Written by ladylyn

10 Dec 2014

This is a true story that took place about 10 years ago. Like most husbands on here mine as been going on about seeing me having sex with another guy, but me thinking it was just talk while we was having sex and just passed it off, although it made me think, it sounds good but i dont know about for real.

It started with a phone call from my husband Ken who was at work saying the weather is to nice to be working and how about he took the rest of the day off and we go somewhere, sounding like a good idea i said "where?" he suggested we take a camera and take some sexy photo's somewhere, after Ken getting me to agree, he ask me to wear the lease clothing as poss and he would be home in 30mins. i dressed in a denim dress with a full lenth zip up front, a pr of very small knics with no bra, when Ken arrived home he ask to see what i had on under my dress, and "lovely could not be better, lets go".

We drove for about 20 mins and tuned down into a small lane till we came to a ford across the road, we parked up and walked through a gate into a small wooded area that opened onto a field with a line of trees down one side and a small river on the other ( that i found out later was a dogging site)we walked to the far end of the field and found a nice spot Ken layed down a picnic blanket and we settled down, looking around we could not see anyone and Ken undid the top of my dress and played with my boobs, as soon as he did a guy appeared from nowhere and started to walk towards us as he got close i thought Ken would stop playing with my boobs but he didnt, as the guy passed he just looked and carried on for about 20 or 30 yards turned and started to walk back, Ken then undid my dress more and took my boobs out so my 36Ds was on full view, when the guy got level with us he stopped and said "very nice" Ken thanked him and invited him to stay, he sat himself down by our feet telling us his name was Mike, Ken turned me around so i was facing Mike and carried on playing with my boobs and nipples. As this was something i had never done or thought of doing infront of a stranger i found i was enjoying the attention and was getting very wet, Ken then undid my dress all the way and opened my dress fully and started to run his fingers down the front of my pussy but over my knics Mike asked if we could take them off, this Ken did to expose my clean shaven and very wet pussy that Mike said he loved. Ken continued to play with my pussy and finger fucking me untill i cum that sent a shiver though my body Mike ask if it was o/k to wank and Ken saying of course he could and said he would join him, encourage me to play with myself and telling me to pull my pussy lips open and see how many fingers i could get in until i cum again, after thinking how did this all happen, when Ken said some people are comming we better make a move, the 3 of us started to walk back to our car,Mike said he was going to a nudist beach the following sat and if we fancy going, we said we would. Mike then thanked me for a great time and said he had wished he had time to cum, Ken said : cant you help him out Lyn? and give him a wank) they took me over to a group of trees and Mike dropped his shorts and let his love thick cock hang down i went to take hole of it but Ken said hang on and undid my dress fully to expose my body again,i stood at the side of Mike and started to wank him and then felt Mikes hand go up my leg and finger my pussy. with in mins Mike exploded. MORE TO FOLLOW