Written by sqwsmith

28 Dec 2011

You need to have looked at the part on the 22nd,As you know Bev my wife had been seeing Paul and I had found out what she had been up to, there was quite a upset and we had rowed about it, after a couple of week things settled down and we talked about the situation which resulted in me suggesting she should phone him and sort things out, and he had agreed he would come over here and we all talk about it,which did surprise me, as I thought he had his leg over and he be off, it was arranged he come over that Friday evening, which was a couple of days away

Now thinking back on the events, it was a really strange thing to do, to this day I don't know why I let it happen, I think I was quite ignorant and naive, not knowing where it would all end up, I think now if I had of realized I would never agreed to him coming over

The next couple of days where quite tense, we talked about the situation, we said things we both thought the other wanted to hear I think, it was more in what was not said, I came home at about five that evening, Bev had done some thing to eat, it got to six, and I said to Bev are you going to to get changed she was still wearing her every day clothes, she looked a little surprised at me saying that and asked what she should wear put on, the truth is I didn't know what to suggest, we ended up in our bedroom Bev taken a shower and I picking a dress out for her, why I picked that one don't ask, it was a red halter neck one that's quite short you can't wear a bra with it, when she came out the shower she was a little surprised at my choice, I left her to it, she came down later she looked wonderful

I got a bottle of wine, and as I came back into the lounge the door bell rang, we looked at each other, it was me that went to the door, as I opened it I felt a little uncomfortable, I stood looked at this guy, he was was much younger than us, smartly dressed dark skinned, we jest seemed to look at each other, he was the one that said I am Paul, there was an air of confidants about him, so I asked him in leading the way into the lounge, I thought Bev looked a bit nervous, it was a bit awkward at first getting introduced, there was small talk that didn't mean much to start with, Paul had a glass of wine and still got it when Bev and me had finished the bottle and I got another one, it did relax us, the conversation was flowing better, Bev and myself had started the third Bottle of wine when it was Paul that changed the tone, when he said John you not got problem with me seeing Bev,it was like a long purse a silence in the room,they both seemed to wait on me saying some thing, some how I stammered its fine with me

From that point, things changed, not only that evening but for ever, three words did that

The atmosphere seemed electrifying for a few moments, I looked at my wife but she never gave much away in her expression, I felt embarrassed, Paul broke the silence saying good

With that he got up and went over and sat with Bev on the sofa, he looked very confident as he slipped his arm round her, he turned her head towards him and they kissed, not a peck on the cheek this was a full on snog, it gave me a numb feeling I started to feel very awkward being there feet apart from them, as I watched he groped one of her breasted he squeezed it in his hand Bev let out a muffled groan, she moved round a little her arm round him, as she did that her dress rode up showing her stocking top I could see there tongues dancing together, his had had worked in the top of her dress her breast was almost out, with in second it was out he rolled her stiff nipple in his finger and thumb as he cupped her tit,her hand was now laying on his crotch there was a considerable bulge there her finger traced the outline of what must be a long cock it lay over his thigh I would imagine it would of only been semi hard but he must have a big one I would guess

It had moved past any thing we had talked about, or was this what we jest din't say to each other, did we know this was going to happen and this was in the unspoken word

My attention came back to what was happening, Bev's knees had parted she sat with her legs open, Paul's hand was up under her dress it was now pushed up well above her stocking tops, I could see his arm moving I didn't know if he was fingering her or jest rubbing her pussy, there was a loud gasp he must of got a finger or maybe two inside her her legs where wider apart now, she lay back she had a grip of his dick in his trousers

his arm movement was more urgent, Bev seemed to push up with her hips she snorted then gasped the way she do when she cums it was some sight she still had one breast hanging out of the top of her dress which bounced as she jerked as she climaxed, she still had hold of his cock, she took a intake of breath she was then tugging at his trousers to get them undone in seconds his fly's where open then the button at the top, he lifted him self as she pushed them down pants and all, and there lay his cock, the first time I had really seem another mans dick, he is Asian so darker skinned but his dick was almost black a lot darker the rest of him, it looked big to me bigger than mine maybe seven inches I guess the thing that struck me was how fat it was, she had lifted it so it was sticking up holding it she rolled its foreskin back he has a large rounded helmet which was lighter more pinkish, I watch my wife start to wank it as she did that her head got closer then she opened her mouth and took the end in her mouth I could see her cheeks move as she sucked on it, Paul was laying back on the sofa his hands on her head as she sucked her head was going up and down each time she went down he seemed to push a little more and more disappeared till she gagged and had to catch her breath she went back on it the same thing he pushed this time she snorted threw her nose and god knows how she did but most of it went in her mouth this time, Paul had a very pleased look on his face

It was all happening as if I wasn't there, it gave me a helpless feeling,Bev was now on her knees sucking like made one tit hanging out with a very stiff nipple, Paul seemed to stop her, weather he was near cumming I don't know, some thing was said more in a whisper

He kicked his trousers off and they stood up, she took his hand and lead him past me his dick wobbled and bounced as he walked my wife still had one tit hanging out, I heard them go upstairs, I sat the dumbfounded, I then realized I had a right stiff on, I got myself together and followed, by the time I got to our bedroom Paul was naked apart from his socks and so was Bev her panties lay on the floor with her dress they where standing kissing, he has a very athletic body very muscular, he them pushed her onto our bed, and for the first time he looked at me, we didn't have to say any thing the look said it all she is mine now and I knew it, he almost dived on the bed with her between her legs she parted them for him, he buried his head between them, Bev was soon panting and the gasping, she had both hands on his head, she tensed her head rolled from side to side her mouth open there was a loud OH YES YES she bucked her hips, he really mad her cum on his tongue, I had a back view of his bum as he was doing this he was kneeling his ball sack hung there looking relaxed he has got a really big set of bollocks they swayed as he moved

He stopped and sat up, he glanced my way as he held his cock ready to mount my wife, he moved closer, her legs part and they bent at the knees she spread them wide for him given him access,as he moved over her, there was a little fumbling I heard Bev take a deep breath then a loud OOH ARR as he pushed then a whimper fallowed by Jesse oh Christ he was then right over her, her legs either side of him completely open as wide as they would go

He was ball deep inside her, it was like a long purse till he pulled back, then moved forward with some force making her gasp, he repeated that a few times with Bev gasping each time, he then picked up speed her legs lifted into the air her tits wobbled on her chest like jelly's with a very stiff nipple on each one, at the same time I pulled on my dick as I watched, it was only a few storks and I shot my load on the floor,he was now pounding her I thought he not last long now and it be over, I was wrong Bev had started to wimpier then cried out she heaved under him as she had a massive climax on his cock he never missed a beat, our bed banged on the wall with the force of his movement it then developed a squeak, he was now up on his arms and on his toes banging the hell out of her

Bev was like a rag doll under him his cock was like a piston in her

He in the end slumped on top of her, I thought he had let his load go in her, but he pulled out then flipped her over onto her hands and knees I glimpsed a gaping and very stretched pussy, he was behind her with one thrust his cock was home she gasped, holding her hips he started slamming into her, at first she held herself up tits swinging her head went down and she bent down he got hold of her hire and pulled her back up, she was having multiple climaxes now and couldn't support herself, he wanted her up and pulled hard on her hire to keep her there her head was right back,the pounding went on the noise of our bed banging and squeaking like mad as well as now the slapping of there bodies filled the room I could smell the sex in the air,he seemed to flag a little his back covered in sweat, then with what seemed like one last effort he slammed into her with loud throaty groan his body jerked and twitched his ares cheeks clinched as he emptied his sperm deep inside my wife

Paul roll away onto his back panting Bev was left with her ares in the air exhausted I think, I looked at her bum her pussy lay open and gaping as I looked a white spot appeared getting bigger like bubble, his spunk ran out and dripped some running down her inner thigh there must of been gallons of it, she did in the end flop onto her tummy

I stood there still with my dick out, Paul was looking at me, he said so what you think now you seem you wife getting what she needs, why don't you go and get me a cold beer so off I go like a little boy to get him one, he stayed another three hours they stayed in our bed he fucked her once more I stayed in the lounge till he left