Written by Jane_andrew66

25 Aug 2009

We were in a park in Maidenhead when I started to play with Jane, she only had a short skirt on as it was summer. As I was playing with her clit with her knickers to one side I noticed a guy watching us. This just made me feel even more horny someone looking at my wifes cunt. I didnt bother telling jane and continued to get her really excited. At the same time I was exposing he cunt more and more to the onlooker who had now started to rub his cock at the same time.

I then told Jane someone was watching us and I was going toi ask him if he wanted to join in, but as the park was a bit public I thought we better move somewhere else. I told Jane to get up and follow me she protested slightly as she was nervous say no....no we cant. As I went passed the guy I said \"fancy a 3sum if so follow us\". He followed about 10yds behind us until we reached a public toilet. The 3 of us then entered the same cublicle where Jane kissed him. As she was kissing him she reached for his zip and got his cock out, within 30 seconds she had gone down on her knees and was sucking his cock. I nearly expolded just watching this!

After a couple of minutes of watching her give him a BJ I told ger to get up and took her knickers off. The bent her over so he could fuck her from behind, she was loving it and started to moan. I whispered to her to keep the noise down as we were in a public place. He continued to fuck her until they both cum. When finished we sneaked out of the toliets and asked him for his phone number which he gave us.

When we got home I fucked her and couldnt believe how great the feeling was fucking her with his cum inside her. Since then we have not looked back and continued with the lifestyle ever since. We did meet him again a few times and I could always tell you those stories if your interested.