Written by Waiting

19 Feb 2016

My wife has just turned 36. She has a young boyfriend Dale who is 22. He is tall, well built, blonde and a cocky son-of-a-bitch, too. I cannot and do not try to restrict her. She sees him whenever she wants or he wants.

He likes to tease, taunt, and otherwise humiliate me. Sometimes he does it in ways that my wife wouldn’t see. It’s better if I avoid the confrontation.

Dale knows that he was in charge. If he encounters me around town or calls then he’d greet me with “Hey, little guy!” or “How’s your wife?”

He also took a picture of her totally bare and made it his phone wallpaper. He made sure I was in ear shot when he told a couple of his friends that it was a picture of his girlfriend. He started buying really slutty lingerie and outfits for her, too, and eventually he had some pictures of her in those outfits to share, sometimes she would also be in handcuffs or a dog collar and leash.

Dale has a lot of stamina. He can fuck for hours and regain an erection again in a very short time. My wife loves to massage and touch his athletic body and she seems to always have his cock in her mouth. When I get home they are often on the couch or in the shower. Then he’ll take her into one of the bedrooms and I’d hear her screams and his growls floating down the stairs to me. They’d go at it for hours sometimes and late into the evening.

“I love having a toy boy!” my wife told me one night. I have no answer for that.

Sometimes he sends me email and there will be a photo of her sucking his dick or a sound file and I can hear her gagging on his cock while he talked dirty to her. Then he might say “Now I’m gonna fuck little pussy again” or “now give me my pussy”

This thing happened a few months back. I came home from a late meeting one night. I knew they were at it as soon as I walked in the door. I walked across the downstairs floor and made my way up the steps, listening to the rhythmic slaps and grunts coming from our bedroom.

At the top of the steps I could see in the open door. Dale was standing behind my wife, who was bent over the bed, her feet just off the floor. Her wrists were handcuffed behind her. Dale’s belt was wrapped tightly around her body, just below her breasts, pinning her arms tightly by her side. Her legs were tied together just above the knees. His strong hands were on her shoulders, pushing her face down into the mattress. As he thrust into her, her legs kicked in the air, as much as they were able. She was grunting and moaning, her screams muffled by the mattress. I stood hypnotized, watching the shock of each thrust ripple through her round bottom. I couldn’t tell if he was fucking her pussy or her arse.

When Dale noticed me, he gave her bum a little swat. She cried out and her legs kicked a little. Then he stopped. He pulled out of her and strode over to me.

“Don’t interrupt me when I’m with my woman,” he said, putting a hand on my chest and pushing me back from the door. He closed the door. I sat on the floor and listened, my mind spinning at the thought of this young guy manhandling my wife, tying her up, slapping her arse, shoving her face into the mattress, force-feeding her his cock.

The sounds stopped for a bit. There was some talking and giggling that I couldn’t make out. Then it started up again.

“Yeeaahh,” I heard Dale moan. "Yeeaahh!“ My wife screamed and screamed.

She was moaning, panting. Dale was whispering to her. Then I heard him growl loudly and she panted louder. Then all was quiet.

In time, the door opened and my wife staggered out with a silly look on her cum-smeared face. ”Hi, baby” she said, surprised to see me there. Then she made her way to the bathroom.

The next day after work I checked my e-mail and found a video from Dale to me that he had taken with his cell phone. It showed some of what I’d missed after the door was closed in my face.

My wife, free now from her cuffs and leg bondage, but still restrained by the belt. She was on her back on the bed. Her legs spread wide, wrapped around Dale who is balls deep, fucking her vigorously. He slaps her face. She makes a surprised squeak and then smiles. He slaps her, harder. She groans.

“Where’s your husband when I’m slapping you around like this? He’s a great protector.”

He grips her throat. She makes a choking sound. Her eyes look at the camera with a pleading look. Her body bounces as he fucks her. He releases her. “You want my load, baby?” He asks. She nods.

“Where do you want it” he asks.

“In my pussy” she says and I can only just hear her. He asks again. This time she screams “in my cunt”. “Whose cunt” he asked. “Your cunt” she screamed

“That’s my girl,” Dale says. He starts growling. The video shifts and it’s held down so I can see his cock in her. "This is for your husband”, he growls, triumphantly. He begins to pull out as he cums and he shoots cum all over her pussy.

He then wiped some of his cum up with his fingers and pushed them into her mouth.

She licked his hand and sucked on his fingers.

"You have a good time, baby?” he asks.

“Yeah,” she answers. I always do“

I expect and sort of hope that she tires of him soon. I can only wait and see.