Written by Andy

1 Mar 2013

After reading the comments about our first time letting a stranger join us I had to write about what happened after it, I Could not seem to get it out of my mind and how much I had enjoyed what had happened and all by mistake, very time we had sex after that I brought it up and she would say how stupid we had been and what would have happened if the police had come I told her ye swe must be carful the next time she looked at me and said there is not going to be a next time and did I not mind an other guy seeing her like that I told her it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen when He not only began to feel her tits while I was fucking her but for her to be naked with a stanger standing beside us all the while playing with her and rubbing her clit and she would have the most powerful organism.

I kept this up for weeks and it became the norm talking about what happened and me asking her how she enjoyed it all till she admitted that she loved it and how she had never came so many times before, I would get her to say how much she wanted the stranger to fuck her that night and we should do it again she told me no it was a one off and to be grateful it had happened the once.

I knew the way she got so excited when we were having sex and I would bring it all up that i just needed the right opportunity to come along and she would maybe do it again,It took about three months after the first time that I thought I could maybe plan something, we were due to go to a Dinner dance with some friends one of which was the our friend who had started all this when he had saw up Sue's skirt and saw her panties so I started to think about how I could maybe make it all happen again I checked out where the dance was going to be and drove around till I found what i thought might be a good place to bring her on our way home and wasn't to far out of our way and made some apointments the next day so I had the excuse not to stay over and had to drive home it was a car park that was used for walkers during the day to go into the hills I drove there a coupe of times once during the day and it was not to busy only a few cars and a few guys on bikes using it when I went at night i only saw one car parked and nobody in it and nobody around and thought yes just getting her here on our own again would be great and get her to imagine back to the last time and see if she would enjoy it the same and maybe do it more.

I could not wait till the Next Saturday when the dance was to be and she had bought a new dress for the occasion a nice red low cut one which had me hard thinking about her in it, I asked her to wear her hold up stockings for me and how sexy it would be she keps making excuses and that people might notice I told her how would they her dress wasnt that short so she agreed after I said that it was the least she could do with me having to drive and not drink tonight, what a picture she was and at times you could see down her dress if she bent forward I was wondering if I would see any guys trying to get a look at her tits, I didn't need to wait long when we got there and after she had a few glasses of wine and had been asked to dance a few time because i had refused that not being in the mood I noticed when she was dancing a slow dance that one guy had let his hand slip a bit but took it away again I think Sue told him to when she was back fr a while Told her what I had seen her face went all red and said that he had told her how nice she was look tonight and noticed that I had not been dancing with her much and wonderd why thats when he put his hand on her backside he asked if she was wearing stocking tonight that when she told him to mind his own busness.

she said sorry for dancing so much I told her it was ok i enjoyed seeing her dancing and would have maybe done the same with hw she was looking tonight after a few more rounds of drink I could see Sue was getting more relaxed and when her dress and bra straps slipped didnt seem to mind and i watched a few guys looking at her when she was dancing and her tits bouncing about and made me hard and wanted to get going, I said ok My round before we have to go as i was working the next day so when i got the drinks in i made them all large ones to get her a little bit more tiddly.

We made our excuses and got our coats and oce we were in the car I again told her how sexy she was and pulled her dress up and that I wanted to fuck her she grabed my hand and said not here we might be caught by our friends coming out or something and to wait till we get home I started the car and still had my hand up her dress and she just laid back and let me play with her but told me to watch the road I told her to take her pants off and let me look at her wearing her stockings and no panties she lifted her self up and pulled them down and her dress stayed nearly up at her waist I was glad she wasnt watching where we were going and when we were nearly there I told her that I could not wait till we got home and wanted to fuck her now and had seen a parking sign and was heading there she never said a thing and seemed to be drifting off to sleep I was glad i had been to check it out and knew where i wanted to park it was at the far end and beside a path but could see if anybody came into the carpark.

When we stopped I stared kissing her like mad and had one of her tits out and and sucking it her niples were getting nice and hard and started taking about what had happened before and how horny it made us talking about it she was breathing hard and I knew she was getting horny she had opened her legs and was trying to unzip my trousers I started to take my trousers off and saw a cars headlights I bent over Sue before she notice the lights I was hoping it would be like the last time my mind was all over the place I want sure what to do then Sue said are you not going to get on top I told her no i wanted to show her of in her new dress and wearing stockings she thought I was still just talking to get us horny and she was saying to fuck her she needed me in her I said you just want anyone in you like before dont you shr said yes yes come on I said well you have your wish let that widow down and et him see you again she just looked at me and pushed the button I looked out the window but could not see anyone I thought it wasnt going to be like i thought and just then a head appeared and aske if he could watch us he was a lot older than the last guy and older than us I said yes He asked if we did this a lot I told him this was only the second time we had done this.

When I looked up at him he had his cock out and started to ask if I liked letting others see my wife I told him it had been so erotic seeing some other guy touch her that when he asked if he could touch Sue I said ok let us get out and you can feel her tits I got out and went round to her side and opened the door and helped Sue get out she seemed like she could hardly stand and looke so slutty with her one tit hanging out he grabed it and asked if he could suck it, before i could answer he was sucking like mad T stood back to get a better look at them wow she looked hot he was trying to get his hand up her dress so I said wait lets take her dress off and unzipped it and it fell t the ground Sue sort of stepped out of it and she was standing there in just her bra and stockings it was better than i had planned the guy was sucking and feeling her tits like mad and had dropped his trousers wow his dick was so fat I kept staitring at it and thought she will never let him fuck her but it was so horny watching him beside my wife nearly naked but more erotic than the last time because she had stocking on Sue was standing with her legs wide open and I could see she wanted him inside her and was asking him to fuck her while I watched he looked at me to see if it was alright I just nodded but thought he wont be able to get it in her he said he didnt have a condome and would i mind she said just put it in me now he was pulling her twards him and she was crouching to help him but with no sucsess He told her to turn round and bend over I turned her round and took hold of her she saw that my cock was standing to erection and started to suck me the old guy had got down and was licking her out Sue stopped sucking and let out a load moan she had just cum with his licking.

Sue sort of started to sag but he was standing behind her now and holding her and said you are nice and wet now and are going to filled like never Before Sue was looking up at me and i could see in her eyes that she could now feel how big he was and started to tray and stand up no you dont get that ass bac here he said and she seemed to just let him pull her back then her eyes went wide as he slipped into her she started to gasp I thought she might pass out but once he was in and started to pump her she started to suck me again taking more that she had ever done before I pushed my cock forward when i saw him push into her so she could not back away It went right down her throat and i blew my lot It was only then that I noticed that we had ben joined by two other guys about the same age as the other guy I stood there looking at three strangers surounding my wife and she was telling the guy to fuck her hard one of the guy took my place in front of Sue and she just started sucking him I wasnt sure if she knew who it was but didnt care the old guy stood up straight and yu could see he was cumming in Sue when he was finished and pulled back i dont know if it was Sue not wanting him to go or if he was to tight in her But i heard her sigh when he pulled out there was cum dripping out of her and beore I knew it the othe guy had taken his place and was fucking her like mad and telling her what a slut she was and did she want more cock yes fuck me he looked at me and said her cunt is so wet he couls hardly feel it I was looking at ger sucking the ither guy when Sue topped and said no not there I looke round and i saw the guy pushing his cock into Sues bum hole she had her hand behind trying to stop him but he seemed to slide right in and the other huy had a good hold I was about to say ok thats enough when I saw her sort of push back he was ridding her now and saying thats better nice ad tight and asking if she like it no it is sore the guy in front shot his cum all over her face and was wiping is cock in her hair the guy ib her arse again asked her if she wanted him t cum inside her ass she was rubbing her self and said yes cum inside me fuck my ass he seemed ti speed up and you couls see she knew he was cumming in her.

When he pulled out off her ass he said there yu are all nice and slippy for you now and pulled me round and said go on fuck her ass she wants it dont you slut SHe said yes and for the first time ever I fucked ny wifes ass while other guys watched us as i was cuming in her when one of the guys said turn round and was taking a photo with his phone and said for a keep sake, It all seemed like a dream and

The first guy had disappeared and was nowhere to be seen the other two guys said thanks she is a great fuck.

For the socond time Sue and I were left on our own not really sure what had happened I pulled Her towards me and kissed her and tasted te cum in her mouth and told her that I loved her so much I pushed her back over the bonnet and got down and started to lick her out tasting all the cum she looke so horny with her tits hanging out of her bra I only notice that she still had it on and that her tits had been pulled out of the cups they loke so full like they had been filled or something I told her to take it off and let me see her naked I think Sue would had done anything that night after what had happened to us i lapped so much cum running out of her that I got up and shared some with her and she pulled me in and said ok you fuck me now I had cum n her mouth and in her ass but not her pussy yet I was hard again now after licking her and wanted her so bad I was fucking her and all the while looking around hopping someone else would come along we both came once more and got back into the car and drove home Sue didnt dress and was naked all the way home Just as well it was late and nobody about she just laid back in her seat and said I loved that tonight.

~I think we are now both hooked