Written by Lorraine

25 Jan 2008

Last summer my husband who is 40, started to develop erection problems. His cock just didnt get as hard as it used to, as often as it used to and i could often feel it going soft inside me as i sat on him.

I didnt say anything to him about it, didnt know what to say to be honest, but it did start to frustrate me. So, i thought i\'d leave him alone for a few days and get him really up for sex, teasing him all day and promising to suck him off later etc hoping he would be hard for me.

It was better, but having been left alone for a few days made him come to quick !! I could see he was embarrassed but still i didnt complain.

I started to think about having another cock inside me if he couldnt fuck me but didnt think anyone would fancy me. I am 37, size 18, 40D boobs with a bit of belly and a fat arse !

In my favour i am still quite pretty and have nice long dark straight hair. When i do my make up and hair properly i do still look reasonably attractive.

Anyway, i started to flirt with customers coming into the hotel (i work on reception) and before long i found i was getting chatted up. One night i was on lates and went outside for a cigarette and one of our regular guests came over and started chatting to me. He was American and stayed with us every time he was in the country.

Clayton was really old school, he was about 60, big and powerful both physically and also with a powerful presence and really polite if loud, and called all the ladies ma\'m and insisted on opening doors for them etc. Anyway, it was nearly 11pm and my shift was about to finish and he was still talking to me at the reception desk and i started to think about sex with him.

I was flirting like mad with him and he asked me if i fancy\'d a drink after work, and i said i\'d love to but we arent allowed to drink in uniform. He simply said well hell ma\'m you can drink in my room and ill order some drinks to be sent over, whats your favorite liquor ?? I said my all time favorite is champagne but a beer or gin and tonic would be lovely.

He said ok then, champagne it is and i went up to his room to wait for him. He arrived and we went in. He always had one of the suites and it was so plush he took my suit jacket off me and sat me down and i noticed he was looking at my boobs ( i had undone my top button).

The drinks arrived and i txt my husband to say that id be a little late to give me some more time. Clayton sat next to me and we were chattin and he was complementing me all the time, at first saying how lovely i always was with him and then being a little more bold saying he loved my long hair and he stroked it. I sighed and said to him that stroking my head and hair was cheating as its my most sensitive area.

He just said cheating hey, well hell, i might just do it more then. My breathing was getting deeper and i was pushing my boobs up as he was stroking me, hoping that he would make a pass at me. He did, and let his hand fall from my hair and brush across my boobs.

It felt like an electric shock as his hand brushed one of my nipples. He picked up on it straight away and squeezed my boobs and i just melted and let him get on with it. He said to me, i can see your wedding ring miss, are you ok with this? i said yes and told him briefly about my husbands problem. He said oh dont worry, i can take care of you.

He undid my blouse and kissed me before unclipping my bra and freeing my boobs. He bent down and sucked my nipples really turning me on...my pussy was throbbing and i could feel my wetness spreading.

Clayton stood up and led me to the bedroom and started to strip me. Off came my skirt, shoes and stockings and then he slipped his hand inside my knickers and a finger into my soaking fanny. I grabbed his hand when he tried to pull away and pushed his finger back up me and he said in his powerful voice...my my missey you do need attending to dont you, i said yes please.

My knickers came off and i was naked and he led me to the bed and then undressed himself. He was a big guy, with broad shoulders and powerful arms and his cock was massive and rock hard Yesssss !!

He came over to the bed and slipped a finger up me and i grabbed at his hard cock and wanked him. I went down on him and sucked him off and he then pushed me onto my back and licked me expertly.

I was screaming and i begged him to screw me. He moved away from my pussy and moved up and touched his big hard dick against my soaking fanny. I begged him to slide into me and so he did. I clamped my legs around his back and he started to pump his dick in and out of me. Clayton built up speed and gradually went faster and faster and for the first time i came just by being screwed.

I begged Clayton to come up me and so he did, flooding me with his sperm. I nearly passed out and just lay back and felt his cock slowly go soft inside me and slide out. He kissed me and said...thank you missey...that was awesome in his powerful voice. I felt so content, but told Clayton that i had to go. No problem ma\'m he said and helped me get dressed.

I kissed him and said thank you for the most amazing sex and he just said...well, it was amazing for me too and id love to do it again if you ever want to. I said id love to and gave him another kiss before i left. I got some strange looks from the bar staff as i walked out of the hotel as they thought i had already left and one of the girls on the bar Lisa came over and said...for gods sake do your hair before your husband sees you at home, apart from the fact i saw you go up to his room, you look like youve just been fucked senseless.

We both giggled and i opened my car and looked at myself in the mirror and burst out laughing and said oh my god, thanks for telling me Lisa. I did look like i\'d just been fucked senseless.

I asked her if anyone else knew about it and she said no, only me and i wont say anything. I thanked her and sorted my hair and make up before driving home.

My legs were like jelly and when i got in Roger didnt think anything was wrong, but i had to go and wipe all the sperm from my inner thighs and pussy.

Ive seen Clayton a few times now and have even stayed over with him at another hotel and spent a night shagging him. He is very wealthy and we eat at the finest restaurants, he buys me expensive perfume, underwear and we drink the finest champagne whenever we go out.

Its the perfect solution, he comes over to the UK regularly, sorts his business affairs out and sorts me out with his massive hard cock and then goes back to his family in the US. We keep in touch by e-mail and im looking forward to his next visit.

My husband knows nothing about it and he still suffers erection problems but its no longer an issue. I love him very much and i have the best of both worlds.

So, it just goes to show, even if you are a bit overweight and nearly 40, there is always someone out there who will want to fuck you.

Thank you

Lorraine xx