Written by Anonymous

19 Oct 2018

How we ended up here. Part 2.

So Hubby returns from his week away, and I go to collect him. I am so Happy and so desperate for a good fuck it’s written all over my face and my pussy is even moist just seeing him (we are not apart very often). We embrace quick kiss and return to our house.

That evening lying naked in bed together We begin re-exploring each other’s bodies are finger tips running up down each other’s backs down and up the inside and outside of each other’s legs occasionally touching a piece of clit or cock. His hand moved from from my back up my side under armpit and spreading his fingers he caresses my breast and nipple which suddenly jumped up and became rock hard. Something was on Hubbys mind other hand was coming up now between my legs and stroking my arse cheeks and teasing my hole this was different (but then I remembered something I had talked about in our sexting and wanting anal).

“So was all that fantasy true?” Hubby whispers in my ear. I grinned and answered with a blushful “Yes” I had never been completely open to him about my desires. His body moved closer and hands moved in more purposeful motions massaging my breast and caressing my nipple while the other squeezed my arse cheeks and carefully circled my hole. “Think I’m going to have to find out how much of it’s true!” he said with a Smile He pulled me close placing is cock on my clit and began use it like a dildo. I felt him begging to moisten up my bum with Lube and the in went a finger, He adjusted his position slightly and easily slid his cock into my Wet pussy, without warning a second finger slipped into my bum, I let out a little gasp as I wasn’t expecting it and anal not something we had done for a long time, But this felt quite pleasing and erotic tonight. I could feel his fingers moving very slowly in my bum and with his cock deep and slow and meaningful thrusts into my pussy, the build up to all this and wanting him so much I could feel the build up of an allmighty orgasm, he could feel it too and wasn’t going to stop until I had Cum, Wow that was needed! Was almost like he read my mind too. “Did you miss me by any chance?, Did you need that?” He said. “ Yes Definitely” I replied.

He took his cock from my pussy added a little lube and pressed it against my arse, slowly he inched his way in and began cautiously moving as became more intense I thrust my body onto his so the whole length of his cock slid into me, I let out a pleasing mmmm and then began moving with him, He began rubbing my clit at the same time This wasn’t going to take long to cum again. I exploded with another quick orgasm, He adjusted our position slightly and then slid his fingers into my pussy and with deep thrusts into my arse I could here the changes in his breathing and feel him about to explode inside of me, after a few more deep thrusts he filled me with his cum and we collapsed together still joined till we got our breath back.

“So it was true then?” he said

“Maybe” I said. I still was finding it difficult to tell him to his face my true desires.

“Think we will have to explore this some more!”

“Definitely” that was what I wanted to do but how? and could I really tell him to his face (just hope he already guesses or understands)