Written by honeyhole69

16 Oct 2017

I am Sara and last year I went with my Hub's to a work colleagues of his Wedding, where I met my Hub's Boss Phil and his Wife Diane, I ended up that night in a Sports field with Phil and me sucking his lovely cock and him fucking me as his Wife Diane kept my Hubs entertained at the Reception . Due to that night my Hub's ended up getting a pay rise and I have been meeting Phil once a month for the past few months all with Diane's approval, I went along to Phil's house in December to be greeted by Diane as she opened the door to let me in , which was a bit of a surprise as she was usually out whenever I had called before.

I went in as Diane took my coat off me , she told me Phil is in the lounge if you want to go thru, as she also said to me that I looked ravishing tonight, I turned to thank her and she pulled me too her and kissed me , I could taste her lipstick on my lips and she smelt lovely as she let me go saying enjoy !!! I walked into see Phil he was dressed smart but casual and I licked my lips at the sight of him and what I hoped we would be doing to each other fairly shortly, he told me he loved my new Red mini dress I had on and that I looked wonderful, as he got up to kiss me and run his hands over me feeling my hold ups under my dress and to pour me a drink

We sat down chatting , as I asked him what was Diane doing here tonight, he said Oh she may be going out later but don't worry she knows what I intend to do with you tonight, I smiled an relaxed at that as we talked an drank, Phil began to touch me and I began to melt under him , as his fingers found all my sensitive spots. He asked me to take my dress off ,so I stood up asking him to undo the zip and wriggled out of my dress as his eyes feasted on my body , I hadn't worn a bra so was left standing there my hard nipples on display with my red g string, hold ups and my black heels with my blonde hair hanging down over my shoulders.

Then the door flew open as Diane put her head round the door saw me and said gorgeous , you are lucky tonight Phil getting a early Xmas present and as quickly left us, saying she was going out , Phil filled our glasses and took me into their bedroom . I hopped on to the bed an lay back to watch Phil undress , his cock springing free from his boxers as he crawled on to the bed as I lifted my legs as he pulled at my g string pulling it down my legs and off, he dipped his head down to lick over my pussy mound and run the tip of his tongue between the fold of my pussy lips.

I told him I loved him doing that to me , my fingers in his hair pulling him to me , when just as I was enjoying it he moved up to lick an suck on my boobs an nipples making them stand up erect before moving up to kiss me again, I could taste my juices on his tongue as he pressed it into my mouth an kissed me, all the while his cock had been rubbing up and down and pressing against my wet pussy. I told him I wanted to suck him now and he turned around so we could 69 I watched as his fit body moved above me my hands stroking his muscly legs and tight bum as he moved back to let me lick the bloated purple head of his cock before taking him into my mouth .

Phil's and my tongue were both busily working away on each others bodies , mine was busy as I had more of his cock in my mouth now my tongue sliding over his cock as I pulled him down so I could take him deeper, his tongue and teeth were teasing my clit an nibbling on my pussy lips an dipping inside me. Then the phone rang and Phil said I better get that as I silently cursed him after the state he had just got me into, as he left the room I lay there unable to stop my fingers from rubbing my nipples and my clit as I so wanted Phil's body to satisfy my need.

He came back in the room leaving the door ajar and knelt by my head so I turned to suck his lovely smooth an curved cock of his , just as there was a knock on the door and in stepped a tall, dark, handsome man with a silky chocolate skin and a bright red bow wrapped around his big hard cock. Then Phil introduced him as Ian a guy he goes cycling with most weekends when he is around as he is based at the local Army camp, as Phil said this is my Xmas present to you Sara ! , I said Wow , thanks as was definitely impressed by his looks, physique and what lay under that red bow.

Ian came over to kneel by my head on the other side as I Iooked at his erect cock pointing up , Ian said you may want to undo the bow Sara, my hands couldn't move fast enough to reveal all of that chocolate throbbing cock in front of my eyes. As Phil broke the trance I was in saying you look very happy with your present Sara, I turned to him to say I was and to tell them I was looking forward to having them both that evening, Phil kissed me and said I am sure you would like to make Ian feel welcome now and I turned my head to hold an lick the dark head of Ian's cock now .

I was glad that Phil had a super king size bed as I licked and sucked on Ian's cock , Phil was busy moving me around on to my knees my bum in the air and I once again felt his tongue licking between my cheeks and over my now sopping pussy his hands holding me open for his tongue to penetrate me. I was now taking Ian's cock as deep as I could into my mouth as I sucked him when I felt the head of Phil's cock push slowly and deeply into my pussy as I wriggled my bum to let him know I was enjoying it.

Then Ian said he was ready to feel my pussy on his cock, as Phil said to me do you want us both , Sara! , I was up for anything now and said oh yes I want you both, as Phil told Ian to lay back on the bed and for me to squat over him , Ian held his cock with one hand as his other hand held my waist as I slowly slipped my juicy pussy down onto his dark cock. I could hear and see flashes of light an knew that Phil was taking photos of me being filled by Ian's cock, I sunk down onto Ian's cock feeling him fill me up as he pulled at my nipples as that camera snapped away, then the bed sunk down as Phil knelt up behind me and Ian pulled me down to kiss me our tongues fighting each other in our mouths.

I then felt some liquid poured over my secret hole as Phil's fingers began to invade my tight hole , then as I began to get used to his fingers inside me I felt myself cum over Ian's cock inside me and even he noticed an asked me if I had cum , Ian said to Phil think this girl is ready for you now Phil ! . I felt Phil's fingers slide out as a moment later the head of Phil's cock pushed into my tight hole and I felt my arse suddenly give into the invasion of his cock and he pushed it slowly deeper making me gasp in pleasure , as I also pushed back to feel him and Ian slide deep inside my holes, It felt so tight and was stretching me but in a pleasurable way.

Ian was still kissing my lips an face as they slowly sorted out a rhythm between them as Phil's groin pressed against my bum now letting me know I had all of him inside me now, I could feel my body heating up in the middle of this sandwich and enjoying the pleasure they were giving me my mind wandered, as to the times my hubs had wanted to share me with a mate/s of his and feel 2 or even 3 cocks inside me filling my holes and I would tell him no I couldn't, when secretly this is what I have always wanted.

I began to cum and just could not stop as Phil began to breathe harder behind me and I felt him throb inside me as he began to cum which seemed to be enough to send Ian over the top and he pushed me down onto his cock and I felt him pumping inside me as he pressed against the wall that separated him from Phil's cock. We all sighed in relief after a explosive climax, as Phil pulled out leaving his deposit to dribble out of my bum and between my legs , he left the room as Ian said you are a hottie Sara !, Phil told me about you a few weeks ago and I have been looking forward to this moment.

I heard Phil return an turned my head to see him holding Diane's hand and she looked gorgeous in a white bra and suspender set with white stockings and heels and her long dark hair, as Phil told me this is your other surprise and Diane knelt up on the bed between Ian's and my spread legs an proceeded to lick an suck Phil's cum from my bum hole. Then Phil said to Ian think its time for us to watch now as us Girl's moved to let Ian get out from under us both, Diane told me to roll on to my back as she wanted to eat Ian's cum from my pussy , she moved round into a 69 position like Phil had been earlier with me, I looked up to see a wet patch thru her white panties and pulled them down and off with her help as Ian came over to remove her bra for her .

We began to taste and eat each others pussies pulling and sucking on our lips and clits , our tongues probing and tasting each others juices , as both men stood back smiling and talking of what they were seeing with a beer bottle in their hands