Written by Gemma

9 Apr 2016

as I got undressed The maid came into the bedroom and started to unpack my case and there on top was my rabbit she never spoke but just placed it under the pillows on the bed she took out all my dirty underwear and placed it on the floor then sorted my clothes anything I had worn she placed on the floor others she hung in the wardrobe and I saw the school uniform hung up so as she left with all my dirty clothes i looked at the uniform and was shocked at how small the skirt was so I slipped it on and looked in the mirror and the bottom of my bottom cheeks were visible so I took it off and hung it up and went out to the hot tub on the balcony and climbed in a bottle of champagne was on ice at the side so I poured myself and Claire one and soon Claire joined me and told me the maid would have all our clothes cleaned and pressed . I told her how short the skirt was and she said I know we will give the morning shoppers quite an eyeful and coming back they will see if we have been good girls or not because the cane marks would be visible I was shocked as I thought the caning would only be playful but was told no any smacking or caning would be as it was in and old school and we would have school lessons in a classroom. i lay back and had a sip of the champagne and we started being silly with each other. Then Claire asked if i was absolutely certain that I wanted to accompany her tonight as you will belong to them and you will have to do whatever they want and smile and be pleasant at all times . The advantage tonight is that they are both very pleasant good looking and about mid 30's and although well endowed are not massive probably just a little bigger than Alex was. I said I thought Alex was big but after being in the mood he was not too much trouble as he entered me. When you thing 5 days ago i had only ever kissed 1 man before and that Dale had been the only person to touch me and that was only to rub my tits and shove his penis in me for a few minutes a week and now i have sex with 4 more men and also with you and had both oral sex with you all and tasted and swallowed semen and yours and my love juices wow how i have changed and I now want to experience more. Claire then told me that after tonight although we are officially escorting theses men and I will have to make out tax returns as such you will be classed the same as a prostitute. As I stood up to get out the maid appeared from nowhere with a warm white towel and wrapped it around me and rubbing me dry and as i re entered the apartment she dried me off completely before handing me a white toweling robe. I thanked her and she smiled at me . A we chatted in the lounge a try of snacks were brought in and nibbled as we listened to some light music. Claire slipped a pair of leggings and vest top on on no bra or knickers come on time we started getting ready so I grabbed a pair of white leggings and top and we went to the life and down to the basement were there was beauty salon and we had our hair hands and feet all done then I was asked what I was wearing so said the yellow and blue dress and make up was then applied as I looked in the mirror was shocked at my appearance as it was the first time i had been made up before and with having blonde hair was really pleasantly surprised even the scarlet lipstick and nail varnish suited me and as we went to leave we were both handed a scarlet lip gloss to keep our lips looking good all night.

As we returned to our suite there were 2 maids waiting for us and took us into our room and asked what we were wearing i pointed to the yellow and blue dress and she then opened the box of underwear and held up each basque so I chose the black one but then noticed that they were in fact corsets and the one i had chosen had a preformed uplift cup so she asked me to undress and the wrapped it around me and fastened the front clips and then adjusted my boob into the cups and I realised that i would be showing a cleavage tonight for the first time. I felt a little uncomfortable at first bur a little adjustment to my boobs and it was soon ok she then went behind me and started to lace the back up tightly but not so that it uncomfortable. she then took out a pair of seamed silk stockings and asked me to sit on the stool and gently rolled them up my legs I then stood up as she adjusted all six suspender straps until she was happy then attached them to the stockings asked she the asked me to turn around to make sure the seams were straight she then asked me to select which knickers so I selected a black silk pair with lace around the bottoms which were a Brazilian cut. I pulled them up and checked they looked nice the maid then unzipped the dress and held it for me to step into and pulled it up. It was a prefect and was shoulderless fit as I looked at myself I noticed for the first time that there was a slit up the side which I had not notice and was only visible as I walked and the slit came above my stocking tops . The maid then selected a pair of 5'' heels in black and placed them on my feet and I felt fantastic. I walked into the lounge and saw Claire stood there in an amazing peacock blue backless dress about 3'' above her knee and over one shoulder and she just looked nodded at me. A buzzer sounded and we were told our car had arrived so we each handed a little bag and we made our way to our lift and Claire said well Claudette this is it the start are you ok Yes Simone I am . Well done you remembered.

We arrived at this large mansion just outside London and were welcomed by a very charming gentleman and taken inside to a reception area and were soon met by 2 very handsome gentlemen and Claire introduced me to Alistair and Sahib who took my hand and kissed it we were then taken through to a casino and handed a glass of champagne we were escorted to the roulette table and Shaib gave me some chips and Alistaire gave some to Claire and we were told that would keep us busy for 45 mins while they concluded their business we sat Down and Claire told me we each had £10000 of chips in £50 so just use 1 at a time I won a few times then lost a few then put £50 on number 1 and it won so won £1800 the champagne was replenished and we had been there over an hour when the gentlemen returned and Sahib returned counted the chips and gave me 10 there you won £500 the as he picked up his chips he whispered you are wearing black suspenders and place the entire £10000 on black 26 and the croupier spoke to some body before spinning the wheel and it stopped on black 15 he was given a load of chips and gave some to me and said for you and Simone so I put them in my bag and we left the room and went upstairs in the lift we exited the lift into a large suite and I was told it was the penthouse and food was laid out for us we sat down and a waitress served us a very nice pate and salad as I was eating I felt my dress slip open and felt Sahib place his hand on my thigh and slowly move upwards as I turned to look at him he just carried on eating and soon his hand was inside my knickers and playing with my clit and I could feel an orgasm starting and could feel myself getting wet when he stopped removed his hand and lift his fingers to his nose and said very nice before licking his fingers then carrying on eating . as the sweet was served he picked up a bowl of cherries and some cream and took my hand we left the table and as he did so pressed a button and the curtains at the opposite en of the room opened revealing a very large circular bed he guided me to the bed and pushed me onto it and I was shocked as it was a water bed he pulled me up and unzipped my dress and it fell to the ground then he unclipped the front of my corset and the suspenders as he obviously had done this many times and pulled the of and my knickers followed as i looked over Claire and Alistaire were just eating and the waitresses just ignored us I took my shoes off and we fell back onto the bed and hie sucked my nipples till they were rock hard then put cream on them and then a cherry and dis the same in my belly button before opening my legs and lacing four sherries in my slit and covered them with cream he then stood up and undressed and he had a large hard penis sticking out and he moved beyond my head before covering hi dick with cream and inserting it into my throat I started to gag and thought i was going to choke till it felt a little easier and I started to suck away as he leaned over and started to eat each cherry and cream he was soon down to my slit and he licked all the cream of and was just finishing the last cherry and sucking my clit that I started to have an orgasm and felt his hot cum hit my throat in 4 gushes as he pulled out i sucked him clean and he played with my clit and I had a very noisy orgasm and saw the waitresses look over . He helped me up and took me back to the table and asked a waitress to serve us both coffee and I sat there blushing as he was fingering me as this waitress was trying to pour the coffee By this time Claire was undressed and being fucked from behind by Alistaire and the waitresses were dismissed and as I sipped the coffee sahib got up and joined them on the bed presenting his cock to Claire''s mouth . I finished my coffee and walked over to the bed and Alistaire pulled me over and started to lick and suck my clit and I relaxed and felt a wet finger around my bum before gently going in me. Over the next two hours I was fucked twice by both I was fucked anally by both I gave oral till my throat hurt and had copius amounts of spunk inside me I didn't know men could come as much. Then Alistaire said right Simone and Claudette show us what you can do and We the put on a lesbian show for about an hour and we both had several orgasms and drank each others juices i looked in the mirror as I stood up and my hair was matted with cum and sex juice and my bod y was covered in bite marks Another bottle of champagne was drank and it was 3.00 am I think we should get ready to leave as you 2 naughty girls are to be at school for 11.00 am tomorrow. Sahib asked me for the chips as he would get on of the waitresses to cash them for us as we dressed I had trouble with my corset but Claire helped me into it .

As we were taken down to the car I was handed an envelope and give a hug and squeeze by Sahib who also squeezed my nipples. we arrived back and just undressed left our clothes on the floor and got into the shower washed off the cum and then into the hot tub before getting out I looked into the mirror and my lips were swollen and open and I thought what have I been missing Claire was at at the table with three piles of money in front of her she said that is the £500 you won and that is your half of what Sahib won thanks to you choosing black suspenders and not red. There is £5000 each . I said I thought she was getting more than me but was told this was not part of the fees this was extras . I couldn't believe it. I put my money into the case and fell onto the bed naked and fell asleep and was woken by the maid waking me with a cup of coffee at 0900 and asking what we wanted for breakfast I asked for cereal and rolls I finished my coffee had a shower the sat having breakfast I noticed all the dirty clothes had gone from last night . After breakfast the maid said we would need to get dressed and catch the tube and she had been and got us both an oyster card I went into the room and all the clothes were laid out on the bed so i put the bra on and the blouse and tied it at the bottom as we had been told to do which left our bra visible also some of the bite marks from last night were visible i put the suspender belt and stockings on before pulling my skirt up and I was right it was level with my stocking tops Claire was exactly the same and we set of for the tube. we walked along the street and everybody kept looking at us till we got to the tube went in and down the escalator and people in front kept turning around we had to change line as we went up one escalator I turned to fine several looking up our skirt .

We finally reached our destination and knocked on this door a buzzer sounded and we were told to enter we went up the stairs and i was behind Claire and was shocked at what I could see as with our briefs cut in a Brazilian style they had risen up the cleft of her bum and her lips just about visible as we walked into this room it was like a classroom with 2 old wooden desks and chairs and we were told to sit . Then Alistaire walked in with a cap and gown on Clare stood I thought to welcome him but the he told her to sit . Claudette come out here so I stood up and walked towards him and without warning he bent over lifted my skirt and gave me 3 hard smacks to the back of each thigh and I screamed in shock as much

as pain and was told next time i don't stand when somebody enters it will be the cane .As I walked back I could see hand prints on both. legs. He then took lessons as you would in school and after a maths test we were both called out I had 17 out of 20 and Simone 14 so Simone will receive 6 strokes and Claudette 3 strokes , Simone walked over to a chair bent over the back and lifted her skirt onto her back then Alister picked up a cane out of a bucket at the side of his desk and gave her six hard strokes which had her screaming and after the last she shouted shit ok stand there another 3 for you after Claudette has been caned I bent over and the cane stung like mad and I was close to tears as I was told to return to my seat and received another shock as I sat and felt the pain again Simone then received three more before being told to return to her seat as she got there she stood looking at Alistaire before he motioned her to sit. Claudette stand up and tell me what happened at the beginning of class. I told him I was smacked for not standing when somebody entered and was told if it happened again. I was told to look at the back and Sahib was stood there . Bend over that chair Sahib you can do the honours i felt him place the cane across my bum and say 6 for you and I screamed as the first landed and the next five were all worse than the previous three . I then felt him lower my knickers and rub the welts before pushing two fingers into me and bringing me to orgasm as I cried in pain a very strange feeling. we were caned 4 more times before being given a final fucking and sent on our way. The journey home we heard lots of gigling behind us on the escalators as they could see the marks of our canings As we got back to the appartment the maids handed each of us a bag and asked us to undress so they could wash our clothing as our train home was at 20.30 and it was now 4.00pm so we stripped off we went and put our robes on and took our bags to the table. mine had an envelope pinned to it with a letter from Sahib thanking me for a wonderful weekend and inviting me to visit him in Dubai for a week when he returns from America in a month inside the bag was a box and I opened it to find a fabulous ruby and diamond necklace there was also an envelope which when I opened it contained £4000 . I sat there as Claire opened her she had aslo received the invite to Dubai and had a 18ct gold watch and her envelope contained £ 5000 . we both hugged each other and we soon finished kissing before falling on the bed for over an hour of sex . We had just finished as the maid returned and packed our cases and we both thanked her and gave her £500 of each of us at which she was very thankful for

We caught the train back to the north west and I thanked Claire for changing my life and making me realise what I have

missed but intend to make up for lost time