Written by lucky

8 Oct 2009

hi all you dogger out there heres what happened to me last night,

wanted a bit of fresh air late last night so i jumped in the car put the windows down and started to drive it must have been 11.30 as i drove i thought i would call in a local dogging spot over looking glouster when i got there there was not much going on only a few cars dotted about so i slowly drove past them looking to see what was about mostly men but when i got to the last car i could so a man standing at the open car door so i pulled in just past themturned the car of and got out, just then i could see a prity woman sat in the drivers seat giving this bloke a blow job and she was realy going for it,

i stood back and watched for a bit then me waved me over for a better look then i was asked to touch she had a lovly small pair tits nice hard nipples iplayed for a bit then i crouched down and started to play with her shaven fanny very wet and my fingers slid in easy,

after a wille she stood up and turned round and bent over and he started to fuck her hard and fast then she took my now rock hard cock a suck me as he pumped she sucked it was great,he lasted for a long time and when he was ready to cum she got down and sucked him till he came in her mouth when she had finished sucking him dry thay stood up an he said to me i think im a very lucky guy dont you i just thanked him and went back to my car still with a rock hard cock,

as i walked back to the car there was another car with the door open the bloke inside could see what a hard on i still had and he said did i want him to finish the job of for me why not i said so he sucked me till i cum in his mouth i said thanks and he said it was his pleasue i gotback to the car and drove home with a great smille,

many thanks to all .