13 Aug 2015

Some time ago we went threw a bad patch it be to complicated to go into on here but Sue my wife asked for a trial separation with out going into all that she said she need space but didn't want us to divorce she just needed some space I am a lorry driver any way so I can be away but not all the time, I ended up renting a a bedsit for when I was not away

We still has a lot of contact Sue did all my washing for me I had a lot of meals at home in fact we really got on well that lead on to us sleeping together a few times that got me thinking we soon be back together this was over about three months and we did talk about making a go of it

It was about then things started change what had happened Sue had got a social life when I say that she started going out with a couple of mates she had mentioned that but the way she put it was a odd night out much the same as she had always done but is was different she got laid a couple of times by different blokes I didn't know about any of this that was to come out later, all I can say is she like the freedom she had and I can only guess if she fancied someone she could go all the way and not worry about coming home to me I wouldn't be asking what time she got home or were has she been

Sue told me this months later and it was a surprise to me before we parted our sex life had been stale for years it was like she couldn't be bothered we get round to it about once a month or something like that she wasn't interested, so when this came out it was a revelation I didn't expect , she told me the first time or two she opened her legs in cars for blokes she had only just meet and that was part of the excitement and after that she would bring them home sometimes and shag them in our bed I asked how many was there she said eight different ones in three or four months

I didn't know any of this was happening in fact I thought we were on track to getting back together, this didn't come out till after six months things changed with me were I had my bedsit the house was going to sold and I had to move out, there was nothing in the area I could afford and as I thought we were getting on well I could move back home, Sue said she wasn't ready for that yet and she needed more time, it got to last couple of weeks before I had to move and no were to go I pointed out I am paying the mortgage and all the bills and given her money and there is no were I can afore to rent so my options were limited, any way I had to move back thing became strained I was in the way, what I didn't know then was Sue had meet a bloke called Henry unlike the others he had played a differed game not tried to get in her knickers straight away he had taken her out for meals and alike