Written by satibar

27 Feb 2010


we are a 50 swinging couple mary rob it all started years ago now but we still swing and enjoy our lifestyle.we was going out with each other from being 16 started having sex at 17 one night we did it without a condom mary fell pregnant both our parents was not pleased but they soon started supporting us anyway we got married mary was about two months we was treated to a holiday in blackpol mary was showing but her belly was not two big.

our holiday was good first night we went to a bar it turn out to be a great night we did notice a couple looking at us i said to mary that guy fancys you we was surpriced when they came over told us there was cliff and madge after a while they asked us to go next door hotel had some music mary told madge she was pregnant and did not want to get drunk madge said it wont hurt her so we all went cliff and madge was a lot older then us late 40s and cliff was a black guy.

we should have known that cliff wanted to get into marys knickers but we was young we chatted a while at the hotel cliff knew mary was pregnant that made him more keener with mary they went for a dance when mary and cliff returned mary was a bit flushed i ask her what was wrong mary its ok but cliff had a hard on when dancing he kept pushing it on her after another drink cliff asked us back to there flat i knew then if we went mary would be taking a black cock for the first time.

must have been the drink because we agreed cliff said he did fancy mary very much we all laugh mary said throught you did cliff when you cock was hard cliff said mary i want to fuck you it all went silient so i said you fancy a pregnant women cliff he walked over to mary kissed her she responded soon mary had most of her clothes off cliff got is cock out it was fucking massive i was kissing madge but could not take my eyes off cliff with mary how would she take it all madge said lets watch .

he laid her on the bed licked her pussy as soon as mary felt her cock her eyes had a look of shock but had gone to far to stop it mary said dont hurt me cliff as he started to enter her wet pussy mary was shouting out as he went up when he was right inside her i had a look at her face but she had gone her eyes was glazed then cliff started fucking her mary was taking him easy now wanting more madge wanked me off cliff said he was going to cum and kept saying i want to give you a black baby asking mary if she wanted is baby after we had all recovered he did say he meant it and baby madge said it was o with her as well so we said maybe after we have had our first in seven months time we did keep in touch and meet again