ME !!! I insisted ( it wasn't either)

That I started to rub my fanny, I made it last ages, and when I came, I was a bit noisy, and you will never guess what, but him next door was watching me through the hedge, and I heard him cum just after..

I came in quickly,but the thought just made me even randier.

She was thrusting up and down harder now, the spunk in her fanny squelching, her cunt muscles sucking.

So, she continued, I got dressed up for you, like this. Then you pulled up, I opened the door....and it wasn't you.....she came noisily...

She stopped moving and spread-eagle across me continued.

It was the local bobby, he couldn't believe his eyes, he wanted to speak to you, I said you weren't home from work yet, but obviously, I was expecting you ! He asked if he could come in and wait. His eyes were all over me, I wanted to say no, but he just came in.

I asked him if he wanted a coffee, he said yes, he sat in the chair, chatting away, and I sat opposite, trying to look cool.

You failed, darling, you look so fucking hot it's not true.... I thrust up her, she slid off me, onto the floor, and I pulled her stained, spunky pants to one side and fucked her hard till we both came again.

She slumped to the floor, and said, if that copper had stayed much longer I wood have used his truncheon as a dildo....

To be continued