Written by tinkerbell6469

23 Jan 2013

I was now looking forward to the times when my Hubs was sent away to work by his Boss Tony as i knew i would soon receive a call from Tony or his Foreman Jason,i was now a few months pregnant my bump getting bigger all the time.With my hubs being away i was always horny & it did,nt help as my nipples were always hard and rubbing my bra with my boobs growing larger as well leaving me in a permanent state of alert.

The months had gone on into late spring, the weather getting better & hubs Boss Tony would invite me over for a BBQ some evenings or weekends, if i saw him in the evening we would usually eat, chat & end up in his jacuzzi or bed making love. At the weekends if i went to Tony,s there would usually be some of my hubs work mates there as well we might have a meal or BBQ if the weather was ok go to his Jacuzzi, bedroom or his lounge where i would be centre of attention amongst 2 or possibly 5 men.

I would be naked usually on all4,s as my bump was starting to get in the way now, being groped, me sucking a cock while one of my hubs work mates was fucking my pussy ,filling it with their cream using my body like the company slut & i was loving it. I used to love to feel their different cocks & taste their cum as they filled my mouth,also knowing i had the father of my soon to be baby in the room with me as i had worked it out from my dates given to me, i knew it was,nt my hubs as he was away for the time it happened but i had done my wifely duties & told him he was the proud father.

My hubs was overjoyed when i told him i was pregnant, one weekend Jason & Oz had picked me up & taken me to Tony,s house the sun was out & a lovely day i had worn just a bikini under my dress, i was surprised to see nearly all the men from my hubs works there also Simon & his girl friend Karen and another couple who were friends of Tony. I was introduced to Rod & Angie who looked in their early 40,s. Rod seemed to have a twinkle in his eye when he gave me a kiss & Angie gave my hand a squeeze.

It was a good job Tony,s garden was large and secluded away from prying eyes as some games were played my dress was soon off along with Angies and Karen & we all stood blindfolded as a man came over stood behind us, as we had to guess who it was by reaching behind to feel their cocks. The winner of the 3 of us got to suck the men,after my previous encounters with the men i guessed the most right,i was led over to a mat knelt down as 1 by 1 the men came over i sucked them all hard , i soon heard the sound of people fucking around me so guessed i was fluffer for the men.

I was sucking the last man who i knew was Jason by the size of his cock as i was still blindfolded, pulled onto all4,s as my bikini top was pulled off me,my bottoms were untied & pulled back between my soaking pussy ,causing me to give out a groan. Then a cock was rubbed between my soaking pussy lips it was being covered with my juices, i could feel it being directed towards my arse but it was just pushed against me so i could feel how big & hard it was.

I was loving Jasons cock and balls holding them licking & suckin on them, he was telling me to suck him harder saying i was hot & he loved my lips on his cock, when i felt the cock pushing its way inside me my pussy sucking it in. I still did,nt know who my mystery man was, when i heard 1,2,3 as our blindfolds were taken off of us girls, we all stopped sucking the man in our mouths to look around to see who was who, Karen had Tony in her mouth as Oz was buried balls deep, Angie had Simon,s cock, balls deep as Pat had his thick cock at her lips.

I looked up to see Jason smiling at me his cock leaking pre-cum,i looked behind to see Rod pulling me back onto his cock,that was the pattern set for the night as us girls all sucked and fucked the men, Rod after filling my pussy with cum seemed reluctant to move over as Tony came over to rub his cock against me until it was hard enough to fuck me, Rod did go over to Karen who sucked his cock for him.

Towards the end of the evening we had gone into the lounge, Jason had my hand telling me to go all4,s as i knelt on some cushions on the floor, Oz & Karen came in & Oz told Karen to do the same opposite us. Karen moved close to kiss me as we both faced each other, Oz slapped her arse saying thats it girls, as he began to fuck Karen while Jason was sliding in & out of me, between breaths i said to Karen is Oz fucking you as well as Simon, she winked at me saying when we can we meet up.

I told her i don,t blame her as Oz has a nice cock & knows how to please a girl, she gave a mmmmmmmm as he fucked her , i added that Simon was a good fuck as well tho, Karen whispered but i am getting the best of them both now & i love it. She said i can see you like Jason,s cock, i said is it obvious, she nodded!

Karen kissed me again her tongue probing my mouth as she groaned cumming over Oz,s cock who was,nt far behind, as he rolled her over to kiss her lips, Karen holding his head to her face. I felt myself begin to cum over Jason,s cock my arse shaking against his stomach, he said thats it cum Wendy! he said i have some more cum ready to fill you up & with another half a dozen thrusts he pumped me full with his cum.

We lay side by side his hands wandering over my big tits and my bump he said you really are a good fuck Wendy!, i hope thats my baby in your belly i lay there holding his cock & told him so do i!, as i love what this cock of yours does for me. We kissed holding each other before we gathered our clothes up to get dressed, Jason asked Oz if he wanted a lift but he said he was staying here with Karen who gave me a wink we went off to find Angie on Tony,s bed sucking Pat & Tony,s cocks, with Simon under her in her pussy while Rod was in her arse.

We left them to it as Jason drove me home, i asked him to stay with me, we went to bed & he stayed the rest of the Sunday thru to early Monday morning when he said i better go home to change for work, after spending the last 24+ hours in bed & getting up only for food & drinks. TBC