Written by Paul

31 Jul 2012

We have had some thing change our life's for ever, we are a middle aged married couple up to last year I would of said we where jest a normal couple, Susan my wife is forty six I am ten years older Sue is a good looking woman in my eyes she is more attractive in a mature way as some women seem as they get older

Most weekends we go into town some times for a meal but mostly its jest a drink we have a pub we use a lot been going there for a time it don't get over crowed but still lively

So one evening we where there and it did fill up with a crowed it seemed they come in before going clubbing there was a young man that we had seen in there quite a few time he seemed a loner never having friends with him he come in find a table have a few drinks and go

This nigh the place was full and he asked if he could sit at our table we where happy to have him join us we got into a conversation he seemed very pleasant young man his English was good he was here as a student studying at a local university he was from north Turkey so dark skinned I would guess about nineteen or so

It became a regular thing meeting him in there and over a few weeks we got to know him and he was more confident with us and he started to be complimentary towards Sue I think she was flatted by this as time past she even flirted a little, and I said you know he fancy you she laughed saying I am most likely the same age as his mother it must of been three months we been seeing Morash most weekends and by then I noticed a few things Sue and him where quite friendly there where little things like I sure Sue had more makeup on

she made sure she was dressed nicely she always look round for him when we got there when she sore him she have a smile on her face if he din't turn up I could see she was disappointed but she never admitted to that I did mention that and was told not to be silly

In the back room of the pub there are two pool tables and if I went had a game before Morash was on scene I would get mooned at for leaving her alone but now if I had a game she was fine in fact some times she say you not playing pool tonight if I was playing I pop my head into the bar to see if she was okay and the two of them would be chatting away it was summer time by then and we where going to have BBQ friend and a few family round and Sue said are you inviting Morash it never crossed my mind she was quite keen I asked him so I did

The afternoon came people turned up then Morash Sue took him under her wing introducing him to ever one making sure he had a drink and he seemed to enjoying himself

As time past couples with kid drifted off first by mid evening there was a few drinkers left I have to say I had a few by then and it looked like Sue had one over her norm late evening I was seeing the last of the boozers out that left three of us

I started tiding up the lounge Morash helped Sue washing up glasses Morash took the last few glasses to Sue I sorted the cushions on the sofa and moved the chairs back to where they should be

I was jest in the hall going to the kitchen I heard Sue giggling and Morash laugh when I got to the door they stood at the sink with there backs to me he had a hand on her bum it rubbed it then griped it he had his fingers between the cheeks she didn't move she stood there hands in the sink not moving as his fingers moved her legs parted as little she only had on a thin summer dress and panties she was looking in his face not a thing was said his hand moved down a bit her legs parted a little more he must of been touching her crotch she never objected in fact she lent in they kissed I was spellbound as I looked on they turned and it was real embrace her wet hand round his neck it was a long french kiss

his hand was now between then I imaging rubbing her pussy I steeped back and made a noise

they both jumped and swung back to the sink with there backs to me as I walked in I said have we got a black bag I will sort the garden out they both had a guilty look Sue nodded and said over there Morash never said a thing stayed as he was he had wet mark on his shirt

I got myself into the garden it was dark how the hell was I going to pick much up I don't know I did find a couple of cans,I was standing well back looking at the house with kitchen lights on I could see in they both seemed to be looking at me the really strange thing I felt aroused no angry or upset I was almost willing them to do some thing

the blinds at the window closed then the back door its a glass door I could still see in

It seemed as if Sue was putting things away he made a grab for her she looked like she resisted at first then glanced at the door and gave in I moved closer to the door it looked quite a passionate snog all I can say it must be the booze or she never on done it I am sure,I wondered how far this would go I was surprised when they stopped they said some thing and she took his hand and lead him into the hall had they forgotten about me

I tried to explain it to myself blaming the drink,I let myself in as quietly as I could

Followed them into the hall the light was off a bit of luck they had gone into the lounge the door was ajar pushing it a little I could see in they where on the sofa together it surprised me she was laying over him taken the lead in a long snog she had one hand rubbing his crotch he was squeezing one breast I pushed the door right open they didn't seem to notice me I will never know why I said this I could hear myself saying its more comfortable upstairs Morash almost jumped out of his ski look scared but Sue lent back on the sofa looked at me and quite calmly said are you sure I jest nodded she then asked are you really sure I stammered a yes she was looking right at me and said are you really sure I nodded as she stood up there was a okay she gabbed Morash hand I had to step aside to let them past I watched them go into the hall then upstairs I hurried after them

All three of got to the bedroom almost together, we had not planed this or even talked about it ever before, I didn't know what to do or say or if I had a roll in this as they got into a clinch I remember thinking we blame it on the drink it was Morash that seem unsure a bit hesitation but Sue was taken the lead she was unbuttoning his shirt it slipped off his shoulders I hadn't noticed before jest how muscular he is his dark almost ebony ski almost shinning he looked my way I smiled he must of thought I given the go ahead as he started to help Sue out of her dress she was soon in jest panties and bra he was undoing the bra it fell away her breasts swung free they drooped a little the thing that hit me was her nipples that stuck out rock hard I had never seen them like that with out being sucked she must be really turned on she tugged at his belt and his jeans came down he kicked them away

At that point they fell onto our bed him on his back my wife over him there lips locked together I looked at his pants I wondered what he had in them there one hell of a large bulge in the front as they kissed Sue's hand was running up down his chest to his waist then over his crotch she then pushed his pants down a bit a pink bell end came out with foreskin rolled back as she pushed them lower a dark wide shaft appeared it was semi hard

He had pushed her panties aside and had a finger inside her she sounded very wet his other hand was now helping her get his pants off she pushed them past his knees he kicked them right off it was then I gasped there in front of me was the biggest pair of balls I had ever seen they where bloody huge two lumps inside the ball sack the size of golf balls his dick lay there growing as it did big veins where swelling round it it was very veined Sue run her fingers over it that made her look round she had a shocked look on her face it was now quite a size her finger rapped round it she lifted it and jest looked she let it go it lay back almost up to his mummy button she looked a little scared

She looked my way as if to say what do I do, I jest looked back blankly at her he was then pushing her towards it he large breasts swung as she moved she was now round she got in both hand and wanked it slowly it must of been fully erect now it was a monster I am sure Sue never bargained on this he pushed her head towards it she resisted a little then her mouth open very wide over the bulbous knob end she shrugged to get it in but she was on it now sucking after a time he pulled her off it rolled her on her back moved her round pulled off her panties and went down on her it didn't take long she was gasping he keep going till she climaxed heaving up into his face

He now moved up lifting her legs as he did her legs where stretched either side of his thighs his hand came down to lift his monster up in line with her pussy she jest lay as if in a trance he fumbled he looked down and pushed a little Sue's eyes opened wide he pushed a bit more she gasped out loud he lent in with his body as he did my wife almost screamed OH MY GOD OH CHRIST her head was going from side to side she cried out your to big he was past the pint of no return I would guess he had half up her she had her legs wide open he had paused she was panting and gasping the look on her face was one of shock maybe pain hard to say by now he was right over her with his body he looked down them lifted up on his toes his wight did the rest he was sinking inside her she was murmuring oh my Christ over and over he then lifter himself on his arms a thrust from his hips my wife screamed he was home she was impaled on it

The lay still for a time with little whimpers coming from Sue I then watched his hips move back a little then push she gasped he repeated that lots of time moving further out each time till he was given long but slow strokes making my wife gasp each time I think she was more comfortable with him now as his rhythm got faster her legs went up in the air and lay right back I had never heard Sue make so much nose after a few minutes I could see her hips lifting to meet him he was going now she was bucking with him there was a wet slapping sound in the room as well as her cries she was climaxing and he drove into her and stayed his bum cheeks tensed and clinched his body jerked and shook he gasped real loud a number of times it hit me he was cumming inside wife I shouted no no but it didn't come out she is not on the pill they didn't used a condom a virile futile young nineteen year old is going to get her pregnant for sure at her age she is still futile it looked like it was not one or two spurts he was letting go in her he jerked lots of times each time he would of shot spunk into her with them bollocks he must of shot a gallon up her he lay buried deep inside her his huge chock acting like a plug keeping his sperm in her there jest the sound of heavy breathing

After what seem like ages he pulled out that even made her gasp he rolled off and lay beside her she lay there legs still wide open she was knackered I looked down at a red angry looking cunt the lips still rolled back it gaped open as I watched a white trickle started running out of it so much it made a puddle on the bed it was then sue looked up at me and said in a low vice are you okay are you upset seeing that looking down I whispered I am fine she smiled and said I love you the only thing I could think of to say was would you two like a drink she said oh yes please the only thing I could fine cold was two cans of coke when I got hack with them they where sitting up in bed talking I gave them to them Sue had a sip then got out of bed to go to the bathroom as she went I could see spunk running out of her he had left some load in her that was quite awkward for me being alone with Morash I didn't know what to say after watching he do what he did with my wife he seemed very sheepish as well

There is more to tell if you are interested