Written by Jacked Off

9 Nov 2017

My wife has a lover. His name is Daniel. It was her idea. She told me she was going to meet him when they had organised the first date. She didn’t ask me, she just said she was doing it. Up until then I didn’t know there was anything wrong with our sex life. We had been married 6 years and neither of us cheated on each other. I hadn’t anyway and I am very sure she hadn’t either.

Incidentally she still says she isn’t cheating because I know about her lover and see her with him. Daniel comes to our house and sleeps with her.

When she returned from her first date it was late, about 2 in the morning and I was asleep. She woke me and told me that he had fucked her and it was the best sex she had ever had in her life. I was confused. I didn’t know whether to be angry which I was or excited because she was telling me what he did to her.

She told me that he was very powerful, extremely well hung and quite rough with her. After they had met for a drink he had taken her to his place and had ordered her to strip. She did as did he. She saw manhood and went to take it in her hand but he grabbed her. She then told me this and has repeated it many times so I know her description word perfect.

“She never knew wrists could be such a powerful aphrodisiac until she felt his hands hold hers tightly. The way he took them and pinned them over her head made her crazy. The lack of control she felt that first time exhilarated her and turned her on in a different way than she had experienced. Feeling his power and confidence taking her was so erotic, so fulfilling that she couldn’t get it out of her head. His mouth was against hers, his body pinning her down, it all made her wild. The way his large hands circled her delicate wrists made her feel desired, wanted, controlled and for some strange reason, safe. She knew that he was in control and that he would make sure she was safe”. She told me then that she couldn’t get enough of him and that I should get used to it. Daniel was going to be part of our lives. A big part.

I could go on with what he has done to her but if you can imagine it then he probably has. He spends usually about 4 or so nights a week here with her. This includes the weekend and some week nights. Daniel fucked her for the first 3 weeks using condoms and then she told me that the next time he was fucking her then he would be coming inside her. She had been sucking him and swallowing before that. I was torn and devastated. Up until then I thought she may tire of him but I knew and reality confirmed that I had lost her forever.

At this point we are still together or more correctly I still live here with her. I get to fuck her twice a week when he is not around or about to arrive. She tells me I am free to wank anytime I like and encourages me to. She has made these arrangements and seems to think they are fair.

I have seen him fuck her many times but from a distance. I am in the next room with the door open. They don’t let me up close. But I have watched her suck his cock in front of me and swallow his load. His cock is large. I would guess it’s at least 9 inches. I don’t get to touch her if he is around or even after he has gone. She says that is depraved.

They don’t try to cuckold me or humiliate me but simply ignore my presence when he is here. She says she still loves me and wants to remain married but what for? She does not want to live with him, she just wants him to keep fucking her and service him the way he wants it. She is committed to doing whatever he wants.

She says he is built to give great sex. She is very enthusiastic about his size. She often says his size guarantees he doesn’t slip out and it also helps make different positions more pleasing. She loves riding Daniel. She is very vocal. I have witnessed this many times when I have glanced into the room through the open door. It is never closed.

He likes to see her naked when he arrives. She is a teacher and gets home before me and definitely before Daniel. If he is coming over through the week to stay over, she immediately strips when she arrives home. She wants to lose all the marks caused by her bra and other clothes. One concession I get is if I am able to get home at this time she may let me touch her pussy and finger her a bit but not make her cum. She will shower so she is fresh for him. She will tell me to wank while she is in the shower so I will not be frustrated when he arrives and sees her with him. This happened when I got home from work early. She suggested it and I was shocked but she said “of course you can touch me, we are married”.

She may just wear a light gown until it’s nearly time for him to arrive. But near time she will be completely naked and slip on high heels. He likes to watch her walk around nude in heels. She does have a great body and the heels show of her leg muscles and her beautiful arse. It is gut wrenching to see her do this for him and not for me. On weekends she will remain naked all the time he is here. I see his cum running out of her pussy as she walks around after he has fucked her. She will take a tissue from a box in the kitchen or lounge room right in front of me and wipe the mess away. If she sees me watching she will say “He’s a big cummer”.

I know my relationship is over with her. Despite what she says about us still being married, I need to leave. There is no point in staying. I will just walk out and not come back. I really don’t want to go through all the divorce and splitting saga. Sadly I still love her and would have her back but I know that will never happen now.