Written by jane

2 Dec 2008

hi,let me give you a bit of background about me and how i ended up on this site. met my hubby at 16 we married by the time i was 21.life was good i had trained to be a staff nurse hubby had a good job.we holiday twice a year had got ourselfs a nice house.had a good group of friends were able to go out when ever we felt like it.i would always seem to have some male attention of sorts when ever we went out.but being a little shy i would shun away from it.so things pretty much stay like this until i reach the age of 26.

when an older male work colleague ask me over his place for a cup of tea and a chat.tony had been widower for almost two years,i felt sorry for him.he made up some excuse that could i give him some ideas on how to decorate the place.when i got there tony true to his word had a cup of tea waiting for me.we chatted for sometime, he showed me all his cups he had won with his late wife at ballroom dancing.now i love to dance, hubby hates it.as he showed me around his bungalow there was more cups photo etc.. of ballroom dancing.i told him i would love to be able to dance like him.he told he had not had a dance since the death of his wife.so i ask him would he like to have a dance with me.he was a great dancer seemed float across the floor.i was having so much fun it was great. then a slower bit of music came on so he pulled me into him.as we dance i became aware of some movement in the trouser department.i think he knew i had noticed and put his hand on my bum and pulled me in to him even more.i let out a gasp which seemed to making him more bold with me.he started to feel my bum and rubbing himself into me,he got my hand and placed it on the outside of his joggers.it felt massive i just held it,he held my hand again and this time put it inside his joggers.god it was massive and so hard,by this time his hand were all over me.i can remember think as his hand slip into my nic,s,this guy is older than my father. but i just had to see this cock,that i was holding.as i pulled it out he push my head down on to it i could only just get the head of it into my mouth.he was so much bigger than hubby it scared me.the though of it going inside me,but thing had gone to far to stop.his fingers were making me feel as horny as hell,it was not to long before i felt my self cumming.he was now talking dirty to me something hubby had never done.he took me in to his bedroom push me back onto his bed.i open my legs for him as by now i just wanted him inside me.he got on to the bed with me and said that he wanted to taste me first.as he lick and kiss me down there i felt myself cumming again.he then mounted me pushing his massive cock inside i thought i never fit him all inside me but tony had other ideas.he fuck long and hard cumming inside me twice that afternoon.we saw each other for 3 mths until i end it.it took me two years to tell hubby, he hit the roof at 1,st but then.............