Written by Werupforfun

1 Apr 2013

Diary of a trained pigdog slut

Today master gave me the most intense slag orgasm of my life. We have been lovers for 10 years, we have pushed each other sexually and told our deepest darkest needs and fantasies. Now it has turned into master and sub pigdog sex slave. I never would have thought this would happen, I am very independent and know what I want but it turns out that this is what I was made for.

My master had ordered me to be in my slag uniform ready for use - black PVC suspender belt, stockings, black knee high boots, slag collar and chain around my neck, naked tits branded with MASTERS SLAG PIG DOG (see our pics). My slag cunt was to be freshly wanked and soaking - though I don't need to wank for that as I am constantly gagging and desperate for my master so much so that I have to beg him to us me to stop the ache in my cunt as it drives me mad - so that master could ram his rock hard bull cock straight up his slag.

Of course I was ready, my master does not need to punish me as I willingly need to please him, he would never need to tie me up as I would not ever move if it didn't please him. Last time he fucked me he truly fisted me for the first time, I have always been tight and never had children, he did it from behind and I didn't know he was going o do it, first it was tight and started to hurt. Under masters orders I have been getting my slag cunt ready, wanking with bigger things, so far the biggest is a beer bottle, I must always video it and send to my master as proof of obedience and for masters bull master wanking pleasure. The first time I bottle wanked master ordered it on SH cam in our own room and watched by 100 was such a turn on. So when he did it I was on all fours as master was fucking me from behind, he pulled out and started to finger me, I begged to cum and he fingered me harder, then I felt a white hot pain and such intense pressure in my cunt, it was over quick my cunt felt like it burst and was soaking wet, it was so intense I was shocked. It was only then master told me that his whole fist was in me and showed me the video he took on my mob as it happened, his whole hand was in my cunt up to his wrist. He wanks and wanks over the video of his sub slag being finally broken in.

So this time I was ready, desperate in fact to feel that intense pleasure again. Now I know what fisting feels like I am so desperately horny and no matter how hard I wank I am never satisfied. Master arrived, the first thing I have to do is fall on my knees and deep throat my rock hard master. Then he allows me to go on all fours and take his cock deep up me, he fucks me so hard calling me slag and his owned pigdog, he drives me wild. Master takes his bull pleasure from his slag and I love it, the most amazing sex ever. Then I started to beg master to fist me, he had already made me cum but I needed more, he allowed my on all fours and covered his hand with lube. I was so excited and this time I was ready, desperate to feel the intense pleasure and pain, a bit frightened but that just added to the excitement and ache in my cunt. He got his hand deep in much easier this time, proof that my slag training is working, wow it was amazing, my cunt was so full and even writing about it is making my cunt ache for it. Master knew exactly how desperate I was as I had been begging for days for him to fist my pigdog slag cunt. I felt my orgasm building, wow amazing, this is how master controls me now he knows I will do anything so that he will fist me to orgasm. I had been good so I was surprised when suddenly he pulled his fist out of my cunt just before he knew I would cum. My legs were wide open and he rammed his absolutely rock hard cock deep up me and used me hard and fast, I felt such an intense pressure in my cunt that I did not recognise but wow it was amazing, I just went with the pressure and such an intense orgasm flooded me, I felt the pressure burst from my clit and my cunt was flooded with warm ejaculation, as it flowed from my clit I though I would pass out from the pleasure, my cum flowed all over my amazing masters cock and he was in no doubt now that I am his owned desperate gagging pigdog slag cunt.

Now my master has ultimate control over me his sub slag, there is nothing I will not do to ensure that I am allowed to be fucked like that again. Next I am to be taken dogging as blindfolded sub, master has told me I must carry condoms all times so I am ready. I am so horny, I have sucked cocks and fucked a women for my master but this is the first time I will be his no limits whore, and the first time in 10 years other cocks will be in my gagging slag cunt. I belong to my master in every way.