Written by Sue

23 Oct 2017

I have to admit that my mind was not exactly holding to the task in hand as the jeep jolted down the sun baked rutted track during the morning game drive. It was our last day of a 10 day tiger watching holiday in India. A small group of Europeans expertly led by an Indian guide called Arjun. He was 32 and I was 58. Although I was with my husband I had seduced (or maybe he had seduced me) and with my husband's blessing I had been roundly fucked by Arjun the previous night in his adjoining chalet to ours. I am noisy in the throws of passion and this had awoken my husband who had enjoyed listening and watching from Arjun's undrawn curtained window.

My husband had suggested that if I wanted to and the opportunity arose he would watch and wank on our last evening. When the morning game drive ended, Arjun asked me if I was alright and had recovered from the previous evening. With a glint in my eye I told him that I was just warming up and I would love to continue after dinner that evening. Good he replied and suggested I arrived in his chalet about 45 minutes after dinner as he had to do some paperwork to ensure our transport to the airport in Mumbai was secured. At lunch I was tingling with anticipation and told my husband, he equally was eager to renew his acquaintance with Arjun's window.

After lunch I lazed by the pool gently baking and topping up my tan; Peter was elsewhere mopping up bird species. I was joined by one of our party, Carol. She had warned me about flirting with Arjun earlier in the holiday. We had become quite close during our time in the jungle. She was 48 with a lovely figure and somewhat oversized breasts. She was married but her husband had stayed at home. From her chats, it seemed a loveless relationship, but she said she had some distractions to help her frustrations. We ended talking about sex and she told me about her UK lover who kept her satisfied. During this I dropped my guard and inadvertently said Arjun had fucked me the previous evening. She wasn't shocked but asked for details and then said it should have been her!

The afternoon continued, it was hot and I asked Carol to put some suntan lotion on to my back and shoulders. She undid my bikini top and massaged my back. She continued more than necessary and her voice became more husky and breathless. I turned holding my bikini cups in place and Carol was looking quite flushed. Her bulging breasts were straining to get out of her bikini top and her bottoms had a trace of dampness. I began to lean forward to kiss her when other people came to the swimming area. Just as well, as we had to prepare for out last late afternoon game drive.

As we all waited for the two jeeps, Arjun quietly asked if I was still ok for after dinner; definitely, I replied. It was an excellent last game drive and we watched a tigress with her cubs. However, Arjun rode in the other jeep of four which included Carol. Each time we saw them in the Park, Carol was outrageously flirting with My Guide! After the drive I didn't get an opportunity to talk to Arjun but went to prepare for my evening of lust. I love lingerie but being an animal safari, I had not brought anything suitably sexy. Bathing and dressing in loose top and skirt but wearing no bra or knickers, just perfume we went to dinner. It was good to see that everyone one had made an effort on the final meal to dress up. However Carol had gone the whole way and she looked as though she was going out to work; dressed in basically a pelmet and low cut top which clearly showed her breasts popping through and knickers when she bent over. She had much attention during the meal.

As agreed Arjun disappeared after the meal. Carol sidled up to me and told me not to leave the bar as she wanted the interrupted kiss from the afternoon; Peter went back to our chalet to pack, he said he would hear me once things started with Arjun; and I waited. Carol intrigued me, but with the number of people in the bar, I couldn't find her. I left and went to find my tiger guide; I was already wet with anticipation.

Opening Arjun's door, I was met with an unexpected sight. I assessed everything! Arjun was standing naked and tit fucking Carol who sitting on the bed was naked with her legs wide open around My Guide. Her make up was all smudged and it was clear he had already fucked her as cunt looked red and puffy. Arjun looked round at me and Carol screamed don't stop. At which to that command he erupted into her face and shoulder length blonde hair.

Arjun sat on the bed dumbfounded and Carol staggered over to me and ripping my blouse open she smothered her cum dripping chest and face into my face and kissed me. I could taste Arjun, I responded to her kiss and Carol's hand went up my skirt and found my pussy lips open and wet. Carol apologised and said that she had to have Arjun and basically told him his job was on the line unless he fucked her too. He had responded as only he could; looking over he appeared somewhat sheepish.

I told Arjun to wait there as I still required fucking and disentangling myself from Carol's embrace, I took my skirt off before Carol could rip that too. Kneeling in front of Arjun I began to suck his cock; it was salty and wet from his exertion; it began to respond. Carol joined me and we both sucked it hard. We alternated between his bulbous bell-end and his hard balls and shaft. Carol was also delving between my legs and was expertly fingering my pussy; we kissed each other; she smelled strongly of sex. I could feel my orgasm approaching and jammed her fingers between my legs as I bucked and rocked on her digits. Getting on the bed and opening my long legs, Arjun lost no time in sliding his monstrous cock into my love nest. As last night, he started slowly and increased his action, I met his motion by raising my hips to meet each thrust. I seemed to be having a continuous noisy orgasm which was compounded as Carol straddled my face and presented me with her dripping cunt whilst steadying herself against the bedroom wall. We were all dripping in sweat and bathed in love juices as Arjun emptied himself deep into me once more. As he came, the bed legs gave up their attempt to stand up and the bedhead sheered off - we didn't realise this until after we had recovered.

Looking round the room it resembled a bordello or brothel rather than a bedroom. Broken furniture, ripped and strewn clothed and underwear; the bed sheets soaking. I can remember thanking Arjun for a memorable experience.

Carol and I picked up our clothes and went next door to our chalet for Carol to dress and compose herself.

Peter was sitting in the chair, facing us both as we came into our chalet. Stark naked with a raging hard-on, all he could say, looking at our semi nakedness, was that the curtains were drawn and he was not able to see what went on!

I was just about to tell him to get some clothes on when Carol, said 'oh poor you' and went down on him, sucking him very quickly to completion before turning to me and kissing me on the lips, transferring my husbands cum to me. Purr-fect!! A fitting end!

She dressed and left. The holiday ended at Mumbai Airport with Arjun hugging Carol and myself and thanking us for making his Tiger tour an unforgettable one. Six years later, both Peter and I still see Carol. Life continues at a pace when we do - I have never yet met her uninspiring husband.