Written by how lucky am i

4 Dec 2008

i have to tell someone this.........today i was fixing a shower for this fella and he started saying he had to go out how long was i going to be doing the job, i said about 2 hours so he said he would have to go and come back while i was working......... off he went.

about 15 minutes later a female voice shouted up the stairs i am home, i said i was the plumber and was working. this horny young bird came up the stairs saying she wanted to get in the shower and how long was i going to be. i said not too long any way we was talking she started taking her blouse off and man what a pair of tits fucking great they were. we was having a laugh and i started teasing her about the shower and room for 2. we must have reached the point of no return because she was stroking my cock and i was fingering her pussy, what a sexy tight pussy and so wet. i used my tongue on her and she sucked me off then i bent her over the sick and fucked her, my cock was so wet she said she loved getting her arse fucked, bloody rude not too she never needed any lube bless her then the door went.......... fuck it