Written by Laura

12 Jun 2016

we all settled down at the table as I poured the wine and put plates of nibbles out. we discussed the coming holiday and decided that as we had 2 two bedroom villas adjoining with a shared pool who would be sharing . I was to share with Josie Claire and Emma. we also decided that whatever happened it would never be discussed with anybody but ourselves. Another thing that was suggested and agreed was that nobody would be allowed to wear any white or black underwear it must be colourful as our mood was going to be. I also said that I had been given 4 packs of 12 condoms so we could have 2 packs per villa. Emma said '' Sorry no condoms for me they remind me of the doctor with his rubber glove.'' They all burst out laughing.

They all left and Josie and i cleared up and discussed what we would take as we could share hairdryers curling tongues etc . we had arranged to meet at our house on Saturday at 0730 and the mini bus would pick us up T 0830 as we had to check in at 1015. I had worn a lemon coloured dress about 3'' above the knee with a flowing skirt and my red suspenders and knickers . but no bra. We arrived at the airport and checked in and made our way to the bar to start the holiday with a couple of bottles of wine.

We soon saw our flight was called so made our way to the gate only to find out that the plane was in fact half a mile from the stand and we had to get a bus to take us to it.we arrived at the bus and carried our bags and started to climb the steps bag in one hand holing the handrail with passport and tickets in the other I was only about 5 steps up when the wind caught my dress and a big cheer went up as everyone behind had a good view of my stockings suspenders and knickers till i got inside the plane. We arrived at the villas about 6.00 pm and all unpacked before meeting around the pool.

3 of the girls said they would go and get some drinks so we all gave them 20 euros and off they went. returning shortly with copius amount of alcohol and also reported there was a very nice looking restaurant 100 yards down the road.

as we all got showered and changed it was 9.30 and I for one was starving I was at by the pool when Emma came out and as soon as I saw her I thought WOW she looked amazing she wore a short pale blue skirt with a pale pink lace top and was obviously not wearing a bra and as she turned the top had a low cut back and for the first time I saw she had a large tigers head tattooed onto her right shoulder and as everybody came out i noticed that at least 3 of the others had a tattoo showing including Claire.

We walked to the restaurant had a great meal and got directions to the nearest club. which was a bit of a dive in reality and was mainly for teens but we still met a couple of older guys on a stag week end and at least three of the girl disappeared outside and returned after about 20 mins to report that they had been fucked. I had my arse squeezed several times and tits groped but that was all. we returned to the villas had a nightcap around the pool .

The following morning I was up early and went to the local baker and got some croissants bread rolls then into the supermarket and got a selection of meats cheese and jams and butter and milk and coffee . when I returned there was still no sign of anybody so I had a quick shower and was stood drying myself when a bloke came out of Emma and Claire's room and I was stood there naked and he excused himself and left. I put a bikini on and started to brew some coffee as a second bloke came out of Emma's and Claire's room said good morning before leaving. The girls must have smelled the coffee before all three appeared we took the food and pot of coffee and cartons of fruit juice to the table by the pool. Jodie said ''You two sounded as though you were getting well fucked last night as those beds a certainly noisy ''

Emma replied '' yes they both knew how to please a lady and looked after us both.''

I just stammered before saying '' You mean you were both fucked by both men''

Claire laughed and said ''we had to compare them didn't we''

We all laughed as the other 4 joined us for the next 6 hours we spent the whole time sunbathing and for the first time ever I was sunbathing nude I also noticed that apart from myself and Jodie all the others and a little hair on the pubes but not much and that they also all had either a tattoo or a piercing and some had both. Amanda I noticed had her belly button and her clitoral hood pierced and 3 tattoos and Cleo had her nipples pierced. Although blonde I had always managed to tan very easily and by the time I went to get a shower I could see that I had the start on a nice tan. Myself and Emma decide to go for a walk as we were first changed and the rest were still around the pool. we found that we were only about a quarter of a mile from the beach and sand dunes and as we wandered along the dunes we saw quite a lot if people naked in the dunes including some very attractive males and we didn't mean facially. 3 blokes were just stood up chatting as we walked past and as we glanced over they asked us to join them it felt funny talking to three naked blokes each with a semi erect dick sticking out and i kept looking down Emma was joking with them saying that she hoped they had plenty of cream on. After a while of fooling around Emma suddenly dropped to her knees and started to give one a blow job and I felt myself being pushed down and soon had a large dick trying to force its way into my mouth I eventually opened my mouth and sucked away as he pushed it in further and I started to gag before i tasted the salty pre cum and looked side ways to see Emma lick her lips before starting on her second bloke at that moment I felt his hot cum hit my throat and I started to swallow the results of my first blow job he lifted me to my feet as his fingers were soon in me and he was roughly bringing me to a climax . as Emma stood they told us which club thy would be in later and where it was.

We set off back and I said '' we have only been here 24 hours Emma and you have had sex with 2 blokes and gave 2 bloke blow jobs not bad going''

'' get your facts straight please 4 blow jobs ''

I just laughed. Then she told me she would get to work with her make up when we get back as I now had a large love bite on my neck. When we got back Emma said '' Mark it down girls another 2 blow jobs for me and one for Laura and a good finger fucking for her too. right lets get that neck sorted.''

After I had another shower and changed again we all went out for a meal and made our way to the club we had been told about and it was a lot better and more men there . late in the evening around midnight the blokes we met on the beach arrived and there were 4 of them they saw us and came over and I said i din't recognise them at first with their clothes on Claire and Emma were also chatting to them so the other girls moved to the other side of the club and the 8 of us sat down and I was sat with Rick who we had not seen that afternoon we danced a lot and a lot of innocent flirting was going on before Claire said lets go back to the villa on the way the blokes picked up 6 bottles of wine from the bar. we arrived at the villa and soon everybody was naked and in the pool I was first in with rick and was feeling very merry and sexy and was soon being fucked in the pool egged on by the rest and he had his thumb up my bum we both seemed to come together and I was filled with his cum during the next hour we had all had sex in the pool. we eventually made our way inside and i led Rick into our bedroom to find that Josie was already deep into sex on her bed so I got on mine and Experienced anal sex for the first time. During the night I was also fucked again by Rick and also by Jeff who had been with Josie . We heard the others return and they were also in the pool I fell asleep between Jeff and rick and woke being finger fucked by Jeff then there was a loud knocking on the door I somehow managed to stagger out of bed to find the manager for the villas looking very annoyed and he informed me that the pool would be closed for the next 2 days as it would have to be drained and cleaned and we had lost our 500 euro deposit per villa and it was in the rules not to have sex in the pool. I could do nothing but appologise as he stormed off. I looked at the time and it was 06.00 am the pool man was shaking his head as he started the job of emptying the pool and I saw 2 condoms floating in the pool. by this time everyone in our villa was wide awake and we were all sat naked with a glass of wine. as we returned to our bedroom I soon realised that Jeff and Rick were in the other room and we had Mike and tom who I given a blow job to by 10.30 we started to rise by which time I had been fucked by both of them and as they started to dress we arranged to meet them in the dunes at lunch time. after telling the other villa that we had all lost our deposit as people had had sex in the pool and it now had to be cleaned and drained we agreed it was all our faults so accepted the loss.

we all went nude bathing on the dunes and the blokes thought it was their birthday having 8 sexy willing young women to please . They informed us that in 3 days they had four mates arriving and by the end of the week I had lost 5 pairs of knickers and had sex with 7 men and anal sex with 3 of them.. What happened on our return to follow