Written by james

7 Oct 2017

hi all. so - i always had the fantasy of my wife being had by another guy, he had to be younger, fitter and bigger than my 5". i also have small-ish balls and so my ideal guy for her was always to have a big cock and heavy balls. as a side note, me having had the snip, contraception has never been needed for us. anyway - after a few months of talk it finally happened. as cheesy as it sounds we were in a bar and my wife Fi saw a guy and obviously he had caught her eye. he ticked all my 'boxes' and so i said go for it. After Fi had stood at the bar with him for 10mins or so i could tell she had dropped the bombshell to him as he turned and looked direct at me with a bit of a surprised look. i smiled and nodded. fast forward an hour and we were at our flat. i was expecting some small talk and maybe a drink but our new guest Brad was all over Fi like a rash and Fi responded by doing the same. I almost pushed them into the bedroom as i was excited for this to happen. within seconds we were all undressed apart from Fi's knickers which she knew i wanted left on for me. This was one of my 'things'...Fi was on her hands and knees and aiming her bum towards Brad. I slowly pulled them down and as i did so i looked at Brad in the eyes and said 'please fuck my wife'. Doing that made me so hard. Brad was nicely endowed with about 8" and he was proportionately thick and he had big balls too. Fi was fully waxed and so looked fab. Its fair to say i was kept hard just watching Fi take him in her mouth and holding his balls and wanking him while she sucked him. She was able to take him all which isn't normally a challenge with my cock. I loved seeing Brad looking at Fi's pussy and we all knew that he knew that he would fill her much more than i can. this was great for me and i could tell Fi was enjoying it as much as Brad. They started fucking and fucked in a few positions and then i got over excited watching them because it dawned on me he was bareback and i found myself begging Brad to cum up Fi! Brad obviously assumed she was on the pill but Fi looked at me while he was in her and i swear she licked her lips and smiled at me. She shouted at Brad to fuck her harder and harder and she came more times than i have known her to. Soon Brad started to tense and Fi and i both knew what was going to happen. The thought of him cumming inside her was so much i came at the same time as he did - me on my hands and him deep inside her. The risk, the naughty element, it was all perfect. It was also clear afterwards that big balls = more cum, as Fi's pussy was flooded beyond what i can do. All i could think of was to get down and lick and eat her out but waited until Fi had told Brad that was all for now before telling her i wanted to do that. Good girl she is i had a very long time with my mouth between her legs...mmmmm x