16 May 2016

We used to pass each other while dropping children at school, she was always late so we would pass as I was leaving the grounds. We passed so many times, we would say 'Morning' or 'Hello'. She was Polish, small build , shoulder length mouse brown hair, mid 30's.

After about 2 terms of passing each other, I was sitting in the school hall for an assembly, with a 3 yrs and many more parents. The hall was full and no vacant chairs could be found.

Then in comes this lady with her 2yr old, looking around for a chair; as she cast her eye over the crowd she saw me, I Impulsively waved at her; she could have my 4 yr old's chair ! She came over and thanked me; sat down quickly as the assembly began.

As the assembly continued I became aware of her close to me; I could feel her body touching me.

Her child dropped her soft toy between us, l bend down and swopped it up and hand it to this lady as the toddle was not interested in it anymore.

She took the toy but hend my hand longer than necessary… and at the same time looking me in the eye. I did not know what to think ! She thanked me and said her name was Lisa.

‘Mine is Tony ‘ I said.

I returned to watching the children, my mind racing, going over my thoughts and her actions. She was pretty; she had a lovely figure, this I had worked out many months before, but this was a new development !

My mind was thinking of all the possible outcomes; Where could this go.. what was she after, or was I miss understanding the situation ??

I dropped my right hand down onto outer thigh , 5 seconds later she dropped her left hand on to her thigh….. a few seconds passed which seemed like an eternity… then our little fingers touched.

My feeling’s came alight inside me, as if a switch had been turned on. I wanted to keep this feeling for ever… another human had a mutual appeal for another human, this fleeting covert touch felt intimate. Seeing each other in passing for months before this obviously we grow an unknown fondness for each other; we liked what we saw !

I moved my hand across her hand and held it, she squeezed my hand and held it ! My heart raced with excitement and anticipation. We held hand for all of 20 seconds…. Then it was all over. Children needed our attention.

Assembly finished, reality kicked in; someone lent over a started talking to Lisa. I move away slowly as possible, did not get a second glance from her.

I lingered outside for a few minutes, but had to be somewhere else soon, so I left.

The next couple of days we passed each other again… our conversation was a little longer in the sense would add their names to our normal greetings.

I mind raced for days about where this could go. I was just running out of hope when exiting the school later one morning she was just a head of me, both of us had small children in tow, but mine was off to nursery!

We said our normal greetings….. I then asked what she was doing today just to make conversation. She filled me in briefly on routine, but I was off to some work that day ! I suggest that maybe we should meet with our little one in the park sometime. She said she would like that. So we arrange a meet the next day after our school run.

The day came; we passed in school and smiled … was it me or did she have a twinkle in her eye ???

I went to the park and waited…. 15 minutes later she arrived. She was wear a white T-shirt and a lemon skirt with flat matching shoes. I noted She had nice shaped legs !

The children played on the swings and other bits; we sat on the bench ! after a few minutes of awaked chat .. we held hands discreetly.. our conversation got more intimate as the minutes passed; we agreed on NSA fun… had a laugh or two which then seemed to break all barriers down between us.

Lisa lent over and got a blank from her bag; she spread it over her knees; after a moment she lifted the blanket up slightly along with her skirt and showed me she was not wearing an knickers. She asked me to discreetly finger her… I moved closer and slipped my hand between her legs… she took a sharp breath and shivered.

I gently play with her … after a few minutes watching the children she began to quietly moan…. Then all of a sudden she came ! …. She gushed on each wave of her climax… wetting my hand and her skirt. Oh my god what a turn on that was !! so unexpected ! My balls were aching for relief…

She put the blanket over me; then got my cock out and wanked me … just as I was Cumming she popped her head down under the blanket and suck my cock so deep that my cum hit the back of her throat, I don’t think she even tasted it on the way down; greed woman !

Since then we have many a meetings; never long but all good sexy fun; like the back of a supermarket carpark. She opened the boot of her car, lifted her skirt up as she bent into the boot, no knicker on….. and told me to slip in and fuck her quickly ! I came within minutes as ordered as her stocking legs and heels were exposed. She likes to leave with a pussy full of cum !!

NSA with Lisa has been fun. The mental build up to a quick meet and then boom ! … relief for us both until the next time.

Ah well to the next time ……..