Written by Tap66

24 Dec 2014

My Husband has known his friend for about 15 years, they worked together, and we have been platonic friends for a long time, nothing has happened. We once came close many years ago with his then wife when watching porn, but we were too scared to go to the next level.

After not seeing each other for a couple of years following his divorce and life in general, we all got together at our house with other mutual friends. An evening of good food, drinking and lots of laughter followed. One of our friends was tired and wanted to go home, but my husband's friend didn't want to go as we were all having so much fun. My husband's friend stayed, flirting ensued, he loves his body and wanted to show me his tattoo and his very firm chest. I started to lean forward, gently touch him as we spoke, he was doing the same, my husband was watching this unfolding before his eyes and told me it was ok to continue. We moved to the conservatory sat down and before I knew it, I was sitting straddled across his legs, my skirt moved up my thighs showing my white sheer knickers, the strappy top I was wearing showed a matching bra and my ample 34F breasts and cleavage showing.. I could see and feel his excitement, we started to kiss, his passion biting my lip, actually hurting it, but it felt amazing. I started to writhe against him, feeling myself getting wetter, slowly his fingers pulled my knickers to one side and he felt the warmth and wetness between my legs. Our kissing more passionate, the intensity of the biting almost too much, but it was so sexy. My husband left the room for a short while, when he returned, my top was on the floor, his friends face now buried in my cleavage, licking, sucking and pulling at my straps to pull my bra down to reveal my large breasts. He removed my bra, and simultaneously I unbuttoned his jeans, feeling his growing cock between the material and myself.

Next we were both naked, I walked him to the bedroom, his fingers expertly fingering my wet pussy, and my husband joined us on the bed, kissing me, but then our friend became uncomfortable with the threesome, we stopped playing further, and my husband went downstairs and his friend and I fell asleep.

In the morning, somewhat shocked by the events of the previous evening, we tentatively touched each other, my husband sleeping in the spare room, passionately kissing again and then he moved down my body and put his head between my legs and tasted and sucked and pulled at my clit like I hadn't experienced before. I then lifted his head, kissed my juices from him and then wanked myself with his clit before he entered me and fucked me urgently before my husband came to our bedroom.

We have met a few times since, with my husband and alone.... I will share more details soon, especially as he will be here on New Years eve.

Until next time, if you would like...........