Written by Sandi

21 Jun 2008

I put my camera down at home during a party my daughter was having for her 21st after doing the usual filming of everyone arriving, etc. Towards the end of the evening all the relatives had gone and I went to bed leaving my daughter a few of her girlfriends and four lads to carry on with their party.

The next day I played the tape back, luckily just to myself. After the bits I remembered, I saw someone else had used the camera and there were a number of clips of them all messing around, drinking and having fun. Then there was a clip of some lad, who was obviously holding the camera pointing it down at his penis which he was making erect with his free hand, it was being filmed in the bathroom. As he was getting harder and very much bigger he turned the camera to my wash bag which he had opened and had placed my vibrator onto. He picked up the penis shaped vibrator and held it next to his now fully erect penis and I was very surprised to see his penis was thicker. He then put the camera down, positioning himself so it filmed him putting the tip of the vibrator against the base of his penis and then marking on the vibrator with a pen where the end of his penis reached. Next he masturbated until he came and then the clip ended. I must admit I played it back a few times as I was well impressed with what I saw. I went to get my vibrator and inside my wash bag was a scribbled note that read “I’ve always fancied an older woman if you fancy having a penis that reaches the black line on your sex toy send a text to ……..”

I looked at the vibrator which was much too long for me but I’d bought it so that I’d be able to get a good grip on it when using it, it was 10 inches long. I looked at it and sure enough I could see the line he’d made on the video, I was starting to feel very aroused and took it to my room and started to use it. I’d never thought about how deep I’d used it before but this time I held my thumb on it to see how far I was putting it in when using it as normal. I was very surprised to see the black line was at least 2 inches more than I was giving myself and as there was another two inches to the end of the vibrator I knew he had an eight inch penis which is big enough to be in a porn film and not something I’ve ever had before.

I carried on with the vibrator and the more aroused I became the more determined I was to see if I could take it up to the black line he’d made. I actually only managed it once but it did hurt a little as I’d thrusted it a bit hard. A number of weeks had gone past and I’d found myself using the vibrator more and more. I’ve started to notice that I’ve been having bigger and better orgasms since I’ve started to take between 6-7 inches and when having sex with my husband I find he is not stimulating me in the same way down there, he has an average penis of 5 ½ inches. I still can’t take it up to the line, which is now marked with a permanent pen!

Anyway I finally and nervously sent a text suggesting that I would be open to the offer that I received concerning a black line. I was very nervous and afraid that I was doing the wrong thing or that my daughter would find out. All of this was unnecessary. I received a visit from Tony one of my daughter’s old friends, who had never been out with her and was just part of her college group of friends. When he turned up I was still very nervous and offered him a tea and sat down with him, I was surprised that we both had a really good time chatting together and avoided ‘sex’ for some time.

Feeling more confident that he was not setting me up, I slipped out of the room and returned with the vibrator, I suppose I wanted to shock him with my forwardness and call his bluff. I showed it to him and said something like “about the message I received from you” he replied “I hoped you liked the show and I measure up to your sex toy enough for you to be interested” It seemed that he was under the impression that I used the whole thing! Anyway it was not long before we were in my bedroom. He was more shy than I thought he’d be and whilst a little clumsy he stripped me off naked and was obsessed with my amply large breasts. He took his shirt and jeans off and I pulled down his shorts revealing his very nice huge erect penis. Whilst rolling around on the bed I held my vibrator up to his penis and was pleased to see the black line was indeed the size of his penis.

We made love and I was surprised that I could take his full deep thrusts without any discomfort and I was ready to have an explosive orgasm but he came too quickly. However the advantage of his age meant it would not be long before he became aroused again, so I started to play with his penis whilst sat across his legs facing him. He caressed my breasts and asked (why do they always have to ask this) do you like my dick, is it big enough? It seemed to be turning him on again so I continued with his line of conversation. “Yes it’s very big” (It really was the biggest I’d ever got my hands on and I found great pleasure in starting to masturbate it to an erection. He asked how he compared to my husband and as I told him he was much bigger I could feel his penis pulsating and becoming much harder). This time he brought to a wonderful climax the type of which I’d never experienced before.

It’s been over six months since that first time and I see Tony as often as possible, sometimes when a few days have past I would text him and he’d come round and we would spend hours in bed together where we would each climax several times. Other times when he called round late and I was concerned my husband would return from work I’d settle for giving him a hand job in the kitchen. Once when doing this my husband drove into the driveway just as Tony was climaxing onto my breasts, the feeling of almost being caught made it all the more exciting. We quickly tidied ourselves up and when he came in I was just taking Tony to the door and telling him that my daughter had moved out with a couple of her girlfriends but I would tell her he’d called round to visit. My husband didn’t suspect a thing, after all Tony was 25 years younger than me! He actually liked Tony and was always pleased to see him and thought it was nice he popped in from time to time and even suggested I could hire him to help decorate the house instead of getting a contractor in to do it, save him money and give Tony the chance to earn some money.

I was more than happy to follow through on this, the added excitement of doing it at home with the chance of being caught, even though I was scared that we would be, was something I wanted to keep pushing the boundaries on.

I suggested it to Tony and he readily agreed and he dutifully started decorating the house is his ‘spare time’ and looking after me at the same time. We dragged it on for as long as possible. Once when my husband was off work for a day Tony arrived in the morning and with my husband still in bed I let him in explaining that he was at home, so Tony started doing some painting in the kitchen, the only room still to be done. I took my husband a tea and woke him up. He was feeling horny and wanted me to make love to him, I really was not in the mood so told him I’d give him a hand job and that he’d have to be quiet as Tony was downstairs working. This seemed to do the trick for him; he was excited at the thought of me doing that to him with someone else in the house. He soon had an erection and as I was stoking him he asked if I’d ever thought about having a threesome and joked that I invite Tony up to join us. I was tempted to say yes, but knew he was not serious; it was just his way of getting more aroused. I told him I didn’t think a college lad would be a match for him and probably wouldn’t last more than a few minutes and besides he probably only had a small dick. This did the trick it was not long before he was spurting all over the place. I then dressed and went downstairs saying I’d bring him another tea. In the kitchen I immediately took Tony’s cock out and gave him a hand job. It was incredible to feel how much bigger he was than my husbands. I was fantasising about having them both at the same time and seeing my husbands face green with envy at this younger mans huge penis in my hands and then pounding away at me.

As it was things were soon to take a different turn. Tony had long since finished all the possible jobs I could find around the house so his visits had to be confined to when he could call round during the day when my husband was at work again and no more at the weekends. Then one day my husband started to suggest again that a threesome would be good and if I wanted he’d try to see if Tony might be interested – if only he knew I’d had Tony more times in the last year than I’d had him in the last ten. I joked that Tony was too young and it couldn’t work but he still seemed determined to make it happen. I ignored him thinking he would give up and things could continue as before.

One day over a hot humid weekend I was surprised to find Tony turn up, he was met at the door by my husband who then told me he’d asked Tony round to help him do some work on his car. They worked away in the garage for some time and then came into the house and my husband suggested they both needed a shower and he went upstairs to have one. I asked Tony what was going on and he said my husband had asked him if he fancied me and was suggesting that I could do with a toy boy to spice up our sex life. If only he knew I didn’t need him to tell me that.

ny asked what we should do and I said we should play it by ear and make sure he didn’t know we were already seeing each other.

After having his shower my husband came down and told me I should go have one, so I did. Once finished I went to my bedroom to towel off and I could hear Tony going into the shower and my husband came to the bedroom. He started to fondle me and while I tried to stop him saying Tony was in the shower, he seemed to get even more excited and suggested he gave me a massage on the bed. I reluctantly agreed and after a few minutes I heard the bathroom door open. My husband called to him and wrapped in a towel Tony appeared at the door. My husband then asked him if he wanted to give me a massage, I never expected him to be so direct. I was led face down and naked. The next thing I knew was Tony had his hands caressing my buttocks while my husband was massaging my lower legs. It was not long before I could take no more and rolled over to face them. They still had their towels on and my husband started to massage my breasts and told Tony to do the same, which he did. It was clear that they were both aroused so I pulled my husbands towel away from his waist and took hold of his penis, what about Tony he said and I joked yes lets see what you have under there Tony. As I pulled his towel away his huge penis bounced up and I watched my husband look at it in shock! My god I mumbled its huge! My husband said nothing; I think he was in shock. I then started to take over and with a penis in each hand over my breasts I started to masturbate them both very slowly, I made them get closer together so that I could compare them, which Tony was keen to do and my husband a bit more reluctant at first but was not long before he seemed to be getting even more turned on by watching me playing with Tony’s dick. I told my husband I wanted him to fuck me so he got on top of me while I continued to play with Tony’s cock in front of him. My husband exploded inside me and pulled out telling Tony it was his turn! Tony proceeded to push his huge cock into me while my husband watched and I played with his now limp penis, which to my surprise was already starting to become hard again. I was feeling incredibly horny and could feel the difference Tony’s cock inside me was making compared to my husbands I knew it was more pleasurable but to have it directly after my husbands emphasised it even more. It was not long before I had a terrific orgasm, Tony was till to climax. I made them both lie on the bed whilst I straddled them both across their knees and swapped from one to the other giving them a hand job they would never forget. From this angle Tony’s cock looked massive and I gave it a lot more attention than my husbands, who knew I was enjoying myself and soon spurted again in another climax. He then watched as I used both hands to bring Tony off in a huge climax that came all over his chest. I continued to lightly stroke them both but my husbands dick was no longer responding, he was well and truly finished off. Tony on the other hand started to get another erection so I led down pulling him on top of me for him to take me again while my husband led next to us. Again I climaxed before Tony so I made him pull out and finish himself off by wanking over my breasts. He was keen to show off his cock by making long slow strokes and holding the shaft close to his balls to show off its length before stroking himself faster and faster till he came again this time all over me. We all showered off again one by one and came back to the bedroom.

It was very strange, few words were spoken and my husband kept his towel round his waist while Tony let it all hang out proudly and I did very little to cover myself up. Finally my husband said we should do that again sometime to which tony agreed and I just smiled.

After Tony had gone and later that evening in bed my husband asked me if I’d enjoyed it, naturally I told him it was great, it was obvious to him I had one of the best sex sessions he’d ever seen me have before. He did ask me if I’d enjoyed Tony’s big cock and if it felt really different. Naturally I told him it was great but didn’t feel that different inside (if only he really knew hw different it really did feel), I had to admit to him that I found it very give Tony a hand job, there was no way I would be able to lie about that after he’d watched me do it to Tony.

My concern now was that if ever Tony came round again he would know what we were doing and I’d not be able to continue having our private sessions. That too was to be something I didn’t need to worry about. It seems my husband was more turned on about it than I’d realised and asked if we could have a regular threesome most weekends whenever Tony could come round.

For the next few weekends we did but I was missing my one on one with Tony. I decided to ask my husband if he minded if I have a private session with Tony and as I was worried he was a little concerned about it. I finally convinced him it would only be once a week and that I’d film it for him to see so we could enjoy watching it when we made love. That worked a treat, Tony agreed and whilst we used to do it several times a week we only filmed it once every couple of weeks pretending that was the only time we did it. The weekend threesomes slowly stopped happening I think my husband was starting to feel too much of a small boy compared to Tony and Tony was starting to take more control of the sessions which my husband was not too happy about, so we stopped doing that.

We did continue with our regular meetings and every so often I’d make a recording for my husband to watch which always made for a good session between us, to be honest our sex live was much improved as a result of all this. I tried to make the filming just showing Tony and I having straight sex but I knew he wanted to see more of me experiencing a large cock, something he couldn’t give me, so when I filmed more of me sucking and playing with Tony’s huge eight inch cock it made my husband more horny and happy. I was certainly happy to be doing it and Tony was more than willing to show off his manhood of which he was very proud.

Well this all continued for a long time although we stopped filming it, I told my husband he had enough of a video collection and didn’t need anymore! I also made out that I’d only see Tony once a month if I was lucky as he had a new girlfriend so was moving on.

It was about two years after it all started that I told my husband it was all over, he seemed happy that he had me back all to himself and we continued to have a reasonable sex life. What I didn’t tell him is that Tony has still been coming round at least twice a month since then and my vibrator has long since been thrown away!