Written by neilandnic

22 May 2012

Continuing our story from 15th May and November on how we'd met Alan & Diane on holiday in the South of France and hoow we'd played lightly with them on the beach that day before joining them for a lovely meal that night and were now all naked in their caravan, Nic, laying back on the sofa, Alan laying down on top of her, his tongue lapping at her soft, smooth pussy, Diane, kneeling in front of Alan & Nic on the floor sucking and biting on one of Nic's stiff nipples me,kneeling behind Diane, just entering her with my stiff cock, the first time I'd ever fucked another woman let alone in front of my wife and her (soon to be) new lover.

Nic's eyes opened, she looked down to Alan licking her pussy, glanced over to me and smiled, she pulled Diane's head away from her nipple and kissed her fully on the lips, again, Nic and I had chatted about bi experiences but never taken it any further, but now, here she was exchanging a Bi-sexual kiss with another woman we'd only met 24 hours earlier, I was stiffer than I'd been for ages and was thoroughly enjoying fucking Diane from behind.

Alan lifted his head away from Nic's pussy, Nic broke away from her kiss with Diane, initially looking disappointed but as Alan gradually started to move up her body in readiness to start fucking her, another grin spread across Nic's face, Alan hesitated, he asked if anyone had a condom, we all burst out laughing (which only emphasised how much we were enjoying ourselves and our new found friendship). Diane spoke first, crudely saying "too late, his cock (rolling her head in my direction)is right up my cunt bareback"!!

It turned out that Diane was sterilised, so as they "selected" their partners carefully they hoped we were ok, we said later we were nervous about bareback fucking but, they'd put us at our ease so we not to concerned,Nic had the pill implant and I'd had a vasectomy so like them accepted the bareback scenario, only Alan admtted he was "fully functional" to which Nic responded as quick as a flash, "good, I can't wait to get your spunk in and over me mmmmm"!

With that Alan lowered his hips and we all watched as his cock entered Nic, she dropped her head back and closed her eyes and Diane dropped her mouth back onto Nic's nipples whilst I carried on fucking Diane from behind.

We all carried on fucking like this for a while, Nic was now leaning up with her legs over Alan's shoulders so he was getting maximum penetration, Diane was rolling both Nic's nipples in between her fingers causing Nic to grimmace with a mixture of pleasure and pain. I reached round Diane's body and took some of her pussy juice to start to explore her tight puckered bum, she purred like a cat as my index finger probed her darkest place, Alan smiled saying "she loves it up her arse" Diane shot him a glance and we all laughed again, she turned her head to me and said, "no, you can fuck me up the arse another day, all good things come to those who wait and besides, I want your spunk in my pussy for now and we've got two weeks here to enjoy ourselves, be patient"!

I felt like a schoolkid who'd been told off by a teacher and replied "yes miss" and again the van filled with laughter.

Alan increased his rythm and was fucking Nic as deep as ever now, I too started thrusting faster into Diane, she tightened her grip on my cock and that was enough to take me over the top, I gave her one almighty push, forced my cock as far in as I could and came deep inside her, she kept thrusting back until I'd emptied my spunk in her pussy. I went to break away but Diane said "no, stay inside me please?"

I asked why, Diane just looked over her shoulder and winked, she looked back at Alan who started really pushing into Nic, fucking her for all he was worth, her legs were now nearly by her head, I remember thinking she's not that supple, bet that'll hurt tomorrow!

Alan was really going for it now, Nic was obviously close to orgasm, but Alan called out as he came, "no, you wait, your fun has yet to come". With that he pulled her torso right up to his, kissed her fully on the lips, their tongues entwining, took one more thrust and came deep inside her. As he'd said earlier, he was "fully functional" he came loads, his spunk was flooding Nic's cunt and dribbling out between her pussy lips and his cock.

Alan withdrew his cock from Nic, more spunk started to oooze from her engorged pussy lips, Alan moved off the sofa, Diane took matters into her own hands (so to speak) pulling away from me and climbing over Nic's limp body moving down her stomach, spreading her legs and starting to lick Nic's pussy lapping up Alans spunk, she raised her legs over Nic's head and, before Nic had realised what was happening she was faced with Diane's smooth, spunk filled pussy above her face, she smiled up at me and Alan and started to push her tongue into Diane's soaking pussy, both girls sighed almost in unison, Alan and I sat back drinking in the scene before us. Not only had we fucked with another couple for the first time, but Nic was having another mans spunk licked from her by another woman and was licking my spunk from another womans pussy, her first fully Bi experience!

Both girls were obviously enjoying themselves, draining our love juice from each others pussy's but Daine lifted her head, again pointing out that we had a whole fortnight together and there were more treats to come!

The girls sat up, kissed and caressed each other and sat on the sofa, casually runnig their hands across each others breasts, down to their well used pussy's, both looked fully satisfied.

Alan and I got up and poured another wine for everyone, we sat chatting for, what seemed like ages, Alan & Diane saying how much they'd enjoyed "deflowering us" we, for our part couldn't get over how far we'd gone and how much we'd enjoyed ourselves, Nic for her part said that she'd always been Bi curious but that Diane had now opened that particular "pandoras box" and that there was "no stopping her now" ( I can ensure all, that is definateley true!!).

Alan opened the caravan door slightly to allow the heat (and smell of sex) out, the cold night air rushed in cooling our bodies, Nic stood up first, leaned over and gave Diane a passionate kiss, turned to Alan saying how much she was looking forward to the next two weeks, winked at him and draped herself round his body giving him a huge kiss and grasping his cock in her hands giving it a big squeeze. I kissed and hugged Diane, we decided to "risk it" and ran naked towards our van as it was only yards away leaving our clothes for tomorrow, only for me to realise the key to our van was in my pocket!

Alan laughed as they'd watched us tip toe over to our home, I grabbed our key and looked over at Nic, naked in the half light, looking out for returning campers or (god forbid) the camp security, now that would have been an explanation!

we got into our van, fell onto the bed, looked at each other and laughed again falling into each others arms, to tired to do anything other than smile, say "I love you" kiss and fall to sleep.

This was going to be a fun holiday with our new "swinging friends"!!!

N&N xx