Written by Gemma

6 Apr 2016

I woke up at around 10.00 am and made myself and Claire a cup of coffee as she had started to stir as the coffee machine was brewing the coffee she sat up in bed and I sat on the bed at the side and asked how she was as we drank our coffee she said that it was more how I felt after what had happened last night. I said that it had taken me aback at first but I really enjoyed being with her. She took my cup and put them both on her bedside cabinet and game me a very tenders kiss on the lips with her tongue beginning to enter my mouth as we both lay down i pulled her nightie over her head and started to suck on her nipples and felt them become erect in my mouth and then slid her thong down and started to finger her and she removed my thong lay me down and as i opened my legs she lay between me positioning her clit onto mine then slowly moved up and down keeping the pressure on my groin. I could not believe I could feel and orgasm starting but we were both soon in the throes of an orgasm. I could feel my juices and hers running between us and we moved into 69 position and sucked and licked each other clean . we sat up and finished our coffee before I went for a quick shower as i came out Claire was on the internal phone and she was booking an appointment at the hotel hairdresser for both of us at 12. 30 i heard her confirm that we both wanted the same a full head then put the phone down. She the apologised and told me that we would both be going blonde as she had booked us both in for a full bleach. I looked in shock and just added why not.

we had a light lunch sent to our room and then made our way to the hairdresser and why Claire was being started i had my nails done then they started on my hair we left at 5.00 pm and made our way to the pub for a quick drink before returning to the Hotel to make a booking for 4 people tomorrow as we had arranged to meet Alex and Steve for a meal.

We got changed and went back to the pub for a meal and a few bottles of wine while there Claire had about 5 texts come onto her phone but ignored them all saying she would deal with them back at the hotel.We finished our meal and bottle of wine and returned to the hotel while i undressed and opened a bottle of wine from the fridge Claire was busy on her mobile replying to texts. I said why not just ring then you can answer all questions instead of sending and receiving all those texts. So she rang a number and was speaking and from what little I could hear it was obviously a client i heard her say she is on a break with her cousin ans she was not ruining it then I clearly heard No she is not I do not care what you are offering and after a few more she said her goodbyes .

As she came to the balcony she again apologised and said it was one of her regular clients. i told her not to lose money just for me she said no she was enjoying this break. As I pushed her she told me he wanted her to go to London on Friday and he would organise first class travel and acomodation and a large fee as he was entertaining some important business men on Friday evening and he needed a partner.I told her not to worry about me and she was to go or I would be upset. She rang him back and told him that she may come but would let him know Friday morning and if so there was a train at about 1030 am that would get her there in plenty of time.

We were both shattered so had an early night I woke about 2.00 am to go to the loo and as i got back into bed reached over and took my rabbit out of the bedside drawer and pulled my briefs down before pushing the rabbit right in and was soon starting to have an orgasm after coming and relaxing i withdrew the rabbit and sucked it clean tasting my love juices as I did so. I put it away and fell asleep I was woken by a buzzing and realised that Claire was using her rabbit. So I got up left her to it and had a shower. as I came out to dress she went in and was soon sat with me on our balcony having a coffee and we ordered a breakfast to the room as we relaxed .

As we ate breakfast Claire was on her ipad catching up with her emails and she just exclaimed wow as she read one . I asked what it was and she showed me it was from her client and he told her he was paying her £3000 pounds each day for Friday and Saturday and would leave a cocktail dress and underwear in her room along with a school girls uniform for Saturday as he wanted to cane her before taking her to a show .If your cousin would come she would receive £1500 to Partner my client at the meal and a cocktail dress and underwear. adding that he would need my sizes. If your cousin thinks she deserves a good caning then she will get another £1000 or if she just wants to accompany you for the weekend she will get new underwear.

I was intrigued and asked what was this about caning and she told me it was his fetish he enjoyed being caned and if he caned me he would reward me as I would not be able to work for about a week because of the severe marks left by the cane. So I asked her if it really hurt ans she did she always ended up in tears.. I told she would have to show me her marks when she got home.

We booked another massage and pamper session to get ready for our meal .

As we got ready I decided to wear my new yellow mini skirt and matching lace top and black silk briefs suspenders and fishnet stockings but no bra Claire was in all red. We met them in the bar before making our way through to the restaurant were we had a beautiful lobster meal with a couple of bottles of white wine. Eventually we made our way back to our room and As Claire and I went and sat on the balcony Alex and Steve opened a bottle of wine we sat chatting before returning inside to find that our beds had been pushed together we were soon on the beds and Alex wasted no time sucking my nipples through my blouse ans sucked it right through the lace which had him laughing he soon had me naked and he stripped and was just going to enter me when i handed him a condom he moaned a little but soon obliged as they bothe came before us they came out and we sucked them back to hardness so the could bring us to orgasm and they didn't disappoint us as both hard long lasting orgasms we swopped over ad were then fucked by the other man before either of them came we pulled them out took the condoms off and gave them both oral till they filled our mouth with there come at which point Claire and i kissed each other as we both had a mouthful of cum and we swallowed a mixture of both we then gave them a display of us pleasuring each other we were all exhausted and they said that they would have to leave as they were at work the following day. They put the beds back into there proper position before leaving Claire and I collapsed on the bed and woke at 0700 am the following day . Claire said she was just going to text her client what should I tell him about you.

Part 4 will follow shortly