12 Oct 2016

My husband is a submissive Bi sissy cuckold who will do anything I instruct him to. He says that he only serves my boyfriends and bulls because i want him to and other then that he is straight and not keen on cock! However, I doubt his argument because he gets very excited when playing with guys evident by his hard and recum dripping cock. That said I have to admit that I have told him to play with other guys purely because it turns me on and he likes to please me. However, I wasn't expecting the events that recently unfolded.

Upon finding out that I had a late Friday work appointment my husband decided he was going to set up a little party to add a bit of spice to our evening when I got home. He kept the details of his little party a secret all week saying it was going to be a sexy surprise. Bylate afternoon I was about to leave for my appointment when my husband called to ask how long I'll be. I said I'll be home by 7pm which gave him 3 hours to do whatever he was planning. I got delayed so called my husband to say I was running 1 late. He said that some of the guests were getting frustrated for my body and asked what I wanted him to do. I told him to be a good host and keep the guests entertained until I go home. I was expecting him to get out some beers, watch a porn or have a game of cards.

I finally got home just after 8pm but there was no loud music or guys carrying on as you’d expect so I let myself in quietly. Well the sight that greeted me had my pussy instantly gushing as I see a group of 10 naked guys standing in a circle. I recognised several as my regular boyfriends but there were also a few new faces and lovely hard cocks.

As I catcher my breath I asked where my husband was to hear a muffled sound from

somewhere in the middle of the group of men. One of the guys said come over here he is just a little caught up in something. I said fine and as I got closer i could hear the guys making vulgar comments, then my husband came into view. He was squatting on the floor with a massive black cock deep in his throat, giving 2 hand jobs and taking a large cock in his arse.

He was wearing crudely applied make-up to his face (blush, mascara, eye liner and lipgloss), a collar and chain, one of my nipple showing bras and a short dress that had been ripped to pieces. He had, lipstick writing on his chest that said: cum slut, I swallow, town bike free ride, dump your load anywhere. He was also wearing my fishnets and a pair my high heels.

I was stunned as I looked around to see another 5 guys wiping the last dribbles of cum off the end of their cocks and 1 with a fresh hard cock. I asked hard cock guy whether he's next with my husband to which he said maybe but he's being used at the moment. I smiled at him before saying yeah he probably is, I have so many questions but first I would like to know how come my husband is doing groups of 4 but there are 5 guys in the first group. He says that my husband was sucking 2 cocks at once and they DP’d his arse while he wanked another. I turn back to watch the last 4 men use my husband as he choked down what was no less then 9 inches of thick black cock while giving simultaneous hand jobs to 2 others as 1 of them cum deep in his arse. For the finale my husband was bent over the kitchen table looking at me while taking that big black cock deep in his arse as 2 other guys shot their spunk over his face.

I turned around and invite a couple of the guys to play with my pussy together and as I rub their throbbing cocks. I then felt them getting close to coming so got them to stop fingering my cunt so I could shove my arse in my husbands face with and each cock squirting their thick hot load down my ass crack and for my husband to swallowed it all but it didnt end there. Now it was my turn but that for another story.

Later that evening while in bed I asked my husband why he chose to entertain the guests in the way he had. He answered by saying that I told him to be a good host and entertain them. My husband went on to explain that because I was running late one of the guys had said my husband should substitute me by wearing a dress and all the rest, which they proceeded to make him do. Then the hung black guy grab my husband and forced him to sit on lap with his massive hard cock poking his arse. Then one thing led to another and my husband became the group’s play thing until I arrived home. I kissed my husband and praised him for being such a good host and the cum slut cock queen I’ve always known him to be.