Written by copperkid

10 Jul 2011

i would like to tell you first what my wife is like shes slim 34 24 34 nice tits with big nipples and the tightest little shaven cunt i have ever had i had al ways wanked over the thought of my wife with another man and on many occasions had told her when we were fucking and she had asked for more that i myself couldnt but i would get a guy who could this went on for 6 months untill one day we were both of work and fucking and she said it again i said ok i will go and get someone who will she said ok do it then i got up and dressed and went out to my car wondering where the fuck was i going to get someone who would come back with me then i remembered the toilets near to where i work and decided to try my luck there was 3 cubicles and i went into the middle one i was only in for a minute when the door net to me shut a bit of paper was pushed under the wall asking what i was into i wrote on it that i was looking for a guy who would come back to my place and shag my wife he replied and said lead the way i told him what car i was in and said follow me in 2 minutes there was a knock on my window and a young lad about 19 got in i asked him if he was genuine and he said yes so we set off for my place when we got to my place we went in and i shouted the wife she said ime upstairs where you left me we went upstairs and into the bathroom where we both stripped down to our boxers we went into the bedroom and the look on my wifes face was of horror she said whos this and i replied hes the guy whos going to give you more she said she was only joking when she told me to go and get someone i said well its to late now and we got in bed with her in the middle i started to kiss her and calm her down and he started to wank her clit she started to repond and opened her legs to him he asked her if she was ready for him and she said yes he took of his boxers and got between her legs and with one push went fully up her taking her breath away she screamed for him to pull out as he was to big i threw the quilt back and saw his cock for the first time about 9 inch but very thick she told me to tell him to stop and i replied this is what you have asked me for get on with it with that he turned her onto her knees and entered her like a dog i got my cock out and wanked over her shooting my load in seconds all over her arse once he had turned her on he fucked her and she fucked him a further 5 times untill he couldnt come again he then got dressed and i took him back to where i found him when i got home i expected to get a good bollocking but all she said was bring me more like that and i will fuck them all nowadays we have partys where she gets gangbanged by 10 or more i get what i want and so does she