Written by hotwhiterabbit

15 Feb 2011

On hols in South Goa, we'd arranged a massage by the pool boy in our room. It was the very first extramarital sex we'd had. I was watching when Victor, massaging, got to the top of her legs and worked his way round and round her vulva. White Rabbit was really turned on, and when he asked if she wanted him to carry on she looked at me and whispered "Please let him carry on". My mouth was dry and I was really aroused, and when she repeated "Please, please", I agreed. Victor then went to work on her clitoris with his mouth and soon White Rabbit was moaning and I could see her stomach muscles

contracting when she had an orgasm. Victor looked at me and asked "Want me to carry on?". White Rabbit looked at me and pleaded "Please let him carry on Darling". I was breathless with excitement and I had to agree "Yes" with a thick voice.

Victor pulled her around until her bottom was on the edge of the bed, and he pushed her legs apart so that she was fully exposed, looking so vunerable. He laid the bulbous top of his large cock against her vaginal entrance but didn't immediately enter her. Instead he massaged her clitoris with his well-oiled thumb until she was moaning. She eventually

shouted at him "Fuck me you bastard", as I moved closer so that I could watch him entering her, while I could, at the same time, watch her face. As his cock pressed against her, her face screwed up and her fingers scrabbled at thebedsheet. Then the head entered her as she cried "Oh my God".

With small in and out movements, he gradually pushed more and more of his length until White Rabbit gave a cry "Stop. Please go Slowly". I knew that he had traversed her short

vagina and was bumping against the mouth of her cervix. I wondered if he knew that he'd have to slowly work the end of his penis around to bypass the cervix so that he could thrust deep inside my wife. There was still four or five inches outside White Rabbit, and I wanted to see the full length inside her.

I watched, transfixed, as she moaned and gave little cries with her eyes shut, grimacing, until Victor slid slowly deep inside my wife obviously past her cervix. I looked at her smooth stomach imagining Victors penis deep inside her. It was blowing my mind, my breath coming in short pants. I became concious of the sweat on my brow, in spite of the overhead fan. Looking down at my wife I became aware of the sheen of sweat all over her body as well. It wasn't long before my wife went into a noisy convulsive orgasm, so severe was it that she pulled herself off Victor's cock and curled up trembling, her face in her arms. Victor ooked at me an went to gather his shorts to leave, but I said "No. She isn't finished. Give her a few moments".

Victor's cock was still massively erect and shining with my wife's body fluids. With a shudder, White Rabbit uncurled her body and positioned herself on the bed on all fours, exposing herself to Victor, who glanced at me and entered her, right up to the hilt. He worked the full lenghh in and out, slowly at first and then as my wife started moaning, thrusting more and more rapidly. Again she had a massive orgasm pulling herself off and away from Victor. She got off the bed and stood against the wall trembling, one hand covering her vagina sweat running down between her breasts. She pointed her other hand at Victor and said softly "Wait".

I turned to told him to lie down on his back on the bed which he did. White Rabbit giggled at me and said "Thanks darling, before moving to the bed, straddling Victor and lowered herself slowly onto him until his full length disappeared inside her. She worked up and down more and more rapidly so that his lenghh from balls-deep to the bulbous tip were sliding inside her. Victor gave a loud cry, reached forward to hold White Rabbit down on him and I could see his stomach muscles and legs jerking in little movements. She knew he'd come, deep, deep inside her belly. When she pulled herself off him, the semen ran out of her on her thighs and dripped on his belly and scrotum. She stood, grabbed one of his towels and held it between her legs as more semen ran out.

She grinned at me and said "You'd better pay him, but don't give him a tip because he wasn't supposed to come inside me". I went across for my wallet, pulled out three one hundred rupee notes, noticed that my wife had gone into the bathroom, and added another one hundred rupees. "Good job" I said. "My pleasure" he answered. "Yea, I know. Now beat it before she comes out and wants some more".

I went to the bathroom to join her in the shower, but the door was latched. I went and lay on the bed, my brain buzzing with the memories of the sights and sounds of the previous fourty-five minutes, and I noticed that I still had an erection. After what seemed an age, White Rabbit came out of the bathroom towelling her hair. "Thank you for that. I do love you so very much" she said. "You should be thanking Victor" I replied. "He shouldn't have come inside me" she said testily. "No" I said, "But its good that Goa's a strictly Catholic place, and as far as I know STD isn't an issue here". "Yes, there is that. But what's a good catholic boy doing screwing the hotel guests? I wonder if he'll be telling his priest". She down looked to see my erection which was still evident. I kept visualising Victor deep inside this woman I loved. "I anticipated this" she said. "As a special reward I'm going to give you anal". "And as an additional reward for letting me do something I've never done before, I'm going to let you do something to me that you've never done before. I want you to tie me up and anal rape me". She saw the look of bewilderment on my face, and explained "After Victor I'm pretty slack and you'd not feel the sides, so I've done the necessary for you, douched and lubed. You can tie

me down with the clothes line and luggage straps, and do what you will with me, providing you leave no marks".

Now I should explain that we rarely have anal sex. Early in our marriage and I revealed a wish to try it, she'd done a very unusual thing and approached a gay guy at her work and asked him how they handled the hygene problem and lack of lubrication. He not only explained about douching and lubing, but two days later White Rabbit had a package through the internal mail. On opening it she discovered a pump douch and an assortment of lubes, KY with applicator and KY lube suppositories. She hurredly bundled them in her shopping bag, but was dismayed when the guy periodically asked her how she had got on with it. In a drunken moment I had also confessed that I had fanticised about tying her down and anally raping her.

Anyway, down to the action. I duly tied her down, one arm to each bedpost at one end and one leg to each bedpost at the other end so that she was spreadeagled. To complete the

preparation I pushed two pullows under her hips to raise her buttocks. Before entering her though, I rested the top of my cock against her puckerd anus and reached around her legs to massage her cliterus. It excited me when she started writhing and moaning but I kept on until she shouted "Stop screwing around and fuck me" which I duly did hard and violently until I came with a cry. When I pulled out of her, I knelt on the bed between her legs and watched my semen running out of her.

A thought came to me, and I smiled. I pulled a chair over and sat near her head and waited until she asked "Aren't you going to untie me?". She looked at me while I pretended to be considering her request. "I'm thinking about getting Victor up here again to fuck your rear end. He's probably recovered sufficiently to get it up at the sight of your anus. Especially as you can't struggle. In addition, having come once he would probably manage to keep it up inside you for a long time". "You wouldn't" she exclaimed clearly alarmed. "Would you?" she added. "No" I said with a laugh. "I was just

winding you up. But before I untie you, I'd like to ask a couple of questions. Firstly, did you enjoy it, would you do it again? And how many orgasms did you have?" She replied

"Yes I did enjoy it. But I'd only do it again if you wanted me to. And I had two or three orgasms". "Two or three" I asked unbelievingly ignoring her responses to the other

questions. "Well maybe more" she admitted. "Just how many" I persisted. "Seven or eight I think, but two were really massive - I think I might have passed out. I just couldn't

stand him inside me it was so excrutiating. I've never experienced anything like that before. I don't know why, but I think it was because I knew you were watching and that you were excited. That was the really arousing bit". "Anyway please let me go and we can talk about it". I released her.

The funny thing was neither of us mentioned it until the following lunchtime. All that happened later that holiday was an anticlimax compared with what happened with Victor. But that's another story. That's how our lifestyle got started. Our on-line hookups

have, in the main, been unsatisfactory. We've tried a swingers club and it seemed seedy. Our most satisfactory hookups have been at conference hotels where businessmen are very happy to service White Rabbit while I watch and follow or do turn and turn about. One look at White Rabbit and anyone who turns down a fuck with her is either gay or in the priesthood.

This has been written by Thumper though signed in as HotWhiteRabbit