Written by horney_cpl2010

19 Jan 2011

me and my husband have been married for a good few years we had sex but not like when we were first together every day we had kids and every thing changed it slowed down with looking after the kids and home while he worked hard. he had to work away for a while so we started to talk on the net, before long it was like we talked about how we was missing each other, then it got to all the sex talk wot we was going to do to one another when he come home at the weekend it was like we just meet one another again he was sayimg what he wanted to do to me when he got home and i told him wot i was going to do to him.

anyway he let me know when he was on his way home, i thought i could be ready for him but as it happen he got off work early and i was at the hairdress geting my hair coloured so i wouldn,t be back befor him. anyway he arrived home while i still was out i was willing the hairdresser to get finished but it took forever. i got in the car thinking about what i was going to do to him when i got in, i thought he will be having a bath right now and i could be in there with him he could be soaping up my hard nipples and tits and i could be soaping up is very thick hard cock ready for a good fucking so i put my foot down and drove like crazy i arrived home couldn,t get out the car quick enough hoping he would still be in the bath

i opened the door as fast as i could and my husband was right there in front of me still dirty from work and he grabbed me straight away pulled me in the door and just push is mouth straight on mine pulled me into his arms and started kissing me very hard pulling me hard against his body i could tell he was happy to see me cos he,d got the biggest hard on ever and my nipples harden as he started to pull my clothes of me i started tugging at his we were just ripping our clothes off each other he was still kissing me hard when i got hold of his hard cock and started to wank him as fast as i could he then moved his mouth down to my nipples and sucked them so hard that i was screaming with pleasure and his breathing got heavyer and heavyer he was kissing and biteing my hard tits and i was orgasaming straight away i couldn,t get enough of him we,d not fucked like this for a very long time, he,d pushed against the door rubbing himself up and down me while s i was wanking him so i dropped to my knees and put is hard cock in my mouth and sucked it like i,d never done sucked it before he was moaning out with pleasure and i then took is cock out my mouth and started to suck his balls hard while i wanked him at the same time he was loving every minute of it i told him to turn round and bend over which he did i got hold of his cock carried on wanking him and started to lick his arse which made him scream with pleasure he was loving every second of it his arse was getting tighter every time i licked it he was moaning like never before i could tell he was not long off shooting is load that he got up pulled me into the living room pushing everything off the coffee table and laid me on top of it pulled my legs apart looked at my dripping wet pussy and started to thrust his fingers up it and play with my clit with is other finger i was orgasaming like never before it felt fantastic he carried on thurst his fingers in me until i squirted all over his fingers at that point he got his cock and thrust it straight up me i screamed that loud my throat was sore he kept thrusting and thrusting i was squirting all over his cock at that point and he started screaming yes yes yes as he was shootinhg his load inside me it was so intense we just fell in a heap in each others arms on the floor it was the best sex we,d had for ages and it was great. I think i must have came about 50 times during the session which is a regular occurance now as he is such a good fuck and knows how to make me scream