Written by Jenna

29 Aug 2008

Hi Jenna here, im a 27 yr old married girl, size 14 36c boobs, curvy, shoulder length dark staight hair and i think im quite sexy when im in the mood.

My husband Damien has long fantasised about another guy screwing me, so i started teasing him about it whilst we were shagging.

I would say to him whilst sucking him off, just imaging someone sliding their hard cock up me now babe...or as he was fucking me i would say mmmm...id love to have a hard spunking cock in my mouth now.

This always turned him on so much that he would always come immediately. Well, a few weeks ago on holiday in turkey, we were fucking one night and i teased him again...and yes he came straight away...so i said to him what if i fucked one of the waiters at the hotel? he loved the idea and we talked about it and agreed to do it.

I spent the next 2 days flirting with one of the young waiters, i would remove my bikini top while he was looking and rub sun cream into my boobs while he watched and it worked. He was always chatting me up.

Next day i told Damien to go in to town for an hour or two as i was going to fuck Erhan. He was sooo hard but eventually off he went and i went in search of Erhan. I found him and flirted outrageously with him and when he asked where Damien was, i told him that he had gone out and i was all alone....it worked and he asked if i wanted some company, i said yes and invited him to our room.

When he arrived, he came straight over to me and kissed me. He squeezed my boobs and removed my bikini top and sucked my little nipples. I felt for his cock and squeezed it and his hand slipped inside my knicks and he was rugging my now soaking pussy. He slid his finger in me and flicked my clit before and dropped to my knees and sucked his hard 8 inch cock.

Erhan pushed me on the bed, spread my legs and licked me and then rammed his meat into me and screwed me to 2 orgasms before he filled me with his lovely sperm. He left almost immediately cause his boss would be looking for him. I lay there full of his sperm and then Damien knocked on the door, he had been waiting to see him come out of the room. I let him in and he felt my spunky pussy and was rock hard.

I lay back on the bed and spread my legs, and just as he wanted to slam his cock up me i told him that he had to lick me first. He got between my legs and licked my pussy and i grabbed his head and forced him to lick harder. When he came up for air his face was covered in Erhans sperm and so i let him fuck me.

It was the best fuck in years and he filed me with his sperm. Damien was sooo horny and we fucked all afternoon before going to catch a few more rays and have a swim.

Erhan was behind the bar at the pool and Damien and i waved at him and i blew him a kiss when damien wasnt looking...it was all very naughty. I fucked him again twice before we came home and we have vowed to continue our fun now we are home.

I have even said that i will arrange a threesome with another girl and have girly sex for him because he has been such a good boy !!

Hope you enjoyed the story and i will keep you all updated

Jenna xx