Written by sexy sandra

17 Jun 2008

Hi again this is the concluding part to the story I posted two days ago

I still had no intention of fucking anyone else even though these movies turned us both on.,, and once even let him piss on me while we were in the shower together. I used to go out on a Friday night with my best friend,, we just used to go to the local pub. This was just a social gathering so I knew nearly everybody as they were all regulars and I was always home around 11-30.

On a Friday afternoon Jim would say things like have some fun tonight love,, or you might get lucky tonight. I told him to stop it,, he was dreaming and this was never going to happen but god bless him he never stop trying.

Then one night there was a lock in at the pub so I decided to stay, I text Jim to tell him that I would be late. I was wearing a new bra and it was hurting a bit so I went to the loo and took it, the relief was wonderful even though it left my breast more exposed.

I had on a low cut top on and Gus was sat opposite me but was staring at my breasts but for some reason it did not bother me. It got to around one o’clock in the morning when I thought about making a move for home.

Then Gus said hey Sandy your nipples are hard,, by this time I was well oiled,, and just then he lent over and said let me feel you nipples and quick as a flash his hands were on me. And for some reason I just let him do it,, I was like a rabbit in the headlights. There was a cheer and laughter then in a flash his hands were inside my top and he was feeling my tits.

Then as quickly as he had groped me his hands were back out of my top and he just smiled and winked at me. My god here I was a respectable married woman and I had just stood there and let another man grope my tits. Now it really was time to go so I rang for a taxi but there would be a wait of 3 hours so I decided to walk. Gus then said you cant walk home on your own at this time of the morning I will escort you home and my friend Jan thanked him for his concern and said she would see me sometime through the week.

Gus said he had to get a torch from his car in the car park so we walked out through the back door of the pub. I was walking down the steps and Gus held on to me making sure I did not fall,, he opened the car door to look for his torch and asked if I could open the rear door of the estate car. I leant into the car and Gus asked if I could see the torch ,,, not yet I replied.

As I was leaning in the car I suddenly felt an arm around my waist ,, it was Gus and he was pressing himself up against my bum. I could feel his hard erection pressing into my bottom”” when he said I think I’ve found it. But he was not referring to the torch as is other hand slid up the tennis style flared skirt I was wearing. His fingers were stoking the top of my inner thigh while his thumb had found the gusset of my panties.

I tried to free myself from his grip by pushing backwards but he only took this as a signal that I was participating. That it girl,, rub yourself on my cock he growled // no let go I’m a married woman// well that’s not what yours pussy is telling me,, your panties are wet. It was true I could feel myself getting wetter by the second even though my mind was saying no. I could hardly believe what happened next/ Gus pulled my panties to one side and I felt his cock on my pussy lips as he gave one thrust and he was in me.

It was to late to protest any longer,, for the first time since I had married Jim another mans cock was inside me, out in the open air in the pub car park. I felt that I should be trying to push Gus away but for some reason I relaxed and let him slide all the way inside me. Everything happened so quickly and all the time Gus was calling me his lovely girl. I am no girl but a mature married woman and I had let another man invade my body. I had no idea of the size of Gus’s cock but it really filled and stretched me which is something that have never felt with my husband.

Gus was fucking me with fury as he rammed my now soaking pussy and I could feel an orgasm building inside me. My head had a mind of its own telling me this is what I wanted,, but here I was a married woman cheating on my husband of many years. Gus stopped his furious pace and began long slow trust and I could feel his fat belly slap against my arse. I was now gaping for breath as my orgasm took over my body. I felt Gus grip me tighter and immediately felt his cream start to fill me it seamed to go on for ages unlike my husband who came quickly with just a little watery semen.

Gus emptied him self inside making sure I was full of his cream,, then he withdrew and wiped his cock on my skirt. This was just raw sex and I like most women like to be have an intimate lead in to full sex so as I get the full satisfaction of making love. As Gus stood back I stood upright and as I did so he took me in his arms holding me tight in his very strong arms while softly kissing me full on the lips. I responded by opening my mouth to allow him access to French kiss me.

My arm went around his neck as I longed for him to keep kissing me and hold me tight in his grip. We kissed for ages instead of being a mature married woman I was acting like some immature young girl. Eventually we broke apart and he said right my gorgeous girl I am taking you home and I am going to love you all night long. I knew my husband would be at home waiting for me but I wanted Gus as much as he wanted me so I turned off my phone.

I had now made my mind to fuck this man,, and in return let him fuck me and even though a I thought as my self of a cheat I still wanted it. We walked hand in hand to his house// I would like to think it was the drink but it was more than that. When we got Gus’s house he picked me up and carried me upstairs// this was so romantic and I had my arms around his neck. He sat me down on the edge of the bed and said right my gorgeous girl strip for me. I began to take of my top when he said no,, no act like a stripper be a slut for me,, just for tonight.

As I stripped Gus began to take of his cloths,, that when I saw is cock for the first time and it was twice the size of my husband especially in its girth. We were both naked and as I lay back on the bed Gus climbed on top of me and I immediately put my hand around his cock. I was in heaven feeling that lovely cock in my hand as I guided to my open pussy. Gus thrust forward sliding that lovely fat cock up my adulteress pussy. As gust slid is cock in and out of my wet pussy I thought of my husband and how he had asked about my previous boyfriends. Now here I was lying beneath another man with him calling me his gorgeous girl.

I could feel my orgasm filling mind and body as scream at Gus to fuck me// he was thrusting even harder then he let go a stream of warm creamy liquid inside me for the second time tonight. We rested for awhile with me rapped in his arms as I lay on his fat stomach // it was like dream// have I cheated on my husband ?. The answer to that was obviously a big yes// but I was telling my self that he wouldn’t mind // maybe but I wanted more of this big man. Gus started to kiss me once more then he reached over to bedside cabinet and brought out a tube of strawberry flavour jelly.

I thought oooorrhhh he going to fuck my arse hole // he coved his cock in jelly then told me to suck it,, his cock was fat but I managed to take in the bell end before he slowly fucked my mouth and to be honest I was loving it. I was pushing my head backwards and forwards then Gus put his hand either side of my face and suddenly pushed his cock down my throat. I was gagging so he pulled out and told me to relax my muscles which I did and for the first time in my life I was being deep throated. As Gus told me how much he admired me and thanked for being is gorgeous slut,, he suddenly without warning shot his cream down my throat. He held my head as I had to swallow all his cream as it went straight into my stomach. ,, I then even licked what little cream was left on his cock.

Gus later did take my arse with more of strawberry jelly smeared on his cock,, once again I felt that rush of warm cream erupt inside my body as he fill my arse . But the most amazing thing I did was to suck his cock after it had been up my arse which sent over the top to another orgasm. We then slept until ten o’clock the next morning// then I had to return home and face my husband.