Written by Paul

2 Aug 2012

As you know from the last two posting my wife Sue had sleep with Morash a young Turkish student more than half her age and I had been there we hadn't planed it or even talked about any thing like that happening ever before it seemed to jest happen

On the Sunday we had a bit of panic as Sue and me don't use any birth control as I had the snip years age and she had him unprotected at nineteen I would of said he been very fertile we couldn't risk it we got the morning after pill it gave Sue a very heavy period she still got a testing kit it was a worrying time as I remember if she had of falling pregnant what would we said to friends and family it wouldn't of look like me at all the farther is dark skinned black heir

We discussed the situation over the next week it seemed as if it was all we talked about the strange thing is it was more like buying a new car talking about the god bad things the ifs and buts I was curios why Sue had let it happen she was a take it or leave sore with sex I always thought she only had one boyfriend before me I really thought I knew her after twenty years together

As I said we known Morash a few months from the pub he always seem lonely a student away from home Sue said at first she thought the same but once we got to know him he had a charm about him and his good looking she had found an attraction to him he did pay attention to her when I was there she was quite flatted some times I never noticed any of this

She did admit she had the odd rude thought about him that night it happened she said it was a combination of things she did feel horny we not had sex for a couple of weeks a good mood enjoying herself relaxed and a few drinks on top she said he came on to her and it felt nice so she didn't stop him and it jest lead on from that I got some blame I could see it happening and didn't try to stop it

Now the big question where do we go from here, at first Sue said it was a one off and never again she was worried about people finding out and would he say any thing well he didn't know our friend of family in the pub he was the loaner any way we only knew people there by first names and we didn't have to go there I think she took a day or two to think about it I think her doubts had gone as she told me she been and got the pill and was taken it now I will never know how a woman's mind work

It had now been two and half weeks since we seen Morash he was doing exams we know that any way we had both spoken to him on the phone and that was a bit funny I found myself thanking him mad I know he also seemed more confident and relaxed with me I didn't know at the time Sue had been talking him quite a few times she never told me it did come out later she made a mistake with that at the end of the week by telling me Morash had finished his exams all we know was he was doing them I was still thinking it had been a one off and it had frightened her off

We where in bed and she borough the subject up we talked and I asked what it was like for her having Morash as he was so much bigger than me she had never said before she said when she first sore how big he was it was a bit scary but she knew she want to try it and put that down to the drink it was really strange when she got hold of it how heavy it was and if the end had been any bigger she wouldn't got it in her mouth and there was precum coming out the end all the time Sue will suck me but never let me cum in her mouth she finish me by hand she said jest by doing that made her so horny she had a mini climax

She went on, in the bedroom when she got his shirt off she said did you see his body he is so fit and his dark skin well that jest did it when he started to put it in me she said I did then think it will never fit he pushed at first it wouldn't go in and when it did it hurt a little my Christ once it was in I was completely full I could feel it stretch me I was on fire I had never felt any thing like it in my life it made me climax when it was right in that hear at first but soon past when he started to move I couldn't help it I had one climax after another it jest multiplied to one long one it was out of control I wanted him to pull out at first, don't hate me for this in the end I wanted his baby and I couldn't believe he had me three time that night we have never done that have we

I said do you want him again she pursed and thought and said what would say if I said yes if no one found out I jest smiled she flung her arms round me kissed me and grabbed my stiff dick I felt her I never know her to be so wet with out being touch we had sex like we never done in years its funny how a woman's pussy can stretch Sue's had shrunk back she felt normal as she always do

It was the Friday afternoon Sue phone me at work. asked if Morash could come round that evening I didn't have time to talk so said yes, I was on the drag getting home it was about half past six I was a little surprised Sue was dressed up but not quite her normal cloths all new ones the dress she had on was a lot shorter it had a low cut front it was obvious she had no bra and I got a glimpse of stocking tops I never knew she had any she hugged me kissed me on cheek not to mess up her makeup she was all smiles really happy she asked what I thought well she did look wonderful she was like a kid on there birthday

She said here is your tea be quick he be here soon I needed a shower but she said eat first not long later the door bell rang Sue let him in I went into the hall and they where snogging away the three of us went into the lounge well it was like I wasn't there them two snogging away I said I go and do the dishes she replayed thanks darling with out looking at me I washed up then went to shower I got in the bedroom the bed only had a bottom sheet and pillows well that answered the question I was going to ask was she going to sleep with him

I got back to the lounge they where on the sofa he was kissing her and fingering her at the same time I surprised to see she had no pants on and her pussy was saved one breast was hanging out the dress its nipple rock hard sticking out a sure sigh she very aroused

His jeans and shorts where off she was holding that monster of his in her hand I couldn't help but stair at his bollocks they are some size and to think they come very near knocking my wife up last time well she is safe now

They parted Sue looked at and said you where a long while I was about to reply and she tugged him up saying we can go up now I watched them going upstairs his cock bounced as he walked by the time I got there they had both lost there cloths and where on the bed there no hiding it Sue want him she really did

He was in a hurry to give her what she wanted but when he mounted her it was a little different for Sue that pussy had tightened up by the look on her face and the noise she made he soon stretch it seemed and it was a fucking frenzy he didn't last long at all no wound the speed he went at her she got her first load of spunk some where deep inside her

The lay side by side getting there breath back she was saying oh my god oh my god I needed that, with twenty minuets he was after her again he took the same way on her back it was a slower shag this time lasting long towards the end he picked up speed she was squealing like a mad woman bucking under him digging her nails in his back that boy is a stud to seed her twice that quick she did take him with ease this time

It was over hour before he was ready to go this time she got on top she slipped down his shaft and sat on him facing him she started to lift she was slow but taken the full length each time there was spunk all over his balls coming out of her the smell was quite strong after a time she turned to face the other way she was looking at me as she rid him

Then said take your cloths off I did but was embarrassed my cock must looked tiny, I was called over she pulled me to her and we kissed I was feeling her tit she was rocking gently on him she then guided my head to her breast and one hand to her pussy it was a really wired sensation I was touching his cock as well I was surprised jest how stiff her clitoris was it was really sticking out I have never know that before as I was doing this she started to shake it gave her a climax after it was over she pushed me away he flipped her over and took her from behind it was still slow and deep she waved me over some how I was laying in front of her she got my cock in her mouth she didn't suck long I cum she must of swallowed it a first this set him off he went for it god did he bang her

They did stop for a rest I think it was Sue that wanted to we where in lounge all naked I got them drinks it was then she said I think Morash should stay the night any way we all end up in our bed Sue in the middle I was laid in wet patch she had her back to me and what seemed like ages they giggled and played about in the end I got up and went next door

I fell asleep I don't know what time it was I hears a very loud scream and Sue shout NO STOP I rushed into there room putting the light on she was on her knees he was half way up her ares I shouted get off her between gasps she said No NO let him there was a tube of KY on the bed he looked at me picked it up put some more on his cock then pushed Sue braced herself she squealed shouting that fucking hears he had got more in her he then pulled back added more KY this time he went right in to a loud scream I then witnessed him fuck her ares always a big no no do not touch it was not comfortable for her but she let him do it in the end she did stop him it was to much but when he pulled out she went down on it sucking and wanking it till he cum I could her neck moving as she swallowed his cum it had been up her bum I was then told to back to bed

This was only the start