Written by ruth

11 Dec 2007

this is all very true I wouldnt waste my time writing it if it werent, my name is ruth im 38 married to pete with 2 girls 10 and 12 and we live in st helens merseyside, pete decided he was going to las vegas with his pals for the fight .we couldnt afford it so he took out a loan on the house which we will be paying back for the next five years but thats pete he,s very selfish he moans if the girls need new shoes for school you know the type girls, anyway we do have a good sex life and he always encourages me to wear very short skirts and low or seethrough tops and he loves it when guys chat me up, but thats as far as its ever gone anyway me and my friend jan planned to have a night out the night of the fight so I arranged for the girls to stay with their nan and about 7pm I started to get ready I had a long soak and then started looking through my wardrobe to see what to wear I have a very short leather skirt so I picked it up and as I did I got a lovelly tingly feeling between my legs and I thought why not so I put it on with my black stayups no panties and a very low top im 40 dd size 12 by the way, anyway by 8-30pm I was ready and waiting for jan when the phone rang it was jan saying she was at the hospital with her five year old boy he,d fell and twisted his ankle and she had to wait for an xray so she wouldnt be going out , I was so dissapointed so I settled down for the night still feeling really horny I started to play with myself and then I thought why not go for a drive, so I picked up my mobile and car keys and got into the car not knowing were I was going I found myself on the m62 I was in the inside lane when I came up behind a lorry so I pulled out into the middle lane and started to pass him but as I got alongside him he speeded up and stayed alongside me so I speeded up and passed him but he flashed his lights and It only dawned on me then that he could plainly see my stocking tops and probably right down my top too so I slowed down and let him catch up again he stayed alongside me for a while as the motorway was very quiet and I noticed in his mirror I could see his arm moving and then he lifted himself up and I could see he was playing with himself ,he then held up a piece of card with something scribbled on it but I couldnt read it so he pointed to the back of his lorry then I realised he wanted me to follow him we had just passed the turn off for warrington so I followed him and he indicated to turn off at the next junction for birchwood he turned right into a trading estate and into a big car park and stopped I suddenly got very nervous and I thought what am I getting myself into here but at the same time I felt incredibly horny and I had butterflies in my tummy but I decided to lock my doors just incase, anyway the lorry door opened and I saw the guy climb out and he started to walk towards my car he must have known I was nervous cos he stood a few feet away and I opened my window just a little he just said hi and thanks for brightening his night up and said you have the most amazing body anyway we chatted for about half an hour and then he said its cold would I like to sit in his lorry I thought well he seems ok so I said yes as I stepped out of my car he said wow and put his arms around me and gave me the most amazing kiss we stood knecking for a while and then he pulled my top down and I felt the cold night air on my nipples and his big hands feeling me it felt awsome I could feel his hard cock pressing against my tummy and he had his hands on my arse he now knew I wasnt wearing any panties and I could feel him fumbling with his pants, next thing I felt his warm cock between my legs it felt huge I put my hand down and got hold of it it was very thick I couldnt believe what I was doing standing in a empty but brightly lit car park with my top pulled right down and my skirt around my waist with a strangers cock in my hand he leaned me back onthe bonnet of my car and pushed it deep into me wow it felt good he held onto my hips and started going in and out slowly I could smell a mixtuer of his aftershave and diesel but by now I was too far gone to care I could feel my orgasm starting to build wow this guy was good he was pulling it almost right out and then pushing it deep in me my legs were all shaky he was almost holding me up when my first orgasm hit me it was awsome seemed to last for ages I had three more like it and he asked me to turn around he took me from the back and I wasnt sure I was going to beable to take it all that way but he took his time and then he was right in me again and this time going a lot faster I knew he was about to shoot up me but at the same time I felt myself cumming again and as I did I felt him grip my waist and pull me back tight onto him and he shot deep inside me I could feel it pulsating in me after a few minutes we started to feel the cold and he pulled out I could feel his warm love juice starting to run down my thighs he said thanks I gave him my mobile which I regreted the next day so I have now changed my mobile no as I do love my hubby even though he is a selfish sod but I think I will do it again as my hubby also loves his football lol well girls we have to even the score up somehow lol, this is all just as it happened and the next morning about 8am my phone rang and my daughter got to my mobile before me my heart skipped a beat but she said mum its dad he said hurry up its costing a fortune to phone he was feeling all sorry for himself cos ricky hatton lost , if he only knew lol, thanks for reading this , love , ruth.