23 Feb 2018

Hi I lived with Ruth for 5 years we never got married but we lived like a married couple!! Ruth is a very hot milf and I loved the way men look at her!! we went to Jamaica for holiday in 2016! We stayed at a lovely hotel! It was off season so it was mainly us and staff! Any way one of my fantasys was for her to wear a g string bikini and high heals by the pool. So on our third day she had built the confidence to wear what I wanted. It was a nylon g string bikini more like dental floss! And a 5inch jimmy choo high heal! We went to the pool wer ther was about 7 other couples! Needless to say all the men wer googling at my woman I loved it! Before u now it she's gone topless we order drinks wer an old Jamaican waiter served us I could see he was looking at Ruth! So I asked him if he wouldn't mind rubbing her down with sun lotion of course he jumped at the chance! So I asked him if he liked her which he said yes! He then asked if she has ever had sex with a black man which the answer was no! Before you know it Ruth ask him to go to our room! Which they did I stayed by the pool! She came back 30mins later in a lot of pain any way cut a long story short he had such a big cock he ruin her spent the next 2 days in hospital!,