Written by Paulrcouple

28 Jun 2011

I Went down stairs into the lounge and got a drink the lady host came in and asked about Bob she said he was rather sweet and i told her how we met him he is bi and he spends a lot of time at our house.

I Told her we are now good friends and i let him fuck Jane when i am not about and we have our fun together she said she would like to fuck him but was worried she was to old your still good looking nice boobs and very sexy don't worry he will he is in a bedroom with two couples Jane's with that black couple where's your other half fast asleep pissed he can not drink a lot i don't know why he as got him self like that.

We started kissing it was not long before we were having sex on the floor to say she was nearly sixty she had some stamina.

We was joined by one of the couples men he started to get involved with us she asked him to leave us alone this time she wanted us to be on our own he went back upstairs which is not unusual to happen at these sort of parties sometimes you want some one on your own i once spent the night with her on our own Jane was a bit annoyed about it. we had a good half hour on our own to say she was a good twenty years older than me she could fuck as good as any younger girl.

We went upstairs the black lad was going into the bath room Jane was getting fucked by the lad that had tried to join in with us.

The black girl was getting dressed they had to get home. We went in to another bed room the two girls were at each other Bob and the other lad was watching i told Bob to come with us went into a room and i left them to it. I went into the bedroom were Bob had been and joined in the fun.

I Left them after a while and went back to Jane she was just lying there talking to that lad i got on the bed she turned to me and kissed me and said thanks for leaving her with the black couple i felt her pussy it was hot and well used we feel asleep holding each other.

We woke up started talking about last night she said where's Bob i told her i had been with the hostess she said she wanted Bob so we took him into a bedroom on our own and i left them to it i told her that her husband was fast in bed pissed and i had been with the two girls and the other lad in one bed room while the other lad was fucking you after the black couple it was all very quiet Jane went to the bathroom to freshen up.

She had been gone a good while i went to look for her the bath room door was open she was bent over holding the sink and the host was taking here from the rear pounding away and feeling her tits she was moaning she was getting it hard i went into abed room the two couples had gone i went into the bed room were Bob was the hostess was sucking his cock i got behind and took her doggy way Jane came into the room all cum running down her legs she was covered in sweat she had been well fucked she was stood watching us Bob started fingering her he brought her off she held is hand there and shut her legs tight i shot my load.

We all got washed and had breakfast the host apologise for getting drunk. We stayed all weekend till monday afternoon there were other couples coming that week end but they are other stories i can not say the hosts names because there was a lot of talk about them in that area We went to a few parties in that house we were very popular because we were younger than them and Bob got invited back he Evan went on his own when we were on holiday if any body think they know us please get in touch if its just for a chat.

But we are now in our fifties they were all at least twenty years older than us most of them will be in SWINGING HEAVEN IN THE SKY