Written by sexycouple69_

30 Nov 2010

This all started when I was 20 many many years ago!!!!!I was working but still played football with my best mate at the time, spending time around their house was on the same street were we lived.Steve was about 2 years younger than me he had 2 younger brothers his mum was German about 5'2" in her 30's good shape a stunner,she and her husband who was tall did ballroom dancing so kept very fit. She was very attractive dressed smart and always greeted me with a kiss, I was round their house all the time.

Well they used to go ballroom dancing about 3 or 4 times a week sometimes with her husband sometimes on her own as her husband if I remember did shifts so some times did not get it till way after 10pm.

Anyway I used to babysit for them so that if he was working she could still go to dancing.The kids had to be in bed by 8 because of school and they were very strict on that, Steve was allowed some nights to stay up till 9pm but no later.

So one night husband was on nights she had gone dancing me and Steve watched telly when is mum come home early because the weather was bad and not many people had turned up. This must have been about 9pm as she does not get back till about 11pm. She told Steve to get ready for bed school in the morning so off he went to get ready I said no need for me to babysit now lol, she said no need to go I'll teach you how to dance she's been trying to get me to dance for months so I said ok.She made us all coffee Steve hot chocolate, Steve drank his and went to bed leaving me down stair's with his mum,drinking my coffee.

They had a large 4 bed detached house with a large through lounge.I chatted to his mum while we drank our coffee what I did not realise is what she was planning. She put some music on and said come on let me show you how to dance, so there we were dancing around the lounge. After about half an hour she went up stairs to check on the kids I was now wondering what she was up to as I was dancing with my best mates mum and wow she is so fit. I am 5'6" so taller than her, she came back into the lounge put some more music on and said let me show you some dancing moves, now I must tell you she was dressed for dancing she had gone out in a long dress and still had it on, it had a slit up the side just stopping at the top of the thigh, when she was sat down I was trying to see what she was wearing underneath and caught a glance of white flesh above what looked like stocking but was not 100% sure.

We got up again music on this time it was a slow number she had her right hand in mine with her left hand on my shoulder me with my right arm around her waste just as you do. As we danced she said hold me tighter you are too far away from me and she pulled me closer. The problem was I was already getting a hard on dancing with this older women who is very fit nice size tits which the dress showed off nicely as it was a cutaway from the right shoulder across her left breast.I was now so close my still cock was brushing against her I thought oh my god she is bound to feel it. We dance she did not say a word just that I was a good dancer and I should take it up. As we dance she was making sure I was holder her tight my cock was straining in my jeans.

I could tell she had suspender belt on as I could feel it on her waste, that just made it more difficult for me I was getting harder, I had only had sex with a mate of mines older sister when I was 18 and I had fucked her many of times and she had shown me what to do to satisfies a women, but it had been long time ago since I last fucked her,that's another story. The music stopped we stopped she said stay there and put on another record yes it was records in then days, it was an LP long playing record.

We started dancing again same dance this time her head was on my shoulder, I was holder her close and tight my cock still hard I thought god she must be able to feel that then I thought may be not if she has a suspender belt on. She looked up at me the only light on was lamps around the lounge this was now about 10-10.30pm leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, then moved back looked at me again and kissed me again this time longer kiss forcing my mouth open me kissing her back. She stopped and said to me you are a good looking boy don't know why you spend your time round here you should be out with girls, little did she know I like older women. Then she kissed me again very passionate our tongues playing with each other. She pulled me down onto the settee still kissing me her hand stroking my cock over my jeans.

She stopped kissing me, said she won't be a minute as she wanted to check on the kids. When she came back she had removed her dress and put on a silk dressing gown, she sat next to me holding my hand and stroking my leg asking me if I was al-right with this?, are you kidding I thought, I said sure do you have a girl friend? no I said, are you a virgin? no I said she was shocked a bit but did not say anything. She was mow stroking my thigh getting closer to my hard cock, we were kissing I was feeling her tits her hand was now rubbing my hard cock. She whispered to me that it felt big when we were dancing and that it feel big now she can feel it through my jeans......more to follow