Written by catherine

14 Apr 2008

hiya my name is cathy 35 im very happily married to dave 43 im new to s/h but dave has been a member for a few years , ive just never bothered with it but last september our youngest started school which left me the whole day to myself, so I started to mess around on the computer as dave was alaways reading the stories to me so hence my story,before I met dave I was engaged to a nice guy but he had a ver kinky side to him he liked me to wear very short skirts low tops and he was always over the moon if I went braless, anyway he bought this car off his friend and we started going out in it at the weekends thats the only time he could afford to buy the petrol. anyway we used to have great sex in the back seat and he always managed to strip me naked and then he always insisted on turning the light on when we were getting dressed, this went on for a while and then one night we were having sex I was on top riding him he used to love my very large boobs bouncing he used to say , so I was bouncing up and down and as I came I closed my eyes and he reached up and turned the light on I came a couple of more times before I opened my eyes I got the shock of my life a man all in black was standing by the window looking in and thats not all he had it out and was wanking himself off , well I just let out an earpiercing scream and he ran away ,my b/f just laughed and said spoilsport the drive home my b/f told me he had seen the guy come up to the car window and was watching him wanking off on the site of my tits bouncing up and down and asked me to go back the next night and do it again, we got to my house and I just called him a perverted piece of shit and slammed his door I never seen him again although he phoned me for a few weeks after that.so I met dave and it just became a bad memory.but now after reading all the stories and I must admit I do play with myself as I read them its all making me wonder what my life would have been like if I hadnt acted the way I did , I still wear very low tops and short skirts and only the other day I went out shopping with a seethrough blouse on and no bra this made me feel incredibly horny all afternoon and I noticed an awfull lot of guys looking at me and that night me and dave had the most incredible sex , but how do I asked him to start taking me to carparks and stripping me naked for sex, I will let all you horny people know how it goes ,cathy.