Written by singletrout

5 Apr 2014

I was visiting London on business, a few years ago. Expensive hotel and I was alone so I spend some time in the hotel bar before bed. I had never had anything happen to me and I was not really in any swinging lifestyle (yet) so I was surprised at my evening.

A man and a woman walked in. She was taller and thin, average breasts, brown hair. Someones wife, pretty but plain. He was shorter and dark haired, big smile and laugh. They sat next to me and we ended up chatting. I told them my story, visiting for work, being alone in the city, nothing to do. They talked about their auto business and funny stories about customers. Pretty normal. We got along well but nothing sexual was said. I decided to go to bed, not knowing or expecting anything.

They said they were going up to and as we got on the elevator, we pressed for different floors. They were getting off first and when the door opened he said he had a nice bottle of whisky and would I like one more sip. I begged off but his wife said it was no bother and please come get her husband drunk so she could jump him later. I laughed and agreed. Still no idea what would happen.

In their room, he poured me a large drink and one for himself. His wife went into the bath to clean up. She reminded me to drink up and winked as she disappeared. Still I had no clue.

A second drink was poured and while drinking it, his wife came out and said time for some fun. I got up to leave but the husband said "no, wait, before you go, you have to feel this". His wife looked shocked but said nothing as he went over, reached into her robe and slipped a couple of fingers into her. "She gets so wet, come here and feel."

I was frozen to the spot. I looked at her and she looked back sheepishly and almost imperceptibly nodded. I walked over and he placed my hand into her pussy and said "see, wet wet wet." I agreed but wanted out of there as we had not agreed on anything and this was seemingly a drunken mistake.

He said feel it, and if you want to feel something special, pull her hair. I had a couple of fingers inside her and he pulled her hair and she immediately squirted. My hand was soaked. She closed her eyes and was in ecstasy. He asked me to try it and I did, same thing. He said she liked it rough and once it starts she is incredible. I pulled gently and nothing, but a harder pull and repeated squirts and moans. I was still dressed and made no move to undress. We took her to the bed, she lies down, eyes closed and then he starts pulling her nipples, hair and generally hard fondling her but she was loving it. I was in shock. He encouraged me to do so as well. The drinks helped because soon I found myself helping and she moaned and was in complete moaning heat, all the while getting wetter and wetter. I leaned down and kissed her forgetting myself for a moment and she kissed back and if I kissed roughly, she had these mini squirts. I lost track of husband and he reappeared with a refill drink (for him) and wearing only his underwear. He was sporting a large erection and said he planned to fuck his wife, I was welcome to stay and watch and even continue stroking and pinching but made no mention of me getting undressed. Very confusing but very hot just the same.

He started to insert into her, she was sopping wet and his large impressive cock went right in no problems. He started pounding like a madman, she started screaming and moaning and in literally 40-50 seconds he came with a funny roar. I had never seen life sex and was in heaven just watching him and pinching her nipples.

I was still dressed and unsure why I was still there when she said, "where are our manners?, how can we help?". He interrupted and said I was not allowed to fuck her but if I wanted a blowjob, she is pretty good and that would be ok. He went to sit in a chair with his scotch and said "my turn to watch". I wasted no time taking out my penis standing by the side of the bed, she reached over and started sucking me. I looked over and her husband was somehow was already asleep, drink still in hand. She said shhhh, told me to go to the bath, and wait. I did, she came in, lowered her robe, turned around presenting herself and with a small shake said fuck me. So I did, penis out, my pants still on. Her wetness actually wet the front of my pants. I lasted a slightly more 3 minutes but I was so horny I could last no longer. She whispered thanks, turned around and sucked my cock for a few minutes too and said it was time to leave.

I zipped up as I was still dressed and went back to my room. I have not seen these people again. I have been back to the hotel a few times but no repeats.