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How Sue lost her virginity

"Sue tells how she popped her cherry"

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When we met 20 years ago we both had sexual partners and were not virgins. Sue was then 17, brunette, 36d bust and a good figure with shapely long legs with a nice dark triangle of pubic hair and I was 20. After we had been going out for a couple of months she told me she had met her old boyfriend who had been working abroad for three months and had returned to the UK. She told me they went to an air show an event that had been planned months ago. She wanted to go and break up with him. He was the one who took her virginity. She had been going with him for a year before she met me and she told me how he took her virginity.

She worked part time in a pub on a Friday and Saturday. After a couple of months dating him, one Friday night they went back to his parents house, who were away. They ended up in his bedroom. He stripped to his pants and her down to her knickers. They spent the next couple of hours rubbing each other. He would suck her nipples and rub her pussy thru her knickers, She did not allow him to put his hand inside and finger her pussy. She would rub his erect prick, but only from the outside of his pants, also massaging his balls. This became a regular thing whenever his parents were out or on holiday. She never removed her knickers or allowed him to finger her. He did manage to rub her clit thru her knickers, making her come. She only would rub his prick and balls thru his pants. She felt him come a few times. This continued for about three months until they went to a friends party and got drunk. They got a cab back to his house and had a good snogging session in the back of the cab. His parents were on holiday and they went straight to his bedroom. She stripped to her knickers, She felt horny and her nipples were already erect. He stripped to his pants and they got on the bed. As she rub him erect, his prick popped out the front of his pants. This was the first time it had happened. She took hold of it and gently wanked it. She then took it into her mouth and gave him a blowjob. As they kissed and she felt his hand slip inside her knickers. She did not stop him. He found the entrance to her vagina and fingered her. She pulled his pants down exposing his prick and balls, he kicked them away. She then slipped her knickers off, they both naked. He then reached over and got a condom out of his bedside cabinet. He rolled onto his erect prick. He then got on top of her, he started to kiss her nipples and she felt him spread her legs. She felt his rock hard prick rubbing up and down her pussy area. She then felt it slide into her pussy. He then fucked her. She was enjoying and wrapped her legs around his body. She came as she felt his throbbing prick as he came. He rolled onto his back and removed the spunk filled condom. He then guided her head down to his still hard prick and she licked his shaft, bell end and his balls clean of his hot spunk.

After this they fucked in his car, in his back garden and even in her bedroom when her parents were away. She went to the airshow with him and told him in his car on the way home she was seeing someone else and wanted to end their relationships with him. He pulled into a secluded car park by some woods. They got out and found a table and bench in a dark corner of the car park. They sat and talked. She told him it was getting late and was dark so he had better take her home, They stood and kissed. She felt his prick become stiff as they kissed. She unzipped his trousers and pulled his semi erect prick out. She waked him. He pulled her over to the bench and table. They kissed and she felt his hands move up her legs. He pulled her tights and knickers down. She kicked her shoes off and removed her tights and knickers. He unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her bra over her tits exposing them. He then turned her around and pushed her down onto the table, pushed her skirt up, spread her legs and took her up the arse. He fucked her for a good ten minutes before he came up her arse. She enjoyed it. Something we do quite regularly now. She got up and sat on the table and told him to suck her clit until she came. He obliged. He dropped her home,

When she told me I was shocked, annoyed and turned on. We then had a great sex session. Even after 20 years we still now and then go to the same car park and repeat what they did. Sometimes there are a few doggers, who Sue allows them to feel her breasts as she wanks them off.

Written by Old1953

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